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October 24, 2016, 04:02:12 AM

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Author Topic: Rosaline's Ideas! Mostly F seeking M. Yet M/M and F/F apply.  (Read 527 times)

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Rosaline's Ideas! Mostly F seeking M. Yet M/M and F/F apply.
« on: March 31, 2011, 12:01:36 AM »

Well, let's start things off easy. These are just pairings. We can work out any plot, I am simply being a little lazy at the moment seeing as how I already had a page, I just moved the pairings to here. Soon enough I will have a page that has Plot ideas, but I have been looking all day for a Roleplay and I figure the best way to do so is to put what I like out there. Also, there are many kinds of roleplays that I like, I could have easily forgotten to update here or there, so if there's something you're not sure about. Feel free to PM me for any details or questions.

Also, as a note:
I personally adore Extreme Non-Con, BDSM, Fetishes, Ect. The more extreme, the better. On the same note, I am fully capable of softer stories. Although with the extreme sort of pairings, I prefer to either be Submissive or to have it switch. With gender pairings, at this moment, I would really love to have at least one FemalexMale where I'm the female. MalexMale is good. FemalexFemale you may have to talk me into it.

You can check out my Ons/Offs for better ideas. I pretty much have no limits though, so if you have any particular peeves be sure to let me know. Also, when  it comes to post length, I generally will give what I get. At LEAST a paragraph that'll move the story. Any length longer than that is fine. Yes, even "novel" length posts are fine. I like how much detail goes into that, but I do give as I get.

I can play more than one character, yet I usually like to have about the same number of characters on both sides.

Well, be sure to give me a PM or an IM message so we can start to work things out. Thank you for coming and hopefully we get something worked out. ^_^

Any cravings with be italicized and in red.

{ } Is what pairings go along to each genre.

This means I prefer play female. This means I prefer play male. This means I can play either. This means I don't usually prefer to play it. (Or its very obvious)


{Pretty much anything. Lol.}


Angel/Demon War or no war

+With a war going on, a demon and an angel could end up fighting one another. The demon overpowers the angel and at the last second could decide to claim the angel as his own. To break in and use as he so desires.

+Without a war: An angelic girl could be sent to Earth as a punishment, or if the situation calls for it, her safety. A demonic male could be sent to Earth as well, to wreck havok and perhaps they stumble into one another..

This can go in many directions. The Angel could be trying to do something good and gives away her position by using her wings. Or it could be reversed, the demon could be causing trouble and the angel tries to intervene. In either way, the angel will end up being caught and to be as a pet.

{ AngelxDemon}

{ AngelXAngel  }

{ AngelXHuman  } 

{ DemonXHuman }

{ DemonXDemon}

{ Guardian AngelxHuman }

For a Guardian Angel theme, an angel can be sent to Heaven to protect a mortal that is actually in great peril. The angel will have to break i tto the mortal why the angel's actually there, whether the mortal believes the angel or not can lead where it goes..



Modern or Medieval times can be used in this area.

{AssassinxBounty Hunter}

An idea I have for this one is that my assassin has just gotten out of a battle and she is seriously wounded. Say she passes out in the woods and the bounty hunter looking for her finds her there and decides to tend to her wounds in stead of turning her in. *This can be a gentler roleplay or a BDSM kind of a direction. A curse she has for immortality could come in handy for very intense scenes. Or a plot idea could be the two trying to cure her immortality. She is an elf.



My assassin could be sitting and watching your character, waiting for just the right time to pounce. Although someone else manages to attempt to go after your character. Say out of a pride thing, seeing as how elves overall are very prideful, she could step in and eliminate the new foe trying to kill you. So she can have the gold for doing her job. Perhaps she ends up aiding your character, or fallen smitten. He could seduce her, or simply be in need of a guard or something and try to buy her off. Or he could overpower her and completely take charge and make decisions. Many possibilities.

{AssassinxSomeone not involved}



{ VampirexVampire }

{ VampirexMortal }

{ VampirexSlayer }

{ VampirexWerewolf }

{ WerewolfxWerewolf }

{ WerewolfxHuman }

{ Hybrid (Half Vampire Half Werewolf)xSlayer/Vampire/Werewolf }

Her name if Faithe. Usually the mix of werewolf and vampire blood ended in death. Yet one survived. This woman was albino as a result. Her white hair was in a pixie cut, long in the front, short in the back. Her body is slender and curvy. Deep red eyes stare through most people. As a wolf, she has vibrantly white fur. In reality she has three races against her. Humans out of fear. Vampires and Werewolves because of a long grudge between the two. Say she runs into a human slayer? A vampire that sees her as lower than him, or has mercy? A werewolf that decides to protect her, or ravage her?


Non-Con Pairings

{ RapistxVictim }

Any kind of a scenario is fine with this. It can be combined with and MasterxSlave kind of idea.

Or. When the two were much younger, she had humiliated him time after time. Of course, it was only a child's way of expressing love. To pick on one another. Little did she know that all she did to him stuck around all throughout the school years to come. She is fresh out of college with everything past her. For all those long years he held a grudge. Not being able to remain focused in college, he dropped out, or simply watched her from afar. Over the years his hurt and anger turned into a kind of loathing as he finally decides to take his revenge. Waiting until she is home alone, he could come to the door and wait for her to answer...

{ KidnapperxVictim }

The above scenario could easily have kidnapping involved as well. Or imprisonment in her own home.
{ Ex x Ex }




Two males have been living together for a long time. Ever since they co-existed in college, they simply decided to share an apt. One male is gay and not afraid to deny it. The other male is straight, yet never seems to keep a steady or long relationship. News comes around that the straight male's sister had just passed away. The gay roommate and the closest thing to a friend he has works with the straight male to cope and move past the death. Throughout the scenario, a bond could be made and a relationship could blossom. The straight male could even end up having a sexy night with the rommate and have to cope with it the next day, having reacted out of pain and loss.








{Any pairing}

{ TeacherxStudent }

{New Girl/GuyxOutcast}


{Best FriendxBest Friend}

{any others within reason..}


Masquerade Ball




Arranged Marriage


{Any other suggested pairings..}






Resident Evil



Harry Potter

{Must have killer plot}

Random Unmentioned Pairings



BrotherxSister's boyfriend


Semi-Specific Cravings:

AngelxDemon: With some sort of capture and rape involved.

 AssassinxBounty Hunter: Medieval times. There can be a lot of acttion with an initial battle before maybe she loses and the Bounty Hunter decides to keep her a little while before turning her in for her rather large bounty. BDSM very applicable and other aspects as well.

  MasterxSlave: This can really be put with almost any pairing, really.

Any suggestions are welcome! It's been so long since I have had a steady roleplay, so am quite open to everything. ^^

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Re: Rosaline's Ideas! Mostly F seeking M. Yet M/M and F/F apply.
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2011, 01:16:06 AM »

Added plot ideas.