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Author Topic: A few new stories wanted (f looking for m characters)  (Read 2748 times)

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A few new stories wanted (f looking for m characters)
« on: March 21, 2011, 11:18:09 AM »
I'm looking to add a couple of new stories to my list. Some ideas listed below are ones from games I had that have ended for one reason or another. I am also very open to idea's from others.

** Stories in bold are of particular interest to me at this time.

I will respond faster to a PM than a reply on this thread, though I will check this as well.
Please read my O/O list before contacting me about the mentioned stories.
I am 'not' interested in writing one long sex scene after the next, please only contact me if you are looking for a strong storyline.
Thank you :)

If you see one of my stories that are marked as taken that you have an interest in, with a few minor twists and adjustments, I might be willing to explore the same theme.

In addition to the storylines listed below, some of the pairings I am interested in are:
Master/Dom / Slave/Submissive (both consensual and non consensual)
Unwanted marriages leading to romance eventually/possibly

Please read my on/off list first and please do not try to convince me to incorporate something I have specifically listed in my offs.

A couple of ideas:

]The prophecy spoke of a marriage between the two since before they had been born. They were born on the same day, one in the morning, the other at night and each bore a matching birthmark, marking them as the chosen ones. Their marriage would seal the treaty between the two most prominent families in the realm. She's soft and gentle, he's been known to be cruel and heartless. What he doesn't know is she's in love with his brother, what she suspects is he's bedded every woman he's come across. Please only respond to this idea if you are looking for an epic love story complete with drama, tradgedy and maybe a little humor thrown in for good measure. - Taken

a woman has a happy life, a husband who adores her, a new baby at home, they are the perfect family. She has a past though, and now someone from her past has found her and caught up with her threatening to take away everything she has. looking for someone to play the man from her past

This one I am rather open to idea's on, though liked the idea of two people who become stranded somewhere, with only each other for help, comfort and company. Perhaps by a plane or boating accident? Could be strangers, could be people who know each other, one could work for the other, very open.

A couple has been chatting over the internet for a few months and finally decides to meet. One or both has a secret that could impact the other. (would like to discuss idea's on this with potential partner)

A young woman is married to a wealthy land owner (I'm seeing this as either set a few hundred years in the past or in a fantasy setting). He sees her as nothing but a decoration for his arm in public and has little desire for her otherwise. She becomes bored and lonely and sets her sights on one of his servants who sees her as something more. Many different directions this can go in depending on the partner - Taken

 A romance gone wrong. He was always sweet, attentive, loving, over time it changes to jealous and possesive, dangerous, violent. Open on what would be the catalyst and how far this can go with the right writing parnter - Taken

A couple was madly in love, they fit together in almost every possible way but she had one need that she didnt believe he could ever fufill, her desire to explore BDSM. She broke it off knowing she couldnt deny such a strong side of herself and tries to put him in the past, until she runs in to him some time later at a fetish club and he's with another woman. Now she wants him back. Details to be discussed with partner. - Taken

They were best friends growing up and in to adulthood, somewhere along the lines he fell in love with her. What lengths will he go to in order to win her heart when she sees the brother she never had. Details to be discussed with partner. Taken

woman has finally met the man of her dreams and he's proposed to her. He brings her home to meet his
family for a weekend. What her fiance' doesn't know about her is that she managed to graduate college by sleeping with one of her professors on and off for three years. Imagine her surprise when its her future father in law
Looking for someone to play the fiance/fatherinlaw - Taken

She was innocent of the crime, but found guilty anyway. She did the only thing she could think of to do, she ran. Several years later she had started to build a new life for herself and met what she thought was the man of her dreams. But was he there just to find her and bring her back or have another motive? Details to be discussed with partner

A highschool seniors parents recently came into money, now moving to an upscale neighborhood, a long way off from the dump they had lived in, they can give their daughter everything, including a private school education. The problem is, she doesn't fit in, doesn't know the new social rules that goes along with their new station. A young man in her class decides to take her under his wing and teach her how to get on in this new world, with none too gentle reminders when she slips.

A young girl is finishing her last year of school at her private boarding school when she gets word that her parents have been killed. The papers called it a mob style hit. She's sent home to live with the closest thing she has to family, her parents best friend who had always been like an uncle to her and has agreed to take her as his ward. He's the executor of their estate, and also the one who had them killed.

A woman has been watched for by someone for over a year now, he knows where she works, her routine, her social life, everything. Finally he decides he has to have her for himself. It wouldn't be the first time he'd obsessed and collected a woman. What he didn't know, couldn't have seen, was that she had a twin sister, and he's collected the wrong woman. More details to be discussed with partner. - Taken

As the daughter of a servant, she often played with the children of the house as a child, and later served them as they got older. She grew much closer than was appropriate to the eldest son and a love affair between the two bloomed. Several ways this story can go, to be discussed with partner - TAKEN

A woman is the daughter of an influential and powerful man (could be a corporate type or mob type, I'm open on that). She comes home after being away at school and falls for one of his employee's/bodyguards. Used to the polished and refined types she met, his rough demeanor and unwillingness to put up with her haughtiness only serves to draw her towards him more.
for the employee/bodyguard - TAKEN

A young woman from a prominant family finds herself in a bit of trouble when she's kicked out of college following a scandal. Her family at a loss as to how to deal with her sends her to a friend of the family to straighten her out (this could also work with her being sent to a special type of school for the same thing, I'm open on that). - TAKEN
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Re: A few new stories wanted (f looking for m characters)
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2011, 02:50:35 PM »
Small update

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Re: A few new stories wanted (f looking for m characters)
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2011, 11:56:37 AM »
Minor Updates