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Author Topic: Mafia Food Wars.  (Read 603 times)

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Mafia Food Wars.
« on: April 14, 2011, 07:43:13 AM »
Well I dreamed about this story just this morning and now I can’t get the bloody thing out of my here goes.

Gino’s brother moved with the grace of a hippo at times. He needed replacing but Gino hadn’t the heart to replace him just yet.
Anyway the business was growing stronger day by day, with the present staff of six it was fine just as it was, however Gino loved perfection in most things. His first love was food since he’d been a small boy he had always loved cooking, he loved the reactions he got when people tried his food.

The shop was his idea and his brothers helped manage it with him along with the other staff. They had four shops in all this being the hot food shop called Sizzlers, the newest of the four.

She was badly in need of a job and she decided to stay working in the industry she loved food. And this street held fond memories for her she’d had her first job in this street at sixteen, the shop caught the eye because the food  was wonderfully displayed roasted meats of all descriptions gleamed back at her.

Gino watched her from behind the display, his brother was at the back stoking the fire and taking a long time to finish as usual.

She looks like trouble he said to himself as she neared the entrances something about her purposeful stride made him sure she was.
Damm! She was not just there to buy or look  most did stare at the lavish food he had on display, he backed away as she came into the shop. A very serious look on her face.

“Hi.” She said to him as he nodded at her.
“Look", Jennifer said, “ I’ll come straight to the point I need a job.”
“Sorry miss we’re not hiring at the moment. We don’t need anyone, sorry.”

His reply was curt he knew, and it was probably not sounding as convincing as it should have been. The shop’s phone rang everyone was busy and so he turned slightly to answer it, she was still looking around the shop looking at the people up on the galleried level and the next minute she had gone!

“Fuck where did she go?” He called to Kelisa to cover the counter and went in search of her.  “Miss, miss.” He called as he looked.

He found her in the outside area where they cooked the special sizzlers barbecued food, stoking the ashes and chatting to the children, his brother had obviously left for some reason - he would have to have words with him yet again - soon!

Before he could ask her to leave she went into another long speech about her experience and love of food and her desperate need for a job and on and on. His face may have told the story as he started striding away from her shaking his head. She took the opportunity to wash her hands and started seasoning some meat her own way. He lacked nothing by way of spices but luckily she had been shopping for some that morning and she quickly set to work using a favourite pre made sauce, and a few extra touches that would make all the difference she knew.

He'd never taken a chance on anyone likes this before he should be very angry with her and himself right now.

He watched her moving with the confidence and grace of someone who knew exactly what they were doing.
His brother had also returned and was staring at her speechless. He looked at his brother and back at her several times before sitting on a bench away from the heat of the fire.

Meat marinated, she wished it had longer, but she lovingly dropped it on the grill a few pieces at a time. Let’s see if she can get it just right, he said to himself as they looked at each other. His eyes shining in a type of amused anger, hers bold and confident.
“I see you really have done this before” he spoke to her as nicely as he could, not really wanting to scare her.

“Do you know who I am? Do you care? You bloody well should you know .”

It was probably then that she regretted even coming into the shop, instant understanding hit her hard she backed away dragging her black plastic bags with her. Both brothers watched her practically run from the back entrance of their shop, outside onto the street, she turned right, and then a few seconds later she ran past again.

Gino laughed but without humour she dared to come into his shop, cook his food without his permission, cook well enough to get his attention, and then she thinks she can just run off without finishing. He would see about that!

“Have her followed and brought back, do not lose her,”   Gino said to the security man at the door,“if you do don’t bother coming back.” 

What will he do next?
What will she do next?

I’d like it to be erotic that much I do know.
I’d like the language to be dirty and real.
I want him to be at least 40 (I have a thing about older men) 
And NC if possible but even that might not work.
I want him to have deep connections to a mafia family.
I would like him to use those connections to get control of her.
I want her to be scared of him but have her own smaller connections.
And I like her and him to fight it out in some way, by that I mean a food fight/competition that will eventually bring peace between them and their families although this is not by any means an unchangeable story line.

Thanks if you've read this. Please PM me if your interested.

Phew I think I've got it off my mind now 8-)
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