Creativity and Sexuality: A Great Combination!

Started by SouthernBelle, June 25, 2007, 08:23:12 PM

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Here are several characters I have crawling around in my head and their possible plots.  They can be adjusted or whatever.  If interested, do not hesitate to send me a PM.

Astrid:  Two years ago, she was a blushing bride; then the wars came.  Her husband survived, but what will it be like when he returns home?  Will these strangers be able to reconcile?  Will what had been become what is, or are they too far changed?  (medieval-fantasy or historical-fantasy preferred)

Berlin:  Seventeen years old and angry at the world, "Hellcat" has finally arrived at Professor Xavier's school.  Shapeshifting and animalistic instincts make for a dangerous combination as she is determined to leave her mark before imminent expulsion.  (mutant or sci-fi-fantasy preferred) Taken.

Caprivi:  After surviving the slaughter of her family and everything she holds dear, Capri makes her way to the home of a man who had known her father long ago.  How surprised will she be to discover he's not as crusty as she initially assumed? (medieval-fantasy or historical-fantasy preferred)

Drea:  The impact of some magical occurrence has left her the only one alive in the city of her youth.  A dark lord seeks her out, hoping that she was the cause, that this one half-elven female can be turned into a weapon for his benefit.  (medieval-fantasy or pure fantasy preferred)In the works.

Joschka:  Being a wereleopard has its perks.  Heightened senses and extraordinary strength are but two of them.  Life can be lonely, though, even when the worlds of the underground collide with devastating consequences. (modern-fantasy or sci-fi-fantasy preferred)

Lucille:  Having only dabbled in the arcane, Lucy is not quite ready to become a full-fledged witch.  Her leanings have been toward healing or druidic practices, but word has gotten out, and she is soon to find herself being hunted for what she does in the privacy of her own home.  (medieval-fantasy or historical-fantasy or pure fantasy preferred)

Marta:  An arranged marriage is the bane of her existence, so when she is carted off to the home of her affianced, she is determined to make him so miserable that he will only wish to send her back.  There is a fatal flaw in her reasoning, however, for he likes nothing more than a challenge.  (medieval-fantasy or historical-fantasy preferred)

Nastassja:  A one-night stand is given the opportunity to become more when she is questioned by the authorities.  The bartender becomes one of those serving as an alibi to a man who turns out to be one of the local mob's finest. (modern or sci-fi-fantasy preferred)

Wilhelmina:  After the forceful and violent takeover of her homeland, a betrothal is arranged between herself and one of the conquering lords.  In an effort to escape her fate, Mi disguises herself as a peasant and goes into hiding.  The one who is sent to retrieve her is more of a man than her betrothed could ever be. (medieval-fantasy preferred)


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wow you got alot of premade characters.


-=chuckle=-  Do I?  Maybe so... as for the premades, I've lots of charries in my head clamoring to escape.


Still looking for some fellow writers with creativity on the brain. :)  PM me!