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Author Topic: The desires and romantic storylines that Drax to share (M looking for F)  (Read 2565 times)

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About my style

Greetings [you], first of all I like to write stories.  The most engaging are those that develop multiple characters in addition to the main two, and happy to share the responsibility for these.  I write to enjoy myself primarily but also to improve my skills as a writer so am very happy to receive critiques about what I have written.  I try to write reasonable length posts and normally can write 1-4 posts a week on average.  It does depends upon how many of my other threads are active though.  I will always try to write one a week at least and will communicate with my partner  if circumstances prevent me. I expect the same in reverse.

I like romance, the idea of creating the ups and downs of a nascent relationship I enjoy, the consummation of the relation is fun to write (who doesn't like at least a little smut) but I tend to find I enjoy the chase more than the "kill". I also like exploring different themes and testing myself, sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes it proves to complex to keep up with so whilst I would love to write complex, multi layered story often real life gets in the way.

Read a few of my threads if you want to feel out my style, there is a lot of emailing/IM that goes on behind the scenes and I tend to encourage this.  If you are reading this then please email me about a plot you have seen rather than reply below.

I generally write for male characters and prefer writing opposite females, but if the story intrigues me enough I will reconsider.

Note because I am in the UK message/email is generally preferred due to the time difference

My Stories and plots

A modern Belle and the Beast (Drax & Ravensahnk)
Draconis Forma Mutatio (Lamenting Quill and Drax)
The invisible woman (FLN826 + Drax)
Crime and Punishment (Beanhollow & Drax)
Working out grief in love (Meridian and Drax)
In the Darkest Night (Gypsy Rose & Drax)
Butler in Training (Drax & Wykyd)
StepFather's Son (Drax and Aysande)
In the Darkest Night (Gypsy Rose & Drax)
Working out grief in love (Meridian and Drax)
The Nerd CEO and his PA (NymphomaniacAmazonRP + Drax)

Our completed Stories
Laundry Money ((Drax + JennyFive))

My dormant Stories and plots
The following stories are incomplete and "closed" unless someone wishes to start them again.
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If interested, please PM me

My potential stories, look through and PM me

Scenario 1

I've always been fascinated by magic and the physics behind it.  If you have a magic system that you would like explored and to explain I would like to be a male apprentice to a sorceress.  The sorceress is looking for a male assistant for a number of possible reasons
1.   She is lonely in her tower and wants some male company.
2.   She could be powerful and wants to exert that through domination of her new apprentice
3.   She may also have found that only my conception/intercourse can a rite be completed about which she has learnt, however both participants must be versed in magic and willing.
He will be indentured to her for several years.  As she bought his contract from his previous master when he was eighteen he is older than most apprentices in the town. The apprentice would be a young adult and whilst he had no knowledge of magic and how it works would have latent magical strength recent events would have brought this to the fore.

Would love to start this one.
Scenario 2 TAKEN

Nathan was stressed, he had just been fired, come home to find his wife had left him and taken everything of worth from their small flat.  He had no money, no prospects and would be kicked out the flat in two days.  He needed a job any job.  Having had little education beyond school it seemed impossible to get a job as a manager without an academic qualification, especially a degree.  Looking down the job advert's only one position looked possible.

  "Wanted, house manager. I need to a man to manage my house, must be able to do organise events, keep accounts, basic DIY, cook, follow instructions exactly, be the perfect servant.

Enclose Covering letter,CV and 2 up to date photos, one passport one full length to Manor House, Cryforth Island."

He wasn't sure where it was, but had sent his CV off, in fact he had sent his CV off to 50 other locations, 40 had failed to reply after a week, 9 had been rejections and only this one had offered any hope.  It surprised him to receive a provisional offer, and a series of tickets and travel instructions on how to arrive at the island.

He packed light and 36 hours later he was walking up a steep hill towards the front door of looked more like a medieval castle than a manor in the gloom of the early spring evening.  The walls were castellated and in one corner there was even a tower.

At 36 he was relatively fit and brushed his wavy black hair back with his hand, a nervous gesture as he contemplated what could be his future for the next, goodness knows how long.

--- Looking for a F to be mistress of the manor and who wants to indoctrinate Nathan into being an obedient submissive rather than slave.  This is outside Nathan's comfort zone in any normal circumstance, but he needs to be trained and knows that there is no option left to him, if he leaves here he will be on the streets with no money or hope.

Scenario 3  The doctors

I have this story idea which I will fill out later, but it was inspired by JennyFive and a thread here

 I figure that a small practice, two doctors, one male and one female perhaps (two main characters) see patients for long periods of time.  My initial idea for issues is that the doctor sees a female character that is unable to feel arousal through any method she has tried, whilst the female doctor has a patient that suffers from over excitement and premature ejaculation, it could equally be the other way around and actually and the female patient is hyper sensitive.  THe story will be talking through the issues, both with patient and colleague as well as trying out  different techniques. Its a germ of an idea, if you don't find it attractive please say so, if you have other idea's for the patients then please say.  This would mean two players running two characters each, one doctor one patient and the interactions between the two doctors at appropriate points.

I don't think there is quite enough in the above yet to make the balance right between the two, but elements of running the practice could be brought in I suspect.
Scenario 4  Modern day : Student teacher.

A story of forbidden, professor & student. Of notes left  by the student, of infatuation. How the professor reacts, finds out which student it is, what they do is the rest of the story. I like the idea of this story being a slow start, with several phases.  The initial phase being almost a mystery with a student leaving notes for their professor.  These notes can be as raunchy or as lovelorn as we decided.  However the professor will not know for a while who they are from.  The process is deliberate to get the professor interested in who the author is, they will gradually be turned on by them and as they are single will start to fantasize about who they are written by and whether they are merely a tease.

The second stage will move onto a more overt seduction, the student won't initially reveal who they are, but will start to find excuses to be near the professor, perhaps even getting some private tutoring.  The professor by this stage will have nerves that are threadbare.  The moral wall that he/she had built to stop this kind of thing happening will not take much to break down.

The third, and perhaps final stage will be the consummation of the affair, continuing through the covert trysts, to dirty weekends to possible discovery.  I am happy to discuss whether the student is male or female but this is a M/F story, my preference.  I am very happy to discuss thoughts further.

Scenario 5  Modern day : Boss and employee.

Ever watched Secretary?  I do like the idea of creating the obedient Secretary/Personal Assistant.  The powerful boss who wants things done in a certain way. If mistakes are made in the execution of the tasks, or even perceived mistakes then he will ensure that punishments are given out that will become more and more sexual in nature.  Some of the tasks will be exhibitionist in nature, and all will be to exercise a measure of control over the secretary.  If they cannot perform a task well then perhaps there is a better way of doing it such that they will perform it.  Perhaps this is as simple as wearing the correct clothes to the office, discipline must be maintained in the office, possibly through light bondage or obedience. The rewards for good behaviour would be exciting and in line with the secretaries deepest desires (though I suspect some of the punishments will be too).

He doesn't just want a secretary or personal assistant he wants to train a personal slave, the catch is that whilst training her he will probably be falling in love with her as well and will therefore reward her well.

Scenario 6  Modern day : Widower and Widow. TAKEN

Thrown together with ghosts from the past, a classic romance of ups and downs. This is bare bones and more of a classic romance tale rather than one of lust and debauchery.  Set in modern day I would be very happy to discuss this out of character as well.

Scenario 7  Fallen Angel.

This is a story I once started with someone outside of Elliquiy.  The female character is a fallen angel who has been cast out of heaven, she fell in love with a mortal man during a visit to earth and has thus been banished and cursed.  Her curse is to find trouble wherever she is located, my character is the human soul, now an angel who fled heaven to be with his loved one, aiming to protect her as much as possible.  Outside heaven his powers are weak but he cannot die, though his body can be killed it will be reformed elsewhere. 

The female always finds in a situation alongside someone ("touched by an angel", theme here). there will be some dark themes here and sometimes my character will dies in an attempt to save her, sometimes they will escape.  It does depend how dark you wish this story to be.

Other Story Hooks :

These are all M/F, stories and though I have ideas around them I would love to hear yours.  In terms of medieval/fantasy  I normally prefer lesser characters rather than royalty.

  Teacher / Student
  Boss / Employee
  God/dess Priest/Worshipper

I like writing in the following genres
Modern Day
Norman England
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Bump, hopefully someone will find something of interest here :)