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Author Topic: M/M, *possibly* M/F plot heavy reluctant relationship and love  (Read 912 times)

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I'm open to play by forum post or by messengers.  This post is exactly the same as the one I've got under non-forum requests.

If this interests you, please give me a poke.  I'm happy to answer questions, and am willing to adjust some aspects of the story.  If you have an awesome spin on the prince and are a great writer, I'm willing to consider changing Tilnua to a woman.

The Broken Prince

The royal family of Veaway is under an ancient curse - one member of each generation is doomed to be fantastically, extravagantly ugly.  In this generation, that person is the Broken Prince, brother to the King and ruler of a small state where the mountains meet the sea.  Ashamed of his monstrosity, he has grown to be a reclusive, brooding man who flatly refuses to consider marriage, courting, or any kind of physical or emotional relationship - especially since he has found his thoughts are of men instead of women.

The court magician of the Broken Prince, a mage named Ragnis, is a rather lazy but brilliant man who was unexpectedly thrust into his position on the death of his master, the last court magician.  He has found that he enjoys the luxuries and status his new position offers, and is anxious to keep it.  Although his knowledge is spotty at best, he's been able to cobble together innate skill, his old master's library and the ancient things of power that belong to the court, and is able to perform a few tricks to keep the Broken Prince's flagging interest.  The best - but most unpredictable - of these is to summon strange creatures for the Prince to see, but that is rapidly losing its luster.  His position in court is slowly slipping, and he is in danger of losing the Prince's patronage...until he summons Tilnua.

Where other summons were dumb and snarling monsters, Tilnua is an exquisitely beautiful creature with dimly glowing skin and a crown of small antlers.  He is startled and a bit frightened by the sudden removal of his entire world, but is easily coaxed into entertaining conversation about his world and his people - and, endearingly, he is more wary of Ragnis than the Prince.  When he is allowed to return to his home, his last smile is for the Prince.

Over the next few months, Ragnis repeatedly summons Tilnua, claiming the spell has become sensitized to him - so sensitized, in fact, that at time it spontaneously draws him in.  Tilnua is at first alarmed by these repeated abductions, then wearily resigned to them.  The Prince enjoys their chances at conversation and begins to look forward to them, and Ragnis is pleased, as he has never been so high in the Prince's estimation.  In time, the Prince's feelings progress beyond friendship, and Ragnis hatches a plot: if he were to convince Tilnua to agree to pose as a woman and marry the Prince, his position in court would be cemented forever.

I've left the storyline a bit nebulous beyond this point.  Tilnua might have strong and warm feelings for his strange friend, but he is not going to want to get married, ever.  He doesn't really care what gender people think he is (and I have no problem with the Prince and Ragnis being a little uncertain on this point, too), but he has some definite ideas about never marrying.  Ragnis is going to force him to accept the Prince's proposal.  I'm leaving it open as to how much the Prince knows about his beloved being forced to marry him.  He could be perfectly fine with the idea, or he could be completely oblivious to the force, and incredulously overjoyed that his beautiful little friend has agreed.

As for Tilnua, he's got a few secrets of his own.  One of them is that he's a dangerous, monstrous creature in his own right.  His gentleness with those around him comes from a deep respect and love of all thinking creatures, and his acute awareness of how very, very easy it is to accidentally rip a man's entire skeleton out of his eye sockets.

I'm looking for someone to play the Broken Prince and make him their own.  I will play Ragnis and Tilnua, though I wouldn't mind switching off on Ragnis as he interacts with the Prince and Tilnua.  I am interested in a long-term, slowly developing relationship between the characters.  I am not interested in the Prince being played as an unprincipled sex-crazed monster or as a big bucket of gooey shmoop who is instantly made perfect by the power of true love.  I like realistic* characters, warts and all.  If the story takes an unexpected turn because of how the characters play off of each other, that'd be just awesome.

*  You know what I mean.
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