Not sure where to post this rp XD

Started by KaitouKid, March 22, 2011, 09:14:28 AM

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Okay so I have an rp that I am going to start but I am not sure where it should go. The basic idea is a girl accidentally get enrolled in a school for vampires and ends up staying there. The plan is that there will be so seduction, hypnosis, consensual and maybe (not entirely sure where it will go) Noncon.... Where do I put this beast? Lol.
Seduction, Light Bondage, Hypnosis, Heck I am even up for some light vore as long as we can make it sexy. Smut or Plot makes no difference I love both in the right situations. Drop me a line and we can discuss it ;)


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Here is a link that may help you get started.

You can also check the headings of the various forums for the description of content that forum allows.


There is also a very nice sticky at the top of each roleplaying sub-forum outlining the rules, categories, and the distinction between the two types of group games.

Elliquiy Site Roleplaying and Storytelling Rules

QuoteWhen choosing a category or tag for your roleplay or story, choose the one that applies to your most graphic scene. If it will involve non-humans in sex, it goes in Exotic. If it will involve gore, it goes in extreme. If it will involve rape, it goes in non-con.
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Generally there is no harm in putting an RP into a Non-Con section, even if you only think that it *might* contain a non-con scene that doesn't happen in the end.

Likewise I think there is no harm in putting a game into the Light section and later asking a deity to move the thread elsewhere if you feel it's likely to overstep the boundaries of the section.
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