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September 25, 2021, 12:48:58 am

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Author Topic: A New take on Alice in wonderland ((looking for players, must see.))  (Read 556 times)

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((Alice: Through the broken looking glass and the perversions alice found there))

It has been four years since Alice came back from wonderland for the second time. On her 18th birthday, she arrived at her home from reading in the meadow with her cat, Dina only to find her family brutally murdered by an unknown assailant.

Alice was heartbroken and began living on the streets, doing things that she would have never imagined doing, as well as seeing things that she would have never imagined in her right mind. One balmy night in the soot-covered city, Alice thought she saw a familiar face that was somehow more sinister than the last time she had seen it. The white rabbit in all of her former glory was now a perverted version of her former self, but nonetheless, Alice followed her into a manhole that took her on a once familiar journey… To wonderland. As Alice descended into the world that she had created for herself so long ago that seemed to be a paradoxical reality inside of an impossible imagination, she noticed that Wonderland had taken a turn for the dark side. The childlike innocence and superficial dangers where replaced by deviancy in all aspects of wonderland, sexually the characters where corrupted, as well as the insanity that had gripped them was now something more to be feared than laughed at. 

The smell in the air was sex, dipped in honey. The Characters that she had come to love in her childhood she would now learn to fear as and adult. There is a darkness in the air, that when cleared may just return Alice’s mind to its former glory.

The darkness will be sort of, the memories of her parents murder hanging in her mind made into a physical being that Is mannequin-like being who seems to be composed of shadows. The essence of evil.
None of these characters “hate” Alice, besides “the darkness” . A lot of them do hold Alice responsible for letting wonderland fall into its current state and resent her for it

Characters needed: (all characters can be either gender and look any way the player pleases as long as they follow my basic outline)

Cheshire cat- A neko character rather than an actual cat, looks are up to you, but please keep in mind the sinister theme.

I'll be playing The Mad hatter- Who has become a gravedigger, burying those who have fallen to the grip of the darkness and thus twisted by seeing so many friends and comrades dead.

White rabbit-Preferably a female character, but again… up to you.

Red queen (queen of hearts) - A madam in a whorehouse, who herself is constantly high on jabberwocky blood. (Heroine like hallucinogen that must be injected).  ((I'de love to see the queen of hearts done as a transvestite))

The Darkness- Think “prison sex” video by tool. Tall, lanky, mannequin-like, being, wrapped in leather like material. Motivated by evil.

Alice- Depressed, schizophrenic, unstable, sexual, yet loving and concerned with the state of wonderland… and her mind. (must be a female character)

Any other characters from Alice in wonderland that you can remember and could possibly use (characters can be created from scratch, with a detailed char sheet of course.)

-whomever plays Alice should probably be aware that a rape scene is likely due to the sadomasochistic nature of this RP. .
-Yep, this RP is sexually motivated, but I am also going to try and sort out some sort of story by allowing the players Info about what the darkness is  via PM. (the darkness character will have this info to begin with.
-PM someone for the love of god… ask them if something is okay before you initiate something sexual with their character.