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Author Topic: I'm looking to play a male  (Read 915 times)

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Offline That Girl AnaliseTopic starter

I'm looking to play a male
« on: March 22, 2011, 10:37:27 AM »
I'm looking for one or possibly two long-term roleplays to satisfy my craving for a battle for dominance as well as my craving to play a male character. The plots I want are 90% story and plot and 10% sex. Hell, I'd put them in non-adult if it weren't for the fact that one of them has some more adult themes. I'd like to play the males in these stories if at all possible, so I'm mostly looking for a female character. I don't care if you are a male roleplayer, but I want a female character to play opposite. Have a good story idea that you think would qualify to satisfy my craving? Contact me. My need to be a male is only for these plots. I can play a female for others. While I'm mostly craving M/F roleplays right now, if you come to me with a really good plot (in fact, here's my main idea thread, should you need some ideas.)

Please contact me by PM.

Name: GanondorfxZelda (don't want to play cannon, or aren't familiar with the universe, see "other info")

Scenario: The king has promised Zelda's hand in marriage to a noble who is supposedly related to the Hero of Time. This man is a pig though; a jerk who sees Zelda only as a sexual object, and wants the kingdom for his own. That's the last thing Zelda wants, even if her father thinks the man is a good choice for king. She knows that isn't the case, and when words alone can't prove the point to her father, she turns to other sources. First of all is the young knight she's befriended, a man by the name of Link. There's always been some tension there, for Link certainly likes her in a way that the rest of the royal court would deem "inappropriate." Zelda doesn't mind. Link is her friend, whether or not the rest of the castle sees it that way or not. There isn't much a lowly soldier like Link can do though, and that only leaves her with one other option; her father's tactical commander and captain of the knights; Ganondorf. He's not only skilled in fighting but in magic as well. No one in the castle can hold a good debate with the princess save for him, and their friendship developed thanks to their shared interests in history and magic. He also serves as her fencing instructor. Her fiancee grows jealous of her relationship with her friends and forbids her to see them. Frustrated, Zelda wishes that something would happen to get this man out of the way. Ganondorf can grant that wish, but it won't end well. If he's willing to risk his position in the court, and she's willing to risk getting blamed for all this, then maybe they do stand a chance of stopping this disasterous wedding.

Requirements: Must be able to play a dominant female character. Also, minor doubling required (no coupling, but I'll be playing ganondorf and link, and you'd be playing zelda and the douchebag prince. )

Other info: There are other NPCs that we will both control, and I have many that we can use, and others can be determined by us. I already have the first post made up for this. Please be prepared with some ideas for possible events in the story. I have many, but I expect to have help planning this out. Finally, there will be minimal sex in this, and possible sexual events will be determined based on discussion pre-rp. This pairing is just something that interests me rather than the required pairing we must play. I'm more than willing to play GeneralxPrincess with sides of KnightxPrincess and PrincexPrincess in a High Fantasy universe we make up based on the plot above. It's more the plot i want here, really.

Name: Pirates

Scenario: At a party one night, the biggest name at the ball catches the eye of a handsome young man... Who kidnaps them for ransom, keeping them on their ship. There are many more details that I have set up for this, but you will have to discuss them with me.

Requirements: Must be able to play a dominant female character. Please don't contact me about this one if you are not familiar with or do not wish to research early 1800's fashion, etiquette, and other such social customs.

Other info: This one is less developed, so even more than the last one, I expect a roleplayer who can plot with me. There are many pre-determined NPCs to interact with, but unlike the plot above, there is no need to play a second character.
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Re: I'm looking to play a male
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