Tons of ideas!! Currently craving Firefly RP!! (FxF)

Started by confusedbilliam, April 16, 2011, 01:44:11 PM

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Glad to see you’ve found your way in here!

I just need to set up a few ground rules about roleplaying.

First of all, I am a literate insofar as I know how to write.  I have (for the most part) proper grammar and good spelling.  If I’m in a mood I can post maybe three paragraphs, other times I will do only a sentence or two.  I only ask for that much in return, and that we have no net speak or anything.  i cant stannd it wen ppl cant type right.  See?  Kinda sucks.

In a little bit I’m gonna post a list of things I like to RP.  But I just want to clarify that in any RP where it’s at all important, I prefer to play the submissive role.  I’m capable of playing the dominant role, and there are some roleplays where I don’t mind it, but generally I’m much more comfortable in the submissive role.

So, bearing all these things in mind, stuff I like to do or ideas I have:
-General romance (High school, College, Any adult kind of setting)
-Fantasy (Any kind of magic, inhuman races, etc.)
-Young Characters (No younger than 16, as per the rules)
-Incest (MotherxDaughter, SisterxSister, Twins)

And please note that any of these can be combined into one.  To give you some ideas, here’s a few I might want to try out.  Please feel free to suggest your own:
-CURRENT CRAVING:  A Firefly-based roleplay about two friends/sisters going through Companion training together.  Hijinks and sexiness ensue.
-Princess/Spoiled girl is given a slave for her birthday
-Sister/Mother/Daughter/Roommate/Friend walks in on girl doing self-bondage and they begin exploring it together
-A standard romance that involves one character being blind.
-Schoolgirl is kidnapped and turned into slave – I also like to add in a Stockholm syndrome to this one and have the girl fall in love with her captor
-Some kind of work/business-related roleplay – anything including a nurse, maid, businesswoman, secretary, etc.  I know that’s vague, but this one has a lot of possibilities
-Any kind of set-up involving a student and a teacher, with either one being the one in control.
-A girl goes to a photoshoot with either a regular magazine or bondage magazine and ends up getting kidnapped or whatever suits the situation.
-Something involving a harem – I don’t really have a plot here either, I’d just like to have this as a setting.
-Modern or futuristic setting involving robotic/android slaves and Mistresses.
-A romance between two slaves (this would require one of us doubling up)
-A demon captures an angel and turns her into a submissive fallen angel slave.
-A witch working for a king and queen kills them and takes the princess as her wife/slave.
-A thief breaks into a house to find one of its residents in self bondage.  She quickly makes sure they can’t escape, and decides to take her home along with all the other goods that she’s stolen (this can either be a woman alone in an apartment, a daughter or mother taking advantage of the family being out, whatever works)
-Getting into a prominent sorority on campus turns out to be a lot of work.  Every new pledge is told they must become the slave of one of the upper-classmen for the rest of the semester.
-A goth girl in high school has been slowly learning magic.  She decides to use it to ruin a popular girl’s life, control her body and mind and slowly turn her into her own little goth slave.

-I’ll also do a roleplay as a male character, but in those cases at the moment I’m only looking to play as a strictly submissive character.
-I am contemplating and occasionally willing to do what I guess you could call a half-yuri roleplay.  I’ll take the role of a male who is either femmed or magically trans-gendered or trans-sexed into a girl

More will be added as I think of them

Now, in case it helps any, I have a list of potential fetishes and turn-ons and the like (Ask if you don’t know what anything is).  A fuller version can always be located in my On/Off:
-Torture/Rough play
-Forced orgasms
-Exhibitionism (Displaying nudity or bondage in public)
-Lolita (The younger dominating the older)

And because I’ve had this stuff suggested or I’ve read about it and just wanna stop things before they start, turn-offs:
-Scat (Shit)
-Golden showers (Pissing)
-Bestiality (Sex with animals)
-Futanari (Girl with guy parts)

I think that’s about it!  Please let me know what you think!

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