Exhibitionist. [LF Male]

Started by aya, April 04, 2011, 11:39:43 PM

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Please read my O/O first.

First use of the request board, but I'll keep it short.

Looking for an RP involving heavy exhibitionism [Public sex/displays, sex with an audience, sex with strangers.] and interracial play. Bonus points for bondage/group [gangbang].

Preferred Character(s) / Inspiration picture(s).

Alternatively, my other request [oneshot]:
QuoteClub Night.

Content: Vanilla / Interracial / Gangbang [Can go with any flavor.]

Scenario: Girl is heartbroken and horny after she catches her boyfriend cheating on her. Heads to club with one purpose: to screw her worries away.

Setting: Modern.

Req: Looking for a male (or two) to play the guys that she picks up at the club. All 3 'flavors' will involve the girl finding her target, and taking him away for some fun. Unable to hold it in for long, she proceeds to screw him(them) in the parking lot behind her car.  Interracial flavor will involve a black guy-asian girl pairing, gangbang would involve 2-3 guys (any race). Vanilla is possible, but the latter 2 are preferred.

PM me if interested; do not reply to this thread. These RPs are not first come, first serve.