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November 24, 2020, 12:10:39 AM

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Author Topic: Rapist looking for some victims - 3 plot ideas (M seeking F)  (Read 1281 times)

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Offline HymenBreacherTopic starter

Rapist looking for some victims - 3 plot ideas (M seeking F)
« on: April 07, 2011, 07:31:27 AM »
In the movie Amadeus, Mozart said "I may be vulgar, but my music is not."

I recognize that my forum handle and the title of this thread may be forward and direct, but words are my music, and I am looking to composing sympanies with you.

This forum post includes three seperate and unrelated story ideas.  I will quickly summarize them here for the TLDR crowd lol.  But please allow me to give fair warning : I admit that the type of partners that I am looking for aren't your typical average players.  I fancy myself a writer and expect the same level of details and descriptiveness from those that I play with.  Two of the stories are moderate in scope, but the third is downright epic.  If you know you don't have the time commitment for such a project, please don't PM. :)

Plot 1 :
A lady cop who has made a young budding career out of going after rapists and serial rapists with great success has a new assignment.  In her few short years as a detective, she got several promotions out of putting away lots of pervs.  However, what no one knows, and perhaps not even to the lady detective herself, is that she is secretly fascinated with rape.  She reads every single report, remembers all the details, she lives and breathes and even dreams about this.  While she is atypical in that she is a woman who doesn't want to be raped, part of her is absolutely fascinated and even aroused by it.  And along comes a new serial rapist in the city preying specifically on beautiful virgins, and her new assignment is to deal with this threat, which can lead her and her fantasies into a directly collison course with the serial rapist.

Plot 2 :
In a futuristic world in a galaxy far far away (lol), the beautiful captain of a military space cruiser is sent to deal with rampant pirate activities in a system on the fringes of known civilization.  She and her crew had a lot of successes in the first few weeks upon their arrival, destroying quite many enemy ships and even taking out a pirate base.  But soon the pirates band together for survival, and lure her ship into a trap in which her vessel is disabled.  Her cruiser is then boarded, many of the crews killed or taken prisoners, and there on the bridge of the ship, in front of her subordinates and friends, the vengeful pirates will exact their revenge, perhaps even using the comm system to broadcast live her ordeal back to everyone at the space forces in order to demoralize them and utterly humiliate the proud and famous lady captain.

Plot 3 :
This one is epic and long, and it is placed in a fantasy setting.  The realm of a Goddess is being attacked by her rivals or demonic forces.  Over the course of time the Goddess and her worshippers gradually retreat to their last sanctuary, a great castle temple at the heart of her domain.  She is surrounded by her most faithful and powerful champions, warrior maidens, priestesses, paladins and servants.  The story involves a great siege and the eventual fall of the castle, where numerous characters are involved.  The foes of the Goddess are evil and will show no mercy to those that they capture, and since the followers of the Goddess making their last stand there consist only of her most powerful, beautiful and dedicated maidens, this story involves many subsets of scenes where my partners and I can roleplay out the ordeal of any of the victims to any level of details as we deem fit.  The story will eventually culminates with the defeat, capture and downfall of the lovely Goddess herself.

Some Details :
If you have gotten this far, I thank you for your interest.  You may want to click on my O/o to see if my interests are compatible with yours.  I recently returned to Elliquiy from a long absence, and as such I have 3 roleplaying spots and 1 reserved, sp the 3 spots are available for one partner each for each of the above plot.  If any of the story idea appeals to you, feel free to PM me.  I will most definitely want to chat with you first and get to know your playstyle a bit before agreeing to an actual game.  The only organized way for me to do this is first come first serve, which will hopefully lead to the first served, first come. :D  If I'm filled and you PM me, I'll let you know upfront and if you wish I can keep your name in mind and send you a message if a spot opens up or if a story doesn't work out with another person.

More on Plot 1 :
This is basically a fairly typical one on one story, but typical doesn't necessarily means short or without details.  This is going to be a story, it isn't a quickie.  The character, even someone as potentially one dimensional as a serial rapist. WILL have depth.  This is more than just an excuse for the bad guy to jump a good girl.  The primary hook of this story plot is for someone who likes to play an unwilling victim, but nonetheless has deep fantasy about being helpless, being out of control and being at the mercy of a dominant male.  It is an exploration of what it would be like to suddenly get what you crave, having that longing met in a way that may be less or more than you imagined.  While some players like to have their characters left in the ditch after the naughties, some might like a type of Stockholm syndrome where the victim returns again and again only to fall under his mercy, but keeps telling herself that she was simply trying to arrest him.  Heck, she can even fall in love with him or he with her, and through her influence he change his ways.  So the actual story progression, and the eventual outcome, including potential new and future story branches, are entirely up to my partner and I.  The plot I outline is simply a potential framework.  It is not set in stone, and I am willing to be completely flexible within that framework.

More on Plot 2 :
This is a rape story geared more for those who love humiliation, a public and catastrophic fall from grace, and the defeat of someone famous, proud, haughty and powerful.  While plot 1 is made for one on one setting, this story can easily turn into a gang rape.  If you enjoy playing a 'strong female', who through circumstances beyond your control is brought low, and then is humiliated and violated in front of your peers and subordinates, this may be for you.  While the first Plot can have a happy ending, I see less chance of the good girl end up winning the day at the end here.  So here is a storyline in which good doesn't always somehow win at the end.  In fact, depending on how you want to play this lady captain, we can touch upon area such as betrayal, or outright role reversal of her own crews.  This plot has strong element of power exchange, humiliation and role reversal.

More on Plot 3 :
I can't stress enough that please make sure you actually have the time commitment for an epic storyline before you contact me for this one.  I am looking to play out the desperate last stand of a Goddess with her followers.  I will be taking the time to actually create the world, create the castle, set down various characters and protagonists.  This will be a story about a retreat, a desperate defense, a siege, and then the fall of many of the Goddess' followers, sometimes individually, sometimes in small groups.  This roleplay has the greatest potential to touch on as many kinks as my chosen partner and I want.  If you want bondage, some of the victims will be bound and squirming.  If you want some victims to be captured, tamed, and enslaved, that can be arranged.  Some can be fun quickies, while others can contain as many sensual elements as we like.  The point is that there will be multiple characters and multiple victims, and we can have a little of many different things, or lots of similar themes until we get our fill.  For this story, I WILL be writing in pages, and I WILL expect more than a couple paragraphs per turn from my partner.  Please be mindful of your ability to commit before you contact me for this.  :)

If you have questions, or suggestions, or ideas, feel free to run them by now.  My O/o has my simple expectations and requirements.

Offline HymenBreacherTopic starter

Re: Rapist looking for some victims - 3 plot ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2011, 02:08:22 AM »
Thank you for everyone's responses.  All three of my plots are now taken, I'm sorry to those that I cannot fit into my list at this point in time.  I honestly did not expect there to be so many PMs so quickly.  To those that I am unable to play with currently, and to those who have just read this thread and are interested, you are all welcome to PM me and I will keep in contact with you and also chat with you to get to know you better.  Once a spot opens up I'll talk to you all and see who might still be interested.

Again thanks for the quick and enthusiastic responses!