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A note: Please everyone interested keep in mind that no matter what the text says, I am very open to changes in the plot or kinks brought by the other player. If you're interested in the story but want something specific you don't see listed in the title, try me. I'm a very approachable person and the worst I can do is say no.

Established Setting Ideas

While I have ideas about these, I don't feel much like putting them out there to be read at the moment. If you're interested in any of these animes/games then PM me and we could work something out. If you're not, proceed below and browse the more open ideas.

These ideas are open to both OC and Canon characters, AU or canon settings, etc.


One Piece
Outlaw Star


Shadow Hearts
League of Legends
Resident Evil
Rogue Galaxy
Command And Conquer
Dark Age of Camelot
City of Heroes
Star Ocean

Warhammer/Dawn of War

Idea x Idea area

Ideas I'm currently hunting for in more of a general sense. Little information is here because these haven't been fully fleshed out. Similar to the anime/game section, ask me if you're interested. These can be one shots or full scenes, depending on your own interests.

Ideas are listed MxF format


TrainerxPokegirl (Yes, yes I am serious)






Sentient...You know what, you get the idea right?


CommonxRoyalty/Non-con CommonxRoyalty

Non-specific Idea Section

Yes, another section: This one is for kinks I haven't attached to ideas yet. It may be empty at first...

I've been interested in a multiple man x multiple females story as of late. Threesomes, orgies or a harem style scene, just a M/F/F/etc kind of want lately.

I'm also craving a VictorxDefeated thing. Or VictorxMultiple Defeated. Punishment being a key thought, though story behind it and possible other things are negotiable.

A little bit of a sweet tooth has been developed in me for extreme role reversal type things with happy endings. Could be as simple as a snotty girl taking advantage of a geek who's kind of into her but she goes a little too far and she ends up being taken advantage of herself by him. Or GuardxPrincess or even as extreme as a slave turning on his Mistress and ending up enslaving her. Kinks are extremely open.

Similarly to the Harem and the above role reversal, a scene has developed in my mind like one below where a man who's been taken advantage of decides to get even with a woman by proxy. It could be him going after her best friend, or maybe her current boyfriend, or maybe something as kinky as him going after her mother...Discussion is open.

Original Ideas

One: Fantasy, M/F, M/M, Open

Buying from peddlers means usually finding low quality and gaudy goods for a few spare pieces of coin. But one particular peddler deals in only high quality and cheap goods. On a whim, you purchase a piece of jewelry for yourself and eagerly put it on. As soon as you do however, you unlock something you were not quite meant and someone joins you in the room...

The basic idea is incredibly plain, so let me spice it up here. Your character, whoever they are, just bought a piece of jewelry that is essentially the door for a demon to get out of. And now you're the only one who can see him, the only one whom he can interact with unless you let him out. So of course there are a few ways this could go. A sweet innocent being overwhelmed and corrupted, a strong one who has a battle of wills and minds or maybe you're something just as dark to contend with him...

Kink wise this is very open and it can be a one-shot or a long term story. More can be discussed as needed and this one requires a partner not afraid to work with me for the story and not just use the base idea.

Two: M/F, Fantasy/Modern, Dom/sub, Bondage, Break Play, Dub-con/Forced Sex, Open To Other Ideas

An age old story of action and reaction. She was a Lady with inconvenient control over her late father's estate and it's considerable wealth and he was a rogue, an outlaw said to perform any task for any price. When her family vanishes her into his care, they expect he'll return her to them an obedient and changed woman. But what if, instead of changing her to suit them, he decided to change her to suit himself? What if she became his shot at a better life, a real life. And what if, along the way, one of them fell in love with the other?

The idea here is pretty simple and pretty interesting. A young girl is kidnapped and given to a man who's used to making people cooperate. But what if instead of breaking her to be a mindless slave, he broke her to be his pet and to help him get back at the people who forced him into that life? Kinks and how extreme this all goes can be discussed but the breaking parts can be physical or mental, or a mix, depending on your tastes.

Three: M/F, Romance, Open for More

A young heiress's father is on death's doorstep and though she stands to inherit a fortune and a life enviable by anyone, she has to do one simple thing to be able to collect when he dies: Hire a live in bodyguard her father has selected for her. It doesn't sound all that bad at first, until she discovers that the man she's been forced to let into her life is crude, arrogant and absolutely maddening to endure: The problem is, she can't fire him until after her father's estate has been settled or all of it goes to her estranged step-mother. With both of them forced together and the tension of a mysterious assailant trying to take her life before her father dies, how does she handle herself?

This one is a little interesting. It has a very long-term plot and the interactions, character wise, should be to coin a phrase 'hilarious'. The personality of the heiress is entirely up to you and I'm really looking forward to this. A note is that I'm fine adapting this to any time line or altering the story in a few ways. It could be more Sci-fi, more historical, more Fantasy...Any way, so long as we understand where it's going, I'll enjoy it.

Four: M/F/ - F/F - ?/F, Exotic, Shapeshifting, Open to Suggestions, Bloodplay Bloodyplay Blood Will Be Involved for The Love Of Zeus

He's ages old, he's gorgeously handsome and the only time he ever sparkles is when he's covered in blood. And he's on the loose in the city. Hunting him are agents of an organization that has tracked and killed his kind for centuries, but haven't even been able to wound this one. The next step in evolution of the Vampire, or something far worse? And the hunted, lonely and bitter after decades of torment and hunting. He's looking for something to take his anger out on and he's got some ideas...

Alright. This one is definitely not going to be a straight romance story. It's also going to be potentially very open to ideas. The main story revolves around the vampire in question in his escapes from the Hunters, while at the same time amusing himself along the way. It will have a deeper plot, but as to how short or long term it is? I have no idea. It will definitely involve a lot of biting and blood play, it will probably involve bondage and some interesting play as well. One warning I have is the following.

If for any reason, you do not like the idea of a man being able to do strange and/or random things with his body, not entirely 'gross' but definitely strange. If for any reason you do not like the idea of bloodplay on a level that is borderline shapeshifting. If for any reason you do not like shapeshifting or a person with the ability to (at least in theory) gender bend, run away very far. This is going to be a wild and kinky ride.

A little note, yes, he can genderbend but there will be no F/M play. Sorry guys. I'll do M/M, M/F and F/F but no F/M.

Five: M/F/(F?), Revenge?, Hardcore, Slaveplay,  Modern

A month ago, two people split up. They had been dating for a few months but the woman has always thought her man was a little too tame. A charming guy and probably husband material, but not enough to satisfy the curiosity of an adult woman from a small town. To make matters worse, your younger sister has been taking a liking to the man as well. The man stops talking to the woman but he starts coming over to visit her sister. The relationship between the two on the surface seems as if he's just lonely and the ex doesn't give it a second thought. Unknown to her, the man is taking her parting words to heart...

He starts taking her sister to his place and she one night after striking out decides to let curiosity get the better of her and comes over. The words 'careful what you wish for' strike her as she sees her ex giving her sister the night of her life...

As advertised. Very much open for discussion.

Six: M/F, Fantasy, BDSM, Master/Slave, All about the Drow, baby.

The idea has several facets and all of them end with a male being in control of a female Drow. Or multiple female Drow. Human captures Drow assassin, one particularly interesting idea where a Human living in the Underdark finds and traps a female drow to turn her into a slave or lover...Elves x drow, Creaturepet x Drow, etc. Or one of my more interesting ones, Drow x Drow...(Male Drow Lord gaining control over a female Drow).

The idea can be romantic, non-con or various shades white and black in between, but it will probably involve a lot of kinky sex and Master/pet or Master/slave play, depending on how light or dark you want it. Obvious this is fantasy and will involve more of a plot beyond the sex.

Seven: M/F, NonCon/DubCon, Transformation (Werewolf), Modern/Fantasy

A woman had just been assigned to be the assistant of a powerful man, one who is forcefully rising to the top of his world. She thinks she's going along for the ride and the work isn't hard, but she soon realizes the man she's serving has another side. One that comes out in a full moon and that she is going to regret intruding on.

A pretty basic idea with some interesting after-effects. I'm looking for a starting plot of sorts with an interesting twist. The start will be quite sexless but after that...Well, basically, how does someone who's used to secrecy take someone finding it? Oh yes, it's going to involve overpowering dub-con at first, at least. Everything after that is very open. But the basic outlined story is that she's inducted into a world of werewolves and the supernatural. THAT IS NOT TWILIGHT. That is the one thing I want to stress; This will not be set in the Twilight world nor will it parody it. The woman will be expected to handle this shite on her own and be crashed coursed into it.

Romance possible. More pairings of creatures and woman possible. But the basic plot will be there.

Eight: M/F, Kidnapping, Force/Dub-Con, Modern

A classic horror story with a strange twist. She was taken without warning or hesitation and forced to his will for days on end. She's a housewife, a good girl all the way around and she's made to bend to his every little kink...And then it stops, he lets her go and she's free. He's gone. But what he did remains and how does she handle it after he's gone?

Let me get one thing straight, because I've seen this kind of story before. I'm not looking for a totally sadistic/masochistic relationship derived from a stockholme syndrome control scenario. I'm not looking for a totally and completely enslaved woman. I'm looking for a woman who just got shown what she's been missing out on and realizing it fulfilled something inside her. Maybe she wants to be submissive, but there is a difference between submissive and broken. There will also be limited possibility of BDSM and hardplay stuff (Ice/Heat play, clamps, etc) but no torture, no toilet play, no 'breaking' past a point.

The story is my character is not going to be a saint but not scum either. A 'plain' guy, a little in the background and lashing out on someone nearby. Maybe he knows your character, maybe he doesn't, but he's going to act out all his dirty little ideas on you and then let you go when he's finally let his guilt override him. The field is completely open on your character. It can be ageplay, incest, teacher/student, boss/employee, it can even be written into a fantasy story with an orc/elf pairing, I'm just looking for the basic plotline and the relationship that builds off it. There will be a lot of sex, but I'm also looking for an underlying plot of sorts and a definite need for an emotional reaction on both parts.

Nine: M/F, Fantasy

An evil emperor rose up to take over the world and five mystic, legendary heroes rose up to stop him. The fighting was bloody, the heroes suffered greatly and the world was saved...But now, with it over, what do the heroes do now? And more importantly, how does the party deal with what all has happened and their newfound attention from the public?

A bit of a fun idea I had that I really liked. Instead of doing the typical save the world, glorious stuff, I want to do the reverse in a sense. I want the hero I'm playing to be somewhat mentally worn and recovering, definitely not a typical good wholesome guy. More someone who got pulled into it...A rogue or a warlock perhaps. And as for the female, whoo boy...

Idea wise, I'm finding some interesting pull from something of a villainesse come back for revenge but getting caught up with him. Romance can play a part in the scenes, or it can be pure lust and circumstances. Not everything will be perfect on his return to a normal life, for he won't be the king of some random country. Not as bad off as when he started but certainly not as good. Or it can take interesting directions...One of those women he's saved during his travels coming to him, one of the heroines taking a shine, etc etc. Ideas are open.

Ten: M/M/F, Prisoner, Fantasy

It wasn't even a fair capture, but they won't see it like that. Maybe she wasn't doing what they accused her of or maybe she was, but it won't stand up very well in the tribunal no matter what. She's going free soon. Either way, you've got a week with a pair of easily agitated guards and you're naked, in chains, the entire time...It starts off slow with the daily cleaning being a bit too intimate and before long, you've got one or both of them visiting your cell for their duty breaks...

This one was inspired by a picture. And it was quite interesting. This won't be non-con though, more like...'Oh god oh god oh god'-con. Two rough jailors, one pretty girl in chains and stocks, all kinds of fun to be had until her trial. And maybe after, if you want to make it a longer story...

As for kinks. Normal/Oral/Anal and anything you wanna try. It's all about a fun, kinky scene with the possibility of double penetration and all kinds of fun things.

An entertaining note is that the original picture was an anthro one. If you're into that, it would be available for sharing.

Eleven: M/F, Role Reversal, Hardcore

It seemed like such a good idea at the time...Capture and drain the creature of his powers, turn him into a pet for you. But you underestimated his will, or you overestimated yourself. Either way, now you've got one very angry creature with interesting ideas of revenge.

A short scene idea that could turn into something larger and has room for plot, but the basic idea is; A female has just made a big mistake about a creature under her control and now she's going to get ravished. The creature is going to be non-human; That can mean anthro, humanoid (Orc, etc) or it can mean dragon, tentacle creature (though probably something less mass of tentacles and more humanoid with tentacles) or it can go to all kinds of strange things. Maybe even a demon or something equally kinky.

Just a nice role reversal idea to start and it can get more in depth, though I think kink wise I want to stray from anything too violent, gorey or too BDSM-deep. Maybe.

Twelve: M/F, Master/Servant Play, Romance, Fantasy

He was the lord of the land, the great young Duke who is taking over the estate and your care. He rescued you and your entire family, all indebted to his dying family line, from poverty by stripping the estate of it's wealth and grandeur for the sake of the people. He is a breath of change to the land and reviving his kingdom is all he seems to think about.

Except in private. With you as one of the only attendants left, you can see the pressure on him. The sacrifices he makes to keep the land alive, how he works to undo the damage his late father has done. And in private you get to watch the bright young boy you knew as the Duke's son grow into a weary and tired man...

This one is sappy, I admit. But it has a fair bit of kinkiness to it, undercut with a hard plot dealing with the reality of the 'fantasy' world. Your character will be playing, basically, the role of an attendant. Though how it works is subject to debate, I would really prefer it if your character wasn't just a story piece. I want your ideas for this one and I really want someone willing to work out the emotional bond between the Duke and his servant. Expect a lot of Master/Pet play with no real BDSM so much as kinky sex and commands.

Thirteen: M/F, Modern

Just a vacation. You were taking a vacation to Las Vegas after your breakup with your last boyfriend. It was just a simple girl's weekend, one with no boyfriends or anything risque. Sights, a little partying and some gambling...Until he showed up and you inwardly felt like a kid again. He was that browned-eyed boy you'd dated, the shy kid you've given your first time to and the one you'd left as soon as you realized he wanted something more then just a date. And now here he was. The handsome bouncer at the club who just pulled some creep off you. Maybe you hadn't let go, or maybe you were just looking for a good time...

As advertised. This one is more about the plot and emotions involved then just a kinky sex fest or a sweeping, epic plot. As always it's quite open to change as well, but one thing I really wanna keep is the idea of old crushes and flames and how things change. It's a lot like an older idea, but with the twist that romance isn't a serious consideration. This can go deep, or it can be a weeklong fling. Other kinks can be discussed.

Fourteen: M/F, Supernatural/Magic, Romance, Modern

She was a woman in love, but he wouldn't notice her at all. Instead she spends her time at work or with friends, watching him from a distance. Her best friend, a man who usually ends up tending to her feelings, decides to buy her a gift and he gets her several old books. One of them is a book of old spells and romance charms...But in the end, who does she decide to use her new found little spells on? Maybe instead of wasting her time with the guy who didn't see her before, she decides to have some fun with the guy who was always there?

Yes, a nice guy gets the girl story. If you don't like cliches, go far far away.

While it's open, I really like the romance with magic as a catalyst. The kinks are probably going to be entirely dependent on the partner, but one of my main plot ideas for it is that she might find the spells and magic too tempting to not play with. All kinds of spells and such, so maybe my character has to fight back...I'm looking for an equal relationship, not dom or sub for this one. Anything you wanna see, feel free to add it in.

Fifteen: M/F, Fantasy, Romance

Lifesaving debts are usually repaid by camaraderie or vows of servitude. But in their case, it was a question of if she would even let herself live after being saved by him. He was a hated enemy and she was scorned by her own people for the whims of their cruel Matrons. But if anything, he seems to fit right in down here and he's certainly not going anywhere soon...

Yes, another Drow story. Only this time, Surface Elf x Drow. The idea basically is a female drow runs afoul of her House or another and ends up being nearly getting killed in some side passage away from her city. She's saved by...An elf.

Tension and lots of it. I'm looking for someone who likes the Drow and wants to play them and their mindset. Equal relationship, no domination or submission from either party. Don't come here looking to play a drow slut or a drow dominatrix, though then again those both are facets of a normal drow female, huh...

Kinks are a little fuzzy, but there sure will be a lot of sex in cold dark places, probably fueled by tension and ragelust as much as actual feelings for one another. Plot wise however, I have an interesting idea of them both trying to find a place and ending up in some sort of Underdark island of misfit toys...I've got some ideas, but everything is open.

Sixteen: M/F, Romance, Optional other kinks

She's fun, she's flirty and she's a sweet little nerd girl with a nice body. Too bad for him he let things get too comfortable and now he can't even bring the topic up. He's handsome, loyal and successful. Too bad for her that she can't see past the smile and shoulder she's cried on for so long. She's in denial and he's shut it down, they're both great for each other...But they're both running out of time. He's offered a job out of town and she's told that one of her friends is planning to try and be the one to take his first time before he leaves...

Oh tragically crazy romance stories. Basically what I want from this one is this.

See that? Give me that and let's make a story where that cute, sexy and oblivious looking thing and some sexy guy are romantic together. We can discuss kinks or plot in depth in PM, but my only real requirement is using that picture.

Seventeen: M/F, Elf, Fantasy

Basically I have this unpolished idea that involves basically the idea of an elven maiden who's captured by an 'insert race here' (That part is still being worked on), but when he tries to take her back to sell he ends up nearly getting killed. He barely escapes with her and he's forced to drag her along as he tries to get to safety...

Basically a nice plot, with the chance for n-c, dub-con or all kinds of interesting kinks...

Eighteen: M/F, M/M (Girly Male for opposite role), Control, Fantasy, Underlying/Overt Romance

It had never been this bad before. Despite adventuring together for a year and slaying many horrible creatures, the arguments had never gotten this bad. The bickering, the tension, the near fistfights on a daily basis. And to cap it all off, they're both trapped in the remnants of a demon's temple. The shadowy place houses great treasure and when one of them learns of it, they find there is a lot of interesting ways to relieve that tension...

In essence, this one is an interesting plot. Two tough adventurers are falling in love, but not quite realizing it. Instead of acting on it, the tension is driving them insane. Investigating a fallen temple of a demon, one of them discovers cursed object that could bind the other person to their will subconsciously; No more fights, no more anger, just a subservient partner with no more loot splitting...

Use your imagination. I want a DnD style fantasy world with a lot of interesting races and classes. We can make this as hard or soft as needed, but this idea is sticking to my head like glue. I'm looking for a little bit of medium term at least here, I want to explore past just the sex control into a place where the controller realizes the controled is someone they love and they seek to undo the damage.

I'm not entirely opposed to being the controlled one, but I get really picking as soon as the thought of subbing gets thrown into my head. If you want me to, I'll need a really good reason for it.

Nineteen: M/F, Fantasy, Exotic (Really exotic), Non-con/Dub-con, You know what? Just put every kink here you can.

Years ago at a crossroads between two villages a glowing black rock appeared and from it a doorway would form. Unwary of the dangers, humans crossed into it only to discover a strange place of magic and corruption that humans could not endure. Monsters and evil assaulted them until they fled, only to find that entering the portal seemed to seal it off from the outside world. As long as someone is inside the portal, it will not open and pour it's evil out into the world. The village decides to find those strong enough to endure inside it and protect them...

A heroine was chosen from her village to be the champion sent to explore a strange dimension. Like all the champions chosen before her, she was sent in and disappeared without a trace. The dimension seems to take all the champions and never returns them. Now it is a new generation and a new heroine has been chosen, this time aided by a young man who is sent with her. But during their trip to this new dimension they are separated and she is deposited safely in a nexus for this place while he is placed directly in the hands of strange mentors to indoctrinate him to this new land...

When they meet again, the young man shows this heroine what he's learned and together they are going to conquer this place where others before them failed...

If you've ever played Corruption of Champions, think this but two player. And when I mean this is kinky, I mean kinky. Fetishes will pour like rain. Transformation, Non-con, tentacles, anthro/monsters, etc etc...All kinds of things are free to happen here and I'm still working on what character type I eventually want here. Ideas are welcome, as is someone with an open mind.


Right, so, this one is going to sound a bit odd. I've got a character named Krael who's abilities and character lend him highly to the 'Hardcore' side of things. Even Extreme in a few cases. Shape shifting, Heavy BDSM, he's an Incubus and he'd have the ability to do a lot of beyond normal things.

Basically, Krael is an experiment. I'm looking to go into things not in my O/O's a bit. I reserve the right to deny an idea and I will not be straying into scat/vore/etc territory.

Story wise, I've got a few skeleton work ideas in Krael's character profile. I'm also considering a Harem-centric idea or two if you're interested in playing multiples or know someone else looking for a nice kink-heavy scene.

Honestly, the amount of things Krael can do opens this up a lot too. Like really big cocks? Gender bender type scenes? Or have interests in kinkier fetishes? Modern or fantasy (Sci-fi maybe, not entirely sure how Krael'd fit into that.) settings are fine. Ask about anything and I'll give a serious and definite answer. He can also fit in some of his demonic friends who have similar abilities if you're looking for a little IC Male harem type thing, though with them being the ones in control of your character.

M/F centric, though M/M might be acceptable if the male is submissive and highly cute~

These ideas apply to specific characters and their mentalities. A fair warning is that sometimes these are exempt from my usual On/Offs. Sometimes I'm able to handle things from a character's mindset and others I really want a specific scene to be played out. The character will get a brief description and then I'll describe scenes. Note that I will not include my usual scene explanation for these: You're going to have to PM me to really know what I want from a specific scene.

Character pictures available on a case to case basis. Some have them, some will not. Be warned they are not my copyright and above all, they'll usually be drawn artwork.

Understand that these are meant to be brief and quick ideas on paper. I will always want to flesh them out more because several things depend on where my partner would want to go. Imagine that the little text blurb is the opening of the book; Now we get to fill in the pages.

Character scenes will be split into two categories inside the character's section: Normal and Abnormal. Normal are ones that apply to my On/Offs. Abnormal will not always be safe to my On/Offs.

Fortuna is a dominant, heterosexual male Drow. Fortuna is a revered and in some cases extremely feared Sage who has lived incredibly long even for his race and has mastered many schools of magic and pseudo-science such as Alchemy or Viviomancy. He has clawed, traded, murdered and fought his way out of Drow society and into the surface world, bypassing many prejudices against Drow to become incredibly respected and to some a model of the fact that not all Drow are as they seem. He is charming and roguish at first glance but his demeanor hides a razored wit and will forged from years of life. Fortuna is a Fantasy only character with an emphasis on Dungeons And Dragons/Icewind Dale fantasy genre fantasy, otherwise known as High Fantasy.

Kink Note: Fortuna is an alchemist, monster creator, mage, etc...All kinds of crazy things can happen with him. Transformations, gender benders,  creature sex, anything you care to be interested in.


Fortuna's life has been one without peace or real love for practically his entire existence. After eons of moving forward without stopping Fortuna decides to temporarily stop his practices and experiments. He takes an incognito journey into a nearby city, looking to experience a normal life if only for a little bit. Behind a mask and cloak, you cannot tell whom he is nor would you recognize him even if you did. A chance encounter strikes up something that neither Fortuna nor you expected however...The repercussions of which might not suit either of you.

Creator, Lover, Master
One of Fortuna's many areas of expertise is Viviomancy, creating life. While normally he uses this only to animate servants, he has been tasked with creating a slave for a particularly cruel noble. When Fortuna imbues life, however, he has no control over the mannerisms it will take or it's soul. The only thing he controls is what it knows and it's body, which he made to the wishes of his client. When this one wakes up, he realizes he doesn't want to give it away. But is it because he wants to own it, wants or love it...Or because he wants to control it? And what form does this creature take that he finds so difficult to part with? Is it human, or is it something far more exotic?

Taking Without Giving
A thief hears a tale about a powerful sage and a collection of magnificent (and valuable) artifacts he has stored in his tower. What starts as a simple job to set you for life turns into so much more when Fortuna's traps capture you. At first you're only tormented by fatigue and pain, but when Fortuna finds you in the middle of freeing yourself from yet another trap, he decides to free you. He lets you simply walk away with something of value. Of course, how the thief takes this and what her reaction is may determine her fate...

Three Little Words
An angry elf, survivor of a drow raid on her village. A drow Sage who is famous across the lands. A bitter attempt on his life and the aftermath. A drow will have to bypass years of hatred and bigotry to prove he is no murderer, while an elf who has lost everything will have to accept that sometimes...You Are Wrong.

As one of the only Drow on the surface to break free of the chains of his race, what happens when Fortuna is approached by a young and naive person, wanting his story? Perhaps it is even more complicated...Perhaps he is joined by another escaped drow desiring freedom and asking for his help.

Cold Retribution
It is a dark and cold night, a silent Fortuna sits in his lab working over some potion, some trinket, some spell of importance to perhaps only him when the intruder(s) strike. They are elves who hate him because he is a drow, they are drow who wish to remove the taint of a male such as he, they are even more banal or stranger creatures who want his head for any different reasons. And though they outnumber him, capturing and dispatching them is nothing for the cold Sage. Except for some. Some, he intends to make an example of for the rest of their people. He won't kill them. But he'll make them beg for the release of death before he breaks their minds.

Taking Without Giving (A)
The thief who breaks into Fortuna's tower to steal his artifacts finds the darker traps the Sage had set upon his tower, or perhaps she even finds some of his guardian creatures. And with her so assaulted, the Sage finds her in a much less forgiving mood than he was in the softer version of this tale. Will she survive to escape, never mind find what she came for?

The Chains
Drow are arrogant, haughty creatures and to a race such as them, the idea of a male so powerful is disgusting to everything they stand for. Some in particular journey to the surface world to bring him to their twisted justice. Or maybe it's worse than that...Angry elves, bigot humans, strange creatures who've crossed Fortuna in the past. Whoever they were, you are the only survivor of the attack. And instead of killing you, Fortuna likes you. And he's going to break you into his servant, one way or another...
Far'ira and Zerorn Wrainwing
Far'ira Wrainwing is a dominant, bisexual Dragon male. One of the few survivors of the Wrainwing Brood of Shadow Dragons, he is a warrior through and through. Wild, untamed and possessing a mouth as sharp as his claws or blade, he is able to shift between a massive form known only as a Warwing Dragon and a more humanoid form that is compressed muscles and incredible strength. He is smart however and not a lowly brute or mindless wyvern. While he has no real tender side to him, all his actions usually rough and unpolished, he does have a capacity for love.

Zerorn Wrainwing is a switch, bisexual Dragon male. Like his elder brother Far'ira, Zerorn is a survivor of the Wrainwing Brood but where his brother is content as a simple warrior and fighter, Zerorn is a general. Cunning, brutal and swift to a startling and frightful degree, he is far colder and more uptight than his brother but buried beneath the suface are passions and desires as unchecked as the fire he breathes. Like his brother he is capable of changing between two forms but unlike his brother, his dragon form is a much more manageable form known as a Cavemaw. His human form is no less impressive however. He outwardly expresses nothing but duty and pride, but inwardly he has spots in his soul for many thing and not all of it is as a fairytale might speak.

Far'ira is a nomad while Zerorn is the leader of the remnant dragons of the Wrainwing clan. Often times the brothers will meet for various purposes. Far'ira and Zerorn are both High Fantasy characters.

Kink Note: Far'ira and Zerorn are both a little into M/M so there is some openings for Incest on top of whatever story. As well...Well they're -dragons-. Like em big? Go Zerorn. Like em so big you have to be something big yourself to even be remotely capable without magical help? Go Far'ira.


Far'ira - Trespasser
It was bad luck that caused the massive storm drove you and your party of adventurers into the dank cave you found yourself in. It was stupidity that inspired your brilliant leader to suggest splitting up and it was the darkness mixed with the rain that lost you your torch. Fumbling around in the dark, your foot slips into a massive chasm and your heart skips a beat. You're going to die...But then a claw grasps you, engulfing you and your world goes black. When next you awake, you're sitting in the lair of a massive dragon...And are you going to be able to, or even want, to leave?

Far'ira - Silly Games
Far'ira has grown bored of his quiet existence and decides to play upon the age old fairy tales of dragons and kingdoms. A few missing cattle and burned barns has the King scrambling for a solution. When Far'ira informs the King, with a personal visit, that he'll only leave the Kingdom alone with a tribute, where does the King turn? To a mysterious champion eager to prove their worth against a dragon or does he give in and sacrifice one of his own to the creature?

Zerorn - Warpath
A small kingdom stands on the edge of a war they can ill afford with monsters from storybooks that they know to fear. But in the midst of their terror, they are shocked to find the creatures such eager diplomats and careful speakers. But what comes when a woman from the kingdom finds a place in her heart for the leader of these creatures and what does it mean for her world?

Zerorn - My Master and King
Zerorn leads his clan without expectations of respect or delusions of power. He keeps his place by actions and dominance in battles of pride, he keeps his wants in check and thinks of the clan first. But unknown to him, one of his own wishes to thank him in the ancient ways, before the Clan was so fractured. She wants to kneel before him and reward him with her servitude...But does she know what she's unleashing in the stoic General?

Zerorn and Far'ira - Double The Risk
It's bad enough being the hapless group that stumbles into a nest of dragons. But it's worse when you've interrupted the celebration they were having. While normally they'd turn you away with a warning and threats of death, something catches the eye of the two eldest Dragons and someone finds themselves a participant in the celebration, or perhaps the entire group does...


Far'ira - Hunted and Hated
Dragons are greedy, merciless creatures who destroy lives and take what they want with force. Right? So when your character hears of one living so close to their precious home, they gather their allies and supplies and attempt to exterminate it. But the assault goes very poorly...Your actions waken a terrible rage that cuts down your friends and leaves you alone to face one seriously pissed off and vindictive dragon...

Far'ira - Tables Turned
Hearing of a creature like a dragon often brings thoughts of riches and wealth to many. And to some, the idea of a servant or a beast of burden. At first, you came to him expecting to take something from him; But through surprise, power or even terror, he turned that on you. Now, he's going to take something from you.

Zerorn - Prisoners of War
Angering a dragon clan has consequences. For one particular baron and his forces, it's the consequence of watching the creatures tear apart your world and mercilessly repay your brutality with their own. And for one or a group of prisoners, they'll get to watch their world burn from the chair of the leader of these creatures. But what happens when all of it is gone? Do the prisoners break, or do they adapt...

Zerorn - Harsh Justice
You thought you and your group of adventurers were just tracking some overly large lizard that a mage had set loose. The villagers in this area were always jumpy and superstitious. You never expected a real dragon. Fighting for your lives, you slay the terrible creature and before you can gather your proof, more are upon you. The terrible fury of a clan is upon you and your senseless murder won't be forgiven very easily...
Captain Yandra Markel
Yandra is a neutral, bisexual Human male. Yandra is a pirate captain of the Arc De 'Lai Bella. While not as pillage hungry as some Pirates, Yandra frequently involves himself in the affairs of kingdoms and nations. A cross between a privateer and an outlaw, Yandra's crew of men and he are notoriously fickle and slightly insane. Yandra's mind works in a way that only he or his men can really understand and he is rumored to worship a God of Madness and Dementia. Even worse, there are stories of him being able to make his demented thoughts become real. Yandra is a Historical/Fantasy character.


Agreements And Bargains
A kingdom in dire straits has decided to hire Yandra and his crew to transport someone important to them to a safe haven across the ocean. But Yandra's desire for coin may not outweigh his desire for his new 'cargo' and what happens when he decides the anger of a nation is worth one little taste of the forbidden fruit?

The Arc De 'Lai Bella has docked in a small port town for a week of revelry and relaxation after months at sea. The Captain and his men take over the town in a more jovial sense, throwing coin and loot around for their good time. This wealth catches the attention and interests of a thief, or perhaps just a simple townsperson dreaming of a better life. The captain catches the thief or accepts the townsperson's wish to come aboard his ship with him...And between his insane demeanor and unorthodox methods, either way the person may not regret their choice.

Punishing The Wicked
A simple day at sea turns into an attack on the Arc De 'Lai Bella. After the battle is over, Yandra decides to creatively repay the one responsible for the damage to his ship. Perhaps it is the captain or survivor of the enemy ship, or perhaps it's one of his own crew who someone instigated his wrath. Either way this guilty party finds their way to Yandra's quarters and his care. And no one disturbs the Captain when he has that look in his eye...
Krael Cronwish is a neutral, bisexual Demon male. Krael is known as the Patron of Lust, one of the foremost Incubi to spawn from Hell. Witful, charming and sharp, he possesses abilities in the area of lust and control that have conquered angels and mortals alike. He is also quite old and in terms of demons is known as a Zorast, which is the highest class of common Demons. He drifts between the Mortal Coil and Hell very often, either bringing back mortal souls for his duties or bringing back entranced 'pets' for himself or at the request of demon nobility. Krael is a Modern-Supernatural Character.

Kink Note: Anything and everything. Read the above 'Experiment' in original ideas for more.


All In Your Head
They met one day at complete random, or so it seemed. It was completely innocent, a simple bumping into each other with an exchange of smiles and names. And then the dreams started. His smile, his eyes and his voice speaking and leaking thoughts into their head that they knew he had never said and they'd never heard it before...It didn't matter how long they would resist. And all the while, they'd have dreams of a building they'd seen before and him waiting for them...

Class War
To Hell, he's a role model and enigmatic legend. To Heaven however he's the source of headaches and judgments unspeakable in that world. Orders come down from on high to hunt him and Krael is pitted against an angel in a war of wits and the physical. But what happens when Krael's charms start to effect even someone of heavenly disposition?


This is where taken or defunct ideas go. I either stopped liking the idea overall or it was taken. You can request ideas from here, but don't expect them.


Fantasy, M/F, Dom/Sub, Moderate Kinks, Possible Ageplay, Romance(?), More [Long Term]

You are the queen/princess of a kingdom that is under attack. For years you've managed to keep the invaders at bay but a surprise attack and betrayal of someone close to you has left you vulnerable. In your darkest hour you turned to a legend of the land, that the man who founded your kingdom locked away and sealed a powerful warrior inside the Castle. You free him to save everything you know, but everything has a price...

This one involves some simple starting storyline plot that evolves nicely over time. It's not set in stone and it can move at any pace you're comfortable with. The character you play, I leave a lot of the overall design to you. She can be strong, weak, mature, childish, spoiled or humble, any age between 18-40, any ethnicity, she can have her own twists and plot ideas. I'm extremely open on who and how she is. My character is basically a supernatural man/creature of some sort. I've got a few ideas in mind, but none of them are entirely human. However events lead up to you freeing him, afterwards he forces a deal on your character in return for his services. What -precisely- that deal is depends on your interests, but suffice it to say he will want something more than praise.

Fantasy, M/F, Romance, Dom/Sub(?), Dark(?), Open Plot [Long Term]

All your life you've known two constants: Wealth and your family. You were born to a wealthy Baron and his wife, pampered and praised by them. Your father even ensured you had a constant playmate and protector, the son of a servant. Over the years, he's become close to you. Now that you've grown up however, your family ties have been cut. Your father has died and your mother taken over the family estate, running it into the ground in her grief. Left without anyone but your childhood friend to rely on, how do you survive going from everything to nothing?

This one is probably one of my more depressing ideas. The characters are probably going to need working out between the roleplayers, but the setting is a dark fantasy. Monsters, evil, madness, despair. And two people trapped in it all trying to survive. There is an underlying plot I've come up with but it's not the only one and one of the main things I'm looking for is a romance. There can be more extreme things and it's certainly not limited to a 'light' story, but the basis for these two is that they fall for each other at some point in the story and that keeps them motivated despite the insanity they are thrust into.

Modern-Fantasy, M/F, Kink Heavy, Possible Romance

The idea of Muses is fairly old. Beings that inspire those lucky enough to receive them, each with their own distinct quirks and uses. In this day and age though, they're just fairy tales or the humorous props of artists. One night while living your normal life you're paid a visit by one however, one that isn't inspiring you to create or perform. But one who's plucking the darker, lusty urges in your mind and then appearing before you to show you what you're missing.

This one is a particularly fun one, simply because it's very premise makes for entertaining and positively hot scenarios. You now have someone who's only yours, only wants you and is willing to take you places you've never been before...And is basically stuck with you until you give in. Oh the possibilities.

This can long or short term. And it's kinkiness factor is pretty high as well. It would mostly revolve around the idea that an incredibly sexy, handsome man is basically always around. And always trying to corrupt your character. As always, most things are open here. This one would be more for fun than anything dark or serious though, unless you had an idea in mind.

Modern, M/F, Romance, Dom/Sub

Your character is from a small town, the kind of place everyone hates to grow up in. You had a boyfriend there, one who fell in love with you but when the chance came to get out of town, you took it. Now that you're older and a little bit wiser, you realize he was probably one of the best men you met. Pulling a few strings with your family, you find out he left town too and isn't more than a night's drive away. Driving to see him, you have to wonder if the sweet guy you remember is who you're going to see.

I love this idea. Purely do. This has a lot of avenues and ways it can play out. But one of the main things I want to focus on is a 'nice guy' who grew up and the repercussions of that on your character. Maybe he's just as sweet as you remember, but a little bitter you up and left him without a word. Or maybe circumstances were different and your character left, but not before telling him he'd have to man up to ever have a shot with a real woman. This one is basically as dark or as light as we decide we want it. But the overall premise is the same and just as interesting.

Fantasy, M/F, Magic, Exotic Races, Master/Student Play, Age Difference.

You were born special, that's what your family used to say. But they didn't know how right they were. Magic was very real to you and your family, living so close to the largest Mage Guild in the country, but when you started using it without even realizing it your family enrolled you in the Guild as fast as possible. To give you a better life, to get you out of a place full of thieves and lowlives. Now that you're enrolled, you're seeing and meeting so many new people. A series of lucky breaks causes you to gain the notice of one of the most influential spell-casters alive and before long, you're being prepared to be sent to his Tower and subjected to his training and fancies...

Another revamp of an age old idea of mine. This one is going to be interesting to talk out, simply because your character determines a lot of how this could go. The man you're being sent to learn under is a Drow, he's older than dirt and he's got quite a few secrets locked in his tower with him. You'll have plenty of wiggle room here for this plot and it can be as simple or epic as you like and some interesting ideas I had were (For the DnDverse savvy), the student being an elf instead of human or perhaps it's more exotic than that. Or we could do a complete plot rewrite once you hear the things in store in the tower!

Two: Modern/Fantasy, M/F, M/F/F?, Exotic, Dom/sub, Impregnation

Warning: Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here!!

You and your best friend moved to this town only a few months ago and already things are going great. A good job for both of you, good friends and one day as you're out walking, you meet a man that takes your breath away from the first meeting. He's charming, handsome, funny and he treats you like a woman. But once you get close to him, he tells you what he really is...And why he's chosen you.

This one is a little different than my usual fair. My character is a demon, an Incubus in fact, who's set his sight on your characters. His goal is to make you both submit to him and make you both his willing pets so that he can use you to bring even more demons into the world...

As it's different, I'm not entirely sure how I'll do with it. It's going to be damned kink heavy, that's for sure. Expect lots of sex, all kinds of perversions ranging from arousing like doing it on the kitchen table to the downright mind numbing, like having sex atop your bound and gagged best friend while the man fucking you makes you tell her how every inch of his cock feels in your ass. Or to the even strange...One man, two penises?

The friends are up to you how you wish to play. One can be controlled and the other sort of drug along for the ride, both can be your characters or if you know someone who'd be interested in playing one as well, I'd be willing to discuss it. As stated above it's gonna be a wild ride. Another thing is that the character I have in mind is definitely not human, from his hair color down to certain shapeshifting properties. If you're uncomfortable with less realistic humans or an overall inhuman vibe, I'd suggest avoiding this.

Nine: M/F, Fantasy, Hardcore

A newlywed nobleman and his blushing bride are taking their honeymoon journey to his father's hunting cabin and spending the next week there, secluded and private. But an old enemy of the nobleman is making his move, looking to hurt the pompous man as badly as he was hurt in the past. Waylaid, assaulted and taken at knifepoint, the nobleman is going to learn why you don't leave old enemies alive to get revenge and the bride is about to get a rude introduction to a new lifestyle.

Basic premise is that this is going to be a 1on1 with an NPC playing the role of the nobleman, but how involved he will be is minimal in the physical. It's going to be a lot of humiliation on the female, mental aspect at least. There won't be a lot of excessive kinks here, but there are going to be two focuses. Bondage and rough sex. My character will have a lot of frustrations to be taking out. As for the female, well, the character is completely open. As if the aftermath of everything that happens. This can be short or long, though I'm not picky on details.

As a side note, I'm tempted to let all the scenes between the scorned enemy and the bride end in a pregnancy, so keep that in mind for discussions.


after reading all of that, I wouldn't mind playing in any of them. But, personally, Shadow Hearts was my favourite
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lover of the moon03

The most beautiful part to loving a guarded girl is this. When she let's you in its not because she needs you. She stopped needing people a long time ago.  It's because she wants you and that's the purest love of all.


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Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum - If You Seek Peace Prepare For War.
We all have multiple personalities. The Average is three, but some people have more.
There's the face you wear for your friends and family, the one you let the outside world see.
Then there's the face you see everytime you look in the mirror.