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Author Topic: Plot ideas for fantasy and sci-fi games [EX]: F or TG/any  (Read 1973 times)

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Plot ideas for fantasy and sci-fi games [EX]: F or TG/any
« on: April 05, 2011, 10:08:10 pm »
Hello there, if you see anything you like in this thread please shoot me a PM. If you don't and want to talk anyway also send me one. Right now I have one or two more slots for games at the moment.

General Info:
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Firstly, I only do games either in a forum thread or through PMs here. I like keeping different things as self-contained as possible and am not really comfortable doing IMs or e-mail.

In general I'm more of a fan of system games. I simply prefer them due to the chance factor in actions and having a good idea of knowing what my character's limits are. Also, playing with numbers if a lot of fun. I'm familiar with a large number of role-playing systems and can pick up new ones quickly.

I tend to go for 2-4 paragraph posts in order to get some back and forth in scenes, though I will write more or less based on how much my partner writes. I prefer to not have to have too much to react to in a given post 2-4 actions max please, but there's plenty of room for description or thoughts during that.

I tend toward the more extreme end of the spectrum in almost all ways sexually. However, the things listed under wants in a game are not an exclusive list, nor does the game need to contain everything in there, simply some things I would enjoy in it. In regards to light and fluffy stuff, I can only really enjoy that with F/F. In fact in that category I sometimes like it more than the more extreme things I'll play out otherwise.

Right now my ability to be online and posting is semi-random. In general a group game will take priority over any solo and I'm faster at posting with system games because they give me a better idea of a character's capabilities.

System Game Ideas:
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Breeding Her Own Army
Wanted: Storyteller
System: Exalted 2nd Ed
Setting: Creation
Genre: fantasy or soft sci-fi
Sexual Wants: large insertions, monster, oviposition, pregnancy
Plot: Faina, the Queen of the Ravenous Forests, had very little personal combat skill. However, she had figured out how to pass on some of her supernatural genetics more easily than most other Exalts. With eventual conquest on the mind she travels the world combining as many things as she can with her own power to birth an army to rival the Realm.

The idea can fit well with Lunars, Solars, and Infernals. I'd want quite a few custom charms for the reproduction aspect, but she would be a relatively low combat-high social character in general.

An Oath Poorly Made
Wanted: Storyteller
System: Exalted 2nd Ed
Setting: Creation
Genre: fantasy or soft sci-fi
Sexual Wants: F/F romantic, non-con, prostitution, pain, humiliation, monsters, etc
Plot: Liscia, Curator of Iron and Gold, is a new Twilight cast who didn't really think through the implications of her first sorcery sacrifice. She'd never been considered attractive or desirable before her Exaltation so she thought it would be easy to give up her ability to refuse a sex request once the act had started. While she travels around the world the issues with this become apparent and she has to consider something since her next sacrifice will have to be similar, but larger.

I have a completed backstory in mind for this one if anyone interested.


Slave to his fantasy
Wanted: System play, doesn't matter which one, with various partners for my character
Genre: any dark
Sexual Wants: non-con, exhibitionism, humiliation, rough sex, prostitution, bestiality, risk of pregnancy/ or actual pregnancy, large insertions, gang bangs
Plot: Riley was one of those players. Every character of his was a blatant fantasy woman who he wished would be real: Tall, powerful, excellent body, and willing to sleep with anything. It hadn't gotten on anyone's nerves before, but during the last campaign he went a little overboard.

Now a new game has started, a very dark game. He did the exact same thing as before though the character was even more of a sex pot this time, everyone thinks it's because his girlfriend left him recently. He even bought a new set of dice for the game; a special set said to "make the experience amazing" from an odd shop that only he had ever seen. At the first roll Riley passed out and woke up in the body of his character. In that dangerous world where she was designed to sleep her way through most problems. Since he doesn't have her combat/magic/tech skills, only her body, he'll have to do just that.

Alt idea: Sort of the same, but instead a female player who plays teases that gets hit with the same treatment. 


Something Something Magical Girls
Wanted: Storyteller
System: something, no particular preferance
Setting: Modern
Genre: fantasy or soft sci-fi
Sexual Wants: F/F romance, monsters, non-con, exhibitionism, humiliation, gangbangs, potentially pregnancy/large insertions
Plot: Starting off as a fairly normal magical girl story where a girl awakens to magic in the modern day and needs to protect the world. The monsters wind up wanting to not only defeat the heroine, but also use her sexually. She would probably wind up on top and victorious in the end, but not until she's been stripped and raped for a while.

I'm thinking a girl who always has tried to stay idealistic that truly wants to protect people, even the scum of the Earth. Regular people could also get i non abusing her, though I was thinking she'd have at least one friend she'd eventually wind up romantically involved with that would stick with her through all of this. Whether that friend is also a magical girl is up in the air.

I Dare You to Go into the Dungeon With...
Wanted: GM/F/herm
Setting: Any
Genre: Action/comedy
Plot: A pair of adventurers have been very successful and have gotten bored, so they take turns giving each other dares to complete adventures with. One stays fully kitted out in the back while the other tries to complete a full adventure by themselves.

The idea involves alternating who's GMing the game where the current GM is the person whose character is hanging back.

A New Legend
Wanted: GM of some sort
System: any though dnd, Exalted, GURPS, and Warhammer Fantasy are the ones I'm most familiar with
Genre: fantasy
Sexual Wants: F/F romantic, non-con(M/F or F/F or other), large insertions(if it makes sense), monster, oviposition, pregnancy(maybe)
Plot: What would have happened in the hero didn't reincarnate as usual? The basic idea is playing through a game set in Hyrule with a female Link. I don't have many ideas besides that, but it's just something that I think would be a lot of fum. either using one of the canon games or something completely new, but I'm a bit more knowledgeable in the OoT, MM, aLttP, TP, and WW eras than any of the others.

Free-Form Ideas:
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The Offering
Wanted: M/F/herm/what ever
Setting: Modern or future
Genre: drama
Sexual Wants: non-con, pain, multiple partners, humiliation, violence, public, logical consequences
Plot: It started with an ad online. She had a fantasy that had gone unfulfilled for too long and it was getting far too distracting. She needed it and wasn't willing to leave it up to dumb luck anymore, well using one definition of luck. The ad, along with all of the attached files and several pictures of herself, both clothed and nude.

"To anyone who reads this. I want you to rape me. I'm not kidding here I want you, your friends, or anyone for that matter, who sees me walking down the street to drag me into a dark alley and violate me in any way you wish. I want you to kidnap me from the streets and drag me somewhere where you use me as a cock sleeve for days. I want you to come into my apartment at night and fuck me until I bleed. I may fight back and scream, but don't listen to any protests I really want this. Do whatever you want with me and dump me somewhere in the city, preferably somewhere where someone else can find me and take advantage of my beaten body.

This sounds ridiculous right? Well this isn't a sting from the cops or someone's stupid prank on his ex. I need this and no one has given it to me. As a show of good faith I've uploaded my home and work addresses along with a copy of my weekly schedule. I've even been nice enough to alter my jogging routes to take me into more dangerous areas and added a map of them. So feel free to check me out, hell bring your friends along, and whenever you feel ready grab me and fuck me like there's no tomorrow.

Thank you and I hope to hear your voice from behind me soon."

That's the basic idea, I can see the plot going in multiple ways. Though one thing that I definitely want from this one is her ad to have reaching consequences in her life as every day tasks keep getting interrupted.

The Princess Whore
Wanted: M/F/herm/what ever
Setting: Fantasy or Modern
Sexual Wants: prostitution, humiliation, degradation
Plot: A very well to do girl finds herself desiring to be used in the seedier parts of society. By day she's a model student or noble's daughter and by night she goes off to whore on the docks or stop by some glory holes. She prices herself so low that anyone can afford her and is willing to go with anyone or do anything. Why? Simply because she gets off on being treated like a tramp and a slut.

For this one I'd ideally want to do several scenes of her whoring before someone she knows in her real life finds out about it. Then the actual plot can go from there.


This Really is Hell(could also be system)
Wanted: M/F/herm/what ever dominant
Setting: Hell in Diablo, preferably 3
Genre: fantasy
Sexual Wants: non-con, pain, large insertions(either penis or toys depending on partner gender), dom/sub, monster/non-human, multiple partners, pregnancy
Plot: So I've been on a Diablo kick recently and couldn't stop thinking about the 'fun' it would be to play either a woman who got captured by the demons and used for their pleasure rather than killed. I was thinking she'd either be a normal girl who happened ot be in the wrong place at the wrong time or a summoner who bit off more than she could chew. There's a lot of ways to go with this one and it's just a small idea right now so I'd like to discuss it more before deciding on anything.

Taken games:
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The Bad Type of Crush
Wanted: Female(character) partner
Setting: Some form of school though high school probably fits the best if modern and some sort of academy if not
Genre: Any though I'd prefer fantasy or sci-fi
Sexual Wants: F/F either romantic or not, non-con, pain, humiliation, exhibitionism, maybe blackmail
Description: My character has been the quiet girl in the back of the class for as long as anyone can remember. She never really spoke up, and while fairly pretty, had never dated. The reason for all of this was that she had a crush on one of the most beautiful girls for a long time. Eventually this crush went over board and became an obsession. She eventually made a plan to kidnap and rape the girl, using the shame from this to keep her with her if need be, though hopefully she would enjoy it and be with her normally.

Quite a few ways to go with this one and I'm not too picky about it.

I am a GM and if you want me to run something for you it may take a while for me to come up with a plot, depending on setting and I'd prefer to keep the game to things I already know how to run. Try to make sure we have mutual interests though before messaging me about starting up a campaign.

Thank you for reading.
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Re: Various ideas and interests
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2011, 08:26:02 pm »
Updated expanding on a previous idea and adding a new one.

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Re: Various ideas, mostly system games right now[F for any]
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2012, 03:22:03 am »
Added three more ideas and re-organized a bunch.

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Re: Various ideas, primarily fantasy [EX]: F/any
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2012, 11:59:48 pm »
Finished a game so I re-opened the idea and added two more. One based on the Diablo games and another that just struck me as interesting in free-form.

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Re: Various ideas for fantasy and sci-fi [EX]: F/any
« Reply #4 on: May 28, 2012, 09:06:12 am »
Added another idea into free-form.