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Started by Lavaske, April 01, 2011, 12:34:01 AM

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The Story
Chapter One:  Lavaske has a problem.
Lavaske has a problem.  Every once and a while, he begins a roleplay.  He writes a first post, and sometimes a second.  And then, inexplicably, things will occasionally taper out and Lavaske's first post will go to waste.

Chapter Two:  Lavaske thinks of a solution

"Wait a moment," thinks Lavaske to himself.  "This might just work!"
Chapter Three:  This thread
This is a thread of first posts.  Each entry I make from here on out will be a first post to a roleplay.  Anybody who fulfills the criterion in the appendices is free to grab one of the first posts, copy it and paste it into their own thread with a response.

Appendix One:   Me
I'm Lavaske.  That's pronounced "Luh (as in love) -vah (as in how fancy people say vase) -skee (like the things you tape to your feet when you want to go down snow".  It's a cool name, with a nifty story- but that's something you'll discover later.

I love stories.  I'm a compulsive hyperbolizer and a compulsive story teller.  I'm friendly, affable and generally chillaxed unless I'm in one of my moods.

I'm a student, a slacker and a gamer.  I love writing, I love stories and I love SEX and ADVENTURE at least in the roleplaying world.  I've gotten plenty of ADVENTURE out of the roleplaying realm, but sadly, the same cannot be said for SEX though that's another story for another time.

My favorite authors include Stephen King (especially his Dark Tower series), Neil Gaiman (For just about everything he ever wrote), Jim Butcher (for The Dresden Files) and Fritz Leiber (for Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser).

Appendix B:  You

  • I love roleplayers who are female, whenever possible.
  • I require a partner willing and able to perform tasks of friendly banter over IM.  Teasing is highly encouraged.
  • I love a writer who can enthrall me with gorgeous, physical detail.
  • You must carry the plot with each post.  Do not simply react to whatever my character does.  Do something yourself- with each post, the story should thrust forwards!

Appendix IV:  The stories

  • I love SEX and sex scenes!
  • I love ACTION and ADVENTURE!

    • I love Sci-fi and I love Fantasy!
    • I love playing multiple characters, and women who do the same.
    • I love humor and I love horror

    I now present to you some of the roleplays!


The Mad Doctor

“I got ahold of one of my former colleagues,” said Dr. Hurstburger, with a big fat grin on his face.  It was the same fat grin he wore when a grant came through, when a new carbon compound was discovered and modeled, or when he scored a date.  Something very good had happened.  “Randall Valentine is looking for an assistant.  I told him about your credentials and he agreed to take you on for some temporary work.

“I know it's short notice, but the plane leaves tomorrow.  Do you think you're up for it, Susan?”

Randall Valentine was still a legend around campus.  He was still called “My Randy Valentine” by some of the professors.  If only they really knew how apt that joke really was.

While he was in the States, Valentine led a politically dangerous double life.  During the day, he was an acclaimed professor at an esteemed university, a volunteer teacher for underprivileged urban youth during summer school and a nobel prize lauriet.

At night, he was a party fiend.  He visited night clubs.  He got drunk.  He met women, seduced them, and brought them home, sometimes bringing three or four girls at a time.  He was the resident Master of a BDSM masquerade latex club and he had three mistresses.

But the double life was too much for him.  He couldn't handle it.  Somewhere along the line, he went mad and disappeared from the eye of the public.  He sold off a large part of his stock in Valentine Industries and bought a small island in the Caribbean and went mad.

He still lives there to this day, occasionally hiring the odd intern out to work with him.  Those that take the job never return quite the same.

Susan was in for a treat.


Scavenger Hunt

On Friday, Logan Keen left his dorm, stepped into his grey 1992 Honda Civic and disappeared.  He was supposed to arrive at his parents house sometime late that evening, but never showed.  On Sunday, Mrs. Keen made a call to Marnie Selks, Logan's girlfriend, asking if she had seen him and if she (Mrs. Keen) should call the police.

On Monday, a simple shoebox appeared on Marnie's bed while she was away.  Accompanying it was a lewd image torn from some smut magazine.  On it, a young woman sat on a park bench, wearing nothing but a ball-gag and a pair of handcuffs.  The flip side held a ransom note, printed over a picture of the same woman suspended by a rope from the ceiling as a man took her from behind.


I hope you like scavenger Hunts!

Inside the shoebox is Your   First clueThere is   alSo a   leather collar and a video camera.
Put the collar on.  DO NOT take it offNOT when you sleep.  NOT when you showerNOT when you masturbatewhere it @ all Times, or logan dies.

Do not call the police, or Logan DIES.

Have fun.


The box contained a simpler note.

Go to the sex shop on state street and 22nd.  Go to Mens room, third stall.  Directions are written there.

Have fun.


P.S.  Bring the camera.



I know you've said to feel free to grab one of the first posts and to reply to it, but I just thought I'd leave a post to say I'm incredibly interested in the scavenger hunt idea! Would love to discuss it a little with you if that's cool, I have a couple of questions. :)

Feel free to add me to YIM - Kieraharoden

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