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Author Topic: Enchant a Bookworm Part 2 [M/F, M/M, UN, MUL]  (Read 438 times)

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Enchant a Bookworm Part 2 [M/F, M/M, UN, MUL]
« on: April 02, 2011, 11:00:05 PM »
After a very long leave of absence, I've returned and I decided to revamp my requests page rather than just update the old one.

I have typed all of these summaries up as M/M couples but they can easily be changed to M/F couples

Story lines

Anything You Desire: (inspired by Jim Henson's The Labyrinth)
Joshua is a young boy who lives with his abusive, alcoholic father. His only escape is in the rundown library across town where, one day, he finds a musty book shoved back in the shelves. Taking it home, he waits for his dad to pass out then pulls it out to read about the mischievous Goblin King who kidnaps wished away children. In a flight of fancy, the boy wishes himself away, expecting the small disappointment when it doesn't come true. Much to his shock, it comes true.

This plot can go in many directions. The first and most obvious follows a little more closely with the plot of the original movie. He is taken to another world with fairies and goblins and is forced to fight for his life to try to escape - or not, depending. It is possible that he has no choice and is brought to the King's household in some capacity.

Or, it could be a looser take. An older man enters his life, somehow gains control of him in some way, and we work our way from there. Either possibility is intriguing to me and I would love to negotiate a plot. I could play either part.

That Final Leap:
Brian and Jordan have been best friends for years. They grew up together, went to school together, and are now working closely with each other. The only problem is that Jordan is gay and Brian is getting ready to propose to his girlfriend of two years, completely unaware that his best friend and roommate is in love with him. The plot would circle around Jordan warring with the urge to break up his best friend's relationship and the need to support his friend. Brian would be a bisexual character who hasn't seriously thought about his possible homosexuality. Names aren't concrete and details are, of course, up for discussion. I could play either part

For the Love of the Game: (inspired by Suzanne Collins's Hunger Games and Koushun Takami's Battle Royale)

This is similar to the plots in the above books. The government sends children into an arena to fight for their lives and only allow one to survive. This will, however, more closely follow the plot of BR though I am borrowing from Hunger Games as well.

A high school class is sent in to compete in the Program, a brutal game televised through the war-ridden nation. They're provided with only a few things: provisions, a random weapon ranging from a machine gun to a swiss army knife, and the order to kill all their classmates if they want to survive. They have trackers surgically implanted inside them so they can't run and will be killed on site if it is suspected that they are trying to undermine the Program in any way. Enter classmates X and Y who have been secretly in love for years though they've never revealed it to each other or anyone else. When confronted with the possibility of killing each other, they team up under the guise of friendship and attempt to find a safe hiding place. As the game continues, they struggle with their revealed ability to be violent and the love that is becoming more and more difficult to hide.

This plot can also be taken out of the arena at the end of the Program, either in a way similar to BR (where they find a way to escape) or Hunger Games (in which they are able to trick the officials into letting them both out). I can play either character.

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Re: Enchant a Bookworm Part 2 [M/F, M/M, UN, MUL]
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2011, 11:02:40 AM »
For the Love of the Game has been added.