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Started by Ravensahnk, March 27, 2011, 07:05:19 PM

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So as the title says, I'm looking for a few partners for these games.  The ones highlighted green would equal love love friggin love.  I would like it for someone to be able to at least match my writing style on a quality level.  College level is preferable.  There have been several situations where I have gone into a game only to find the partner has only written a few sentences whereas I wrote a large ass introduction and at least a three paragraph regular post.  (Writing Style)

Friendship Lost

She wasn’t in it for the fame.  She had founded the amazing team that made up Life’s Advocates, a band who made music simply for the love of it.  But when one of the band mates gets discovered and goes off on his own to explore the life of a solo artist, the band was left in the dark, trying to move on with the loss of one of their best artists.  They had been best friends from day one, and until that heartbreaking betrayal, she had been certain they would always be.

Years after their falling out, she landed a decent job as a barkeep in the more classy upscale neighborhoods of New York.  But on one fateful evening, that same man who had left her in the dark, feeling abandoned by not only a friend but by someone who she had secretly admired.

This is basically what I’ve got without pretty much dictating the entire story, I was wondering if anyone would be interesting in picking up and playing the male in this game.  This has plenty of possibilities if played right. 


They lived across the street from one another.  She was almost finished with high school, he was long from high school.  He was everything that her parents opposed in her boyfriends, and she was everything he avoided.

Born in a high class and rich family, Emmaline Heroux was one of five children born into the strict home.  She was the typical student, studying hard, planning college.  Not once thinking twice about the blessing life that was paved before her.  Not once had she thought she’d meet someone who would turn her entire perspective upside down.

What I was thinking for this is that for the past year or so he’s seen her in her room from where he was.  Fantasizing about her, hoping to actually meet her, or simply just being attracted to her.  Perhaps he is even a friend of her brother’s and has never met his family so he doesn’t know that he is friends with her older brother until perhaps he catches them together later on.

There are many possibilities for this PM me if  you have any idea…

The Pariah

After years of writing music and singing, high school student Raven Crosovitch finally got a break.  In her ninth grade year she signed a record deal and disappeared from school for extended periods of time to record her album and to prepare for the release of it a year later.  But when she returns as a senior two years later, she discovers that not only has her new found fame spooked many people, but another student, famous for being a child actor, has control over the student population.  His several fans follow him around all day, making sure her life is a living hell when she returns since many of her songs were about many of them.

She had been an outcast before all this happened, now it seemed that her music was the topper.  Now that she has matured and come back after so long, she only seeks to regain the friendships she once had, which are easy, and to end the malevolence against her.  But one fateful day in their music class, she is paired up with the new guy, and for once she feels as though she is normal.

((This plot really isn't as detailed I understand that, but it could be pretty good if you are interested in trying it.  Just PM some ideas if you wish to continue this one as well))

A Frightening Friendship
Their childhood had been spent as two terrorizing friends causing chaos in every place they went.  She had grown up on Military Base after Military Base until her mother found herself pregnant for the second time since she had started the uprooting of the family.  It was then that she had met her best friend when they settled in her grandmother’s home happily.

They had spent years in that house, and with it little Raven found herself forming a life with friends, including the inseparable chaotic friend.  But alas all good things come to an end for people.  Hers came one late evening in October when her mother, little brother, and Grandmother were all killed in a car accident and she was once again whisked into the world of a military brat, being forced to forget that best friend she had had in the past.

Years later she was a well respected Doctor in a large base in Wisconsin.  They received most of the troops being sent back with illnesses or injuries from over seas.  She had not known that her best friend had been one of her charges until her father asked her to pry information from him.  Her best friend apparently was suspected for treason, dealing with the enemy, but they could not prove it and wanted her to draw it out of him.


((I’m searching for that best friend suspected for treason.  Their friendship had long ago died, but her love for him had not faded in all those years.  Depending on where it goes, he could kidnap her once better after finding out the truth, or they could become lovers and he shares all that he did over seas, It’s up to you if he is a traitor.))[/size]

A Sorceress' Plea
A powerful Sorceress…
Born into a cruel world of captivity and abuse, a young sorceress is held in the darkest of caves in the medieval times.  With every year that passes she goes unnoticed in the cave she was held in for years, until finally she is reduced to nothingness, leaving her to a spiritual plane, her physical body long dead.

A Warrior who fell…

He had lived over a thousand years, and had yet to find the reason to live.  He had long lived past his brothers, the brotherhood he had belonged to had even fallen to the evils of the world.  Now in modern day New York City, he is living a lavish and comfortable life as a wealthy playboy.  Sex with whomever he wanted, Late night parties, Gambling for days on end.  His funds never diminished, so neither did his childish acts.

Until one night a young woman came to him in a dream, seeking his help.  He had not received an innocent’s request for almost five hundred years, which was when the brotherhood had died. He was completely captivated by the young woman that he did not dare think it was a trap, until he came to realize where and when she was from.

I was thinking this would lead to either a time travel-esque Rp or simply he finds her body and leads her soul back to it.  It really does not matter, this can occur in so many different possibilities.  Looking for the Warrior.

Fighting the Darkness

Forever bound to the darkness, Sienna had grown accustomed to being alone.  A world full of only madness, depression, demons.  Despite her angelic ancestry, she was forced to do against their biddings, helping demons up from hell, and all the while she was forever protected by the darkness that shield her from companionship.

An Angelic Warrior on a mission.

He was to be the one to bring her back to the light.  Or so said the one true deity who sent him down to the ravenous world to find the lonely girl.  His wings were ripped from his back, every power of his dimmed so he could be “Tainted” by the darkness.  He was then possessed by the demon of Wrath, a demon who had been the only one who had directly touched her, heard her every plea.  And rather than helping her, it had turned it’s back on her, until it was caught by the very warrior it was to inhabit.

He was finally cast to earth, and both he and the Demon were on a mission to save the one darkness that not even a sorceress could break free from.

Fate's Treason

As a child, he had desired nothing but to stand by his father’s side and rule the kingdom as his ancestors had done before him.  But as the young lad turned ten years old, his entire family was murdered before his very eyes.  Consumed with fear, he ran like any other child would.

A couple praying to the gods for a child found him.  It was as if fate had gifted them with the greatest thing.  Sure he wasn’t a babe when they had taken him in, but the young prince needed a family, and needed to be loved and raised to become the king one day rightfully.

When he reached the age of twenty four, his foster family who loved him so, told him exactly where he would find the castle and the man to speak to.  The proof of his royalty was stuck in his features where he resembled his father so much.  His broad massive body, his mother soft and gentle eyes.  But when he returns to his castle, he sees that someone had taken over his family’s place and continued to reign over the flourishing villages surrounding the area.  What sickened him more so was the ruthless abuse they had over young women and families.

There was no mercy in this land of promises.

At such a young age she had been taken away from her home, brutally beaten, but surprisingly, not raped.  It had been a personal favorite of the guards who had taken her and many other young girls from their homes.  But years had passed since the fateful day she had last seen her family.  She supposed it was the silver eyes that struck the leader, or it was the stubborn set in her jaw, but whatever it was, she was placed in the battlefield with the men, and had been trained to take life as if it mattered nothing to her.

On the fateful day of her twentieth birthday, there was talk of the rightful prince voyaging to this kingdom to take over his throne, to restore the place.  Hope assailed her as she thought of a way to escape the ruthless terror she lived in.  But even as she was faced with the command to kill him on sight, she would have to fight to keep him alive.

An Immortal Gypsy's final task
Born a mystic warrior, she roamed the world alone, despite the family of similar warriors she left in New Orleans.  She traveled the world, posing as a mortal gypsy with an enchanting body.  But in the darkness she was a divine archer, and a powerful swordsman to boot.  For hundreds of years she traveled the entire Country of Europe, straying from visiting a certain city too many times within a fifteen year span.

After hundreds of years of doing so, she finally was faced with every Valkyrie’s ultimate task.  The powerful warrior was visited from one of the divine ones she had been taught to worship, those same beings had told her to hunt down and murder a demon King who was residing in New Orleans, where she had originated from.

With her mind made up, she set sail for New Orleans, and when she meets this Demon, she finds that her decision wasn’t as she had thought.  The Demon also happened to be her mate.

The Underground Artist
Living with her uncle in a rather large garage that was notorious for the intimidating bikers and even more notorious for having different women there every night, she stayed out of the spotlight to help her uncle retain the intimidating aura of the shop.  They did custom jobs on collector's cars and dealt mostly with motorcycles.

My idea for this is that someone either wanting a custom design for their vehicle or is looking for a job as one of the men and somehow meet her.  Though if he wants the design he probably wouldn't meet her right off the bat, if he were searching for a job there perhaps he would meet her.  It would something like a forbidden thing because of the rules lining her job description.

Whiskey Lullaby

I want the general beginning of your typical Whiskey Lullaby.  A serving member of our armed services over seas fighting a war that was devoid of mercy.  He was there for over two or three years and upon his return he finds his beautiful wife in bed with a man.  Could be his best friend, brother, or someone he doesn't know.  So he leaves her, and tries to forget her but finds himself drinking himself into even more of a sorrow.

Months after he had returned home, he was still fighting the alcoholism and the anguish that was inside of him, raging at the slightest of things.  A girl who had gone to school with him bumps into him on her walk home or perhaps coming into town for the first time in years.  She recognizes him immediately and they spend the day together, talking about the past.  It is then that she decides to help him, to ease the drinking and show him that life isn't over because of some bitch.  It could be a blooming romance or something that happens in his rage.


They had all grown up in an orphanage together.  Out of the five friends, she was the only woman, and not even her closest of friends noticed it.  She dressed like them, acted like them, and hell even looked like them.  After they all gradually started leaving the orphanage once they were of age, they all moved into the same apartment and started their own business together, deciding a long time ago that they would forever be at one another’s sides.  That was until she started getting antsy.

All of the guys were now exploring their sexual needs, leaving her in the dark and feeling slightly confused.  It was only then that she started to feel her attraction for all of the guys, wanting to try each and every one of them.

What I was thinking for this was perhaps she changes her appearance and they realize that she is definitely more then just one of the guys and she starts to open up sexually for them.  I am thinking this will be a little more consensual but with the males being overbearing, jealous, and dominating.

Random Idea

Okay well I got the idea from watching Rise Against's new Music Video.  So my idea goes a little like this.

He had bullied her all through their entire school life.  Until she went away to a more exclusive College specifically for gifted individuals.  She was an artist with great leadership skills, or so she had been told upon admission.  Now at the age of twenty-eight, she was a world renown activist against bullying that she herself had overcome in her school days.  She was a motivational speaker who got paid to go from school to school, to speak to the student body, and then talk to those exclusively that needed the little boost to get through life.

His son/daughter was in the school that she was to go to next.  And unlike their father, had been bullied from the get go, not they bully.  The child was a special case, in a bad situation with the school he/she was in and was constantly being ridiculed.  Already the child had been put on suicide watch twice.  The father is invited to this motivational speaker's assembly, but first wants to see if she could do anything to help their child.  And that is where I want it to kind of start off.  I want it to be something where he tries to right his wrongs, perhaps in the process finding he has attraction for the woman she had become?  I don't know if anyone can help that would be great...kind of an itch I want to scratch now ^.^  This could even become something a little more domineering even if that would be of interest.

Drops of Jupiter

He was a world renowned celebrity (i.e. wrestler, singer, actor).  But behind the facade of cockiness was a loneliness that made him yearn for something he thought he could never have.  A family one day, a woman who saw past his money.  It wasn't until he stopped into a small town on Christmas Eve at a bar that was basically empty except for the barkeep who was about to close shop when he walked through the door.  She knew nothing of him, and only intended to go home to her daughter as a single mother trying to make a living. It is only then that the two get snowed in from the blizzard that had originally made him stop.  What will happen as they wait for the storm to blow over?  What will happen when they are snowed in?




Added Underground Artist and Whiskey Lullaby


Added Drops of Jupiter and Friends as well as the random idea.