Slave in Need of a Mistress (for F/M or F/F story)

Started by INDYpendent720, March 15, 2011, 05:58:10 PM

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I'm looking for a bit of a change to get me outside my normal comfort zone. I'm involved in a few different RPs now, but I'm the dominant character in almost all of them. As a way to counterbalance some of my more dominant roles I'm looking to play a submissive slave, subject to the whims of a domineering Mistress/dominatrix. I could either play a male or female sub. In either situation I'd like it to be controlled by an attractive, middle-aged female character.

I don't have a specific plot for this one, just some vague parameters. I figure my character would come under this woman's control by force (abduction, blackmail/coercion, or bought at an underground slave auction). For me, it would be a forced 24/7 slave lifestyle. I would need to be trained with the final objective being my transformation into an obedient and skilled sex slave. My character could be purely be used as a sex toy or also carry out domestic tasks / roles. If I'm a male character, I'd like to keep the sexual activity heterosexual. As a female, I could be bisexual.  I'd like to keep the setting very realistic and plausible, with normal laws and such so my situation would need to be kept undercover or only revealed to like-minded masters and mistresses.

I'm not really into fantasy or magic, so I'd like to keep the training methods and transformation to practical means. As well as physical training, I really enjoy the psychological side and behavior modification. I love games or challenges that I have to endure under fear of punishment. Some of my other likes or themes that could be incorporated:

- Bondage (a must)
- Humiliation / Degradation / Dehumanization
- Reward-based / positive reinforcement training system
- Sexual teasing / Orgasm denial
- Chastity devices
- Sex toys / devices / machines
- Sexy costumes

Other Possibilities:

- Forced exercise routine (make me improve my body for your enjoyment with treadmill / weight sessions)
- Breath play
- Body modification (minor surgical improvements, piercings, tattoos)
- Hidden identities theme (I have a thing for masks and concealing one's appearance)

Things I don't like:

- Watersports / Scat
- Death of main characters
- Mutilation
- Extreme violence / gore (In a non-con training situation I'd expect some punishment. However, I don't like pain or punishment simply for sadism's sake)
- Blood
- Pregnancy (at least for this one)
- Underage characters in sexual situations
- Fantasy characters / creatures

Anyways, all these things (except for my dislikes) are up for interpretation and negotiation. I'm open to making this as extreme or kinky as you'd like. I equally like the prospects of being a naive young woman manipulated by a wiser, older Mistress or a younger man dominated by a powerful, older woman. The focus of this RP would be the gradual training process. I'm open to playing this through any medium (forums, PMs, IM, etc.). So if anything I've said has caught your fancy, I'd love to hear your ideas / interests. Shoot me a PM or just reply to the thread. Thanks for reading.