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Author Topic: Rosaline's Ideas and Pairings! F/M, M/M and F/F apply.  (Read 2106 times)

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Rosaline's Ideas and Pairings! F/M, M/M and F/F apply.
« on: March 31, 2011, 12:01:36 AM »

Well, let's start things off easy. These are mostly pairings. We can work out any plot, to be honest. If you have any ideas that are not listed, feel free to send a PM and ask. Worse that can happen is I may ask if you have anything else in mind.  Soon enough I will have a page that has the whole nine yards, but I have been looking all day for a Roleplay and I figure the best way to do so is to put some of what I like out there. Also, there are many kinds of roleplays that I like, I could have easily forgotten to update here or there, so if there's something you're not sure about feel free to PM me for any details or questions.

Also, as a note:
I personally adore a wide variety of more extreme stories and 'softer' stories. In most cases, I prefer to either be a Switch or Submissive. With gender pairings, I would really love to have at least one FemalexMale where I'm the female, though I am willing to play the male. MalexMale and FemalexFemale pairings are quite alright as well. I am just fine if the gender of your character doesn't match your own. Any kinds of gender pairings I haven't mentioned, please feel free to ask as I am open to many things depending on the ideas with it.

You can check out my Ons/Offs, I will be editing them as well. I pretty much have few limits, so if you have any particular peeves be sure to let me know. Some of these limits are: Books, Movies, Scat, Watersports, Vore, Death of my character, ect.

Also, when  it comes to post length, I generally will give what I get. At LEAST two full paragraphs that'll move the story. Any length longer than that is fine. I will admit I have a soft spot for lengthy posts. I like how much detail goes into that, but I do give as I get.

I will generally respond within a couple days of getting a response, longest may be about a week. I shall let you know if something comes up and would l like it if you could return the favor. If you can only respond about once a week or less, that is quite alright as well. Longer than a month in between posts and it may have to be a really good idea or story. I am willing to be patient and flexible with you to work together.

I can play more than one character, yet I usually like to have about the same number of characters on both sides to keep things even.

Well, be sure to give me a PM so we can start to work things out. Thank you for coming and hopefully we get something started. ^_^

Any cravings with be italicized and in red.

{ } Is what pairings go along to each genre.

This means I prefer to play female. This means I prefer to play male. This means I can play either. This means I don't usually prefer to play it.


{Pretty much anything.}


Angel/Demon War or no war

+With a war going on, a demon and an angel could end up fighting one another. The demon overpowers the angel and at the last second could decide to claim the angel as his own. This can take a darker or lighter direction depending on my partner's preference.

+Without a war: An angel could be sent to Earth as a punishment, or if the situation calls for it, their safety. A demon could be sent to Earth as well, to wreck havok and perhaps they stumble into one another..

This can go in many directions. The Angel could be trying to do something good and gives away their position by using their wings. Or it could be reversed, the demon could be causing trouble and the angel tries to intervene.

{ AngelxDemon}

{ AngelXAngel  }

{ AngelXHuman  } 

{ DemonXHuman }

{ DemonXDemon}

{ Guardian AngelxHuman }

For a Guardian Angel theme, an angel can be sent to Heaven to protect a mortal that is actually in great peril. The angel will have to break it to the mortal why the angel's actually there, whether the mortal believes the angel or not can lead where it goes..



Modern or Medieval times can be used in this area.

{AssassinxBounty Hunter}

An idea I have for this one is that my assassin has just gotten out of a battle and she is seriously wounded. Say she passes out in the woods and the bounty hunter looking for her finds her there and decides to tend to her wounds in stead of turning her in. *This can be a gentler roleplay or a BDSM kind of a direction. A curse she has for immortality could come in handy for very intense scenes. Or a plot idea could be the two trying to cure her immortality. She is an elf.

-The bounty hunter could also end up fighting with the assassin and end up capturing her. Perhaps they end up ambushed while he's taking her to turn her in and she ends up saving him despite his intention to turn her in. Does a relationship blossom on their travels as he leans more about this hunted assassin?

I was thinking that both of our characters end up assigned to the same mark. Neither has any idea that the other will be there. Unbeknownst to them, it's a set up. Once whoever gets there first reaches the target, they get to see that the mark is already dead. About a minute after the other assassin enters the room, the building is rigged to erupt into flames and they are both forced to escape or perish. Do they blame one another? Will they find out that it was a set up? Will they join side's to take out the ones who tricked them?


My assassin could be sitting and watching your character, waiting for just the right time to pounce. Although someone else manages to attempt to go after your character. She could step in and eliminate the new foe trying to kill your character so she can have the gold for doing her job. Perhaps she ends up aiding your character or falling smitten. He could seduce her, or simply be in need of a guard or something and try to buy her off. Or he could overpower her and completely take charge and make decisions. Many possibilities.

{AssassinxSomeone not involved}



{ VampirexVampire }

{ VampirexMortal }

{ VampirexSlayer }

{ VampirexWerewolf }

{ WerewolfxWerewolf }

{ WerewolfxHuman }

{ Hybrid (Half Vampire Half Werewolf)xSlayer/Vampire/Werewolf }

Her name if Faithe. Usually the mix of werewolf and vampire blood ended in death. Yet one survived. This woman was albino as a result. Her white hair was in a pixie cut, long in the front, short in the back. Her body is slender and curvy. Deep red eyes stare through most people. As a wolf, she has vibrantly white fur. In reality she has three races against her. Humans out of fear. Vampires and Werewolves because of a long grudge between the two. Say she runs into a human slayer? A vampire that sees her as lower than him, or has mercy? A werewolf that decides to protect her, or ravage her?


Current Cravings:

*Reading a few series with different types of wereanimals has led me to either want to play as or with another character that is a wereanimal. Be it werepanther, wereleopard, werebear, werelion, weretiger, wererat, weresnake, ect. Just something different than your usual werewolf. I like them having an animal form, half human half animal form and stronger wereanimals to be able to partially change different parts of their body without having to completely change form.

-I am fond of this idea involving different species of wereanimals. An example being a werelion with a werewolf. Just so there are cultural differences and drama between their clans.

- I can play either the vampire or the slayer. In essence, the slayer and vampires cross paths. How they do can be discussed. I see a fight scene where they have different goals. The vampire merely seeking to incapicitate without killing while the slayer is seeking the death of the vampire. Im seeing the fight getting interrupted by other vampires. Knowing that the slayer will be killed, the vampire protects them and we can see what happens from there. Vampires angry that the vampire killed one of their own? Other slayers finding out the slayer didn't kill their mark? I see a fair amount of directions with this.


-Human in distress saved by a creature of the night? The opposite maybe? Darker directions can be taken with this pairing as well.

 -The idea I have for this one is a war setting. My character would be a female fallen angel. Considering that I am more interested in the setting merely being the battlefield, there are many directions this can take. Be it an unexpected spark between her and someone on the other side or perhaps a fellow soldier. Her being a fallen angel would be hidden, enabling your character to find out at some point.

-This is something I am seeking in the fuedal era. In essence, I am seeking my character to be sent from a rival clan to infiltrate your character's clan and eliminate your character. She can infiltrate as a doctor or maid and work to get close to your character. As they get closer my character can have her loyalties waiver until she finally confesses why she is actually there. Will your character banish her from your clan before changing their mind and going after her? Perhaps your character may test her loyalty by having her set up members of her clan for an ambush? Your character could even decide to utilize her as a spy against her own clan? I see a fair amount of directions with this.

{Samurai/RoninxBrothel whore}
-Simple idea that your character stepped into a brothel and ended up picking her. After a few visits, your character became smitten with her and decided to buy or steal her away from the brothel. When your character has her, the decision would land on their shoulders whether to show and teach her what love really is or put her in her place.

-Another idea in the Fuedal Era. Two clans are at war and my character who is a ronin hired by your character's rival clan ended up wounded. In an effort to not perish, she fled into the sakura trees. Your character could decide to take mercy on her and take her in. I see many directions with this idea. Darker or lighter.

{Humanx Human}

-This can be any kind of apocalyptic scenario. Zombie, nuclear, ect. Basic premise of survivors stumbling into one another and deciding they have better chances surviving together. It would be neat to gradually pull in more characters as we go. Create a group dynamic of sorts. Though I like to be playing an equal amount of characters each. Though multiple characters isn't a necessity.

Miscellaneous Cravings:

Idea: This was actually someone else's idea, although after a month or so of radio silence, so-to-say, I still want to give this role a shot. I was thinking it would probably be loosely based on the victorian era. -Since the accident, masquerade galas had become the only events she would attend. She'd been a flawless beauty before that evening, and ever since she'd become a recluse. In her mind, the scarring on her face had taken her beauty from her, and she no longer felt comfortable in public. People stared. People gawked. So she began to work from home, and her social life collapsed. She only went out to social gatherings now if she was able to wear a mask, and that meant only once or twice a year.

He was a man not looking to meet anyone that evening. He only attended the event out of obligation to a friend. But when he saw her across the room, he was immediately intrigued, approaching her and starting a conversation. She seemed a bit anxious, but he eased her worries and the two eventually moved on to enjoy a night in private together. She insisted their masks stay on, and he respected her request.

The night was incredible, and he contacted her after, wanting to see her once more. Imagine his surprise, then, when she answers her door a week later wearing the mask once again. -As a random note pertaining to this idea: I have an intro at the ready for this.



{Straight MalexFlamboyant Male}

Two males have been living together for a long time. Ever since they co-existed in college, they simply decided to share an apt. One male is gay and not afraid to deny it. The other male is straight, yet never seems to keep a steady or long relationship. News comes around that the straight male's sister had just passed away. The gay roommate and the closest thing to a friend he has works with the straight male to cope and move past the death. Throughout the scenario, a bond could be made and a relationship could blossom. I am a bit more interested in playing the straight male in this pairing.



Masquerade Ball





Arranged Marriage


{Any other suggested pairings..}





Miscellaneous NC:



Zombie Apocalypse



Any suggestions are welcome! It's been so long since I have had a steady roleplay, so am quite open to everything. ^^

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Re: Rosaline's Ideas! Mostly F seeking M. Yet M/M and F/F apply.
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2011, 01:16:06 AM »

Added plot ideas.

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Re: Rosaline's Ideas and Pairings! F/M, M/M and F/F apply.
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2016, 12:10:23 AM »

Changed cravings, added limits, deleted pairings..

Still a work in progress.

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Re: Rosaline's Ideas and Pairings! F/M, M/M and F/F apply.
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2016, 12:08:17 AM »
Monthly bump?

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Re: Rosaline's Ideas and Pairings! F/M, M/M and F/F apply.
« Reply #4 on: May 14, 2017, 06:44:39 PM »

Tweaked some pairings, will be updating further as well.

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Re: Rosaline's Ideas and Pairings! F/M, M/M and F/F apply.
« Reply #5 on: June 13, 2017, 10:40:17 AM »

Added a few pairings and a few short plot bunnies.