A Homefront computer game themed roleplay

Started by playfullchick76, March 21, 2011, 04:50:46 PM

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I havnt played Homefront, but I bought a tie in novel that explained it all, so I know enough to play it out.

My character would be a former Navy Lieutenant, formerly stationed on the USS John C Stennis before it was decomissioned. She would have then worked at an online porn site to make money for a few years before taking up a friends offer and moving to Nevada, to one of the many airplane graveyards.

They would have taken parts out and sold them for the Government, but not everything. There would have been more than a few A-10 tankbuster aircraft there, and they would have chosen two of them to repair, finding the parts or trading for them, including missiles, aviation fuel and 30mm depleted uranium rounds for the cannon.

The A-10's and a few other things would have been in an EMP shielded bunker when the emp went off, and they would have remained at the graveyard indefinately if not for the Nork convoy that was spotted heading to the graveyard.

Taking to the air in both A-10's, they would have flown until they got the desperate radio call from a Resistance Cell hitting a Nork convoy consisting of captured abrams tanks, bradley fighting vehicles, and humvee's. We would immediately head to the area and strafe the convoy, joining the Resistance that way.

if this appeals to anyone, please let me know. You would be the leader of the resistance cell, male or female, up to you.


I'm open to other homefront ideas of course. Or wait until people have played the game.