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Author Topic: Descent- The lawless void (Interest thread, Sci-Fi)  (Read 876 times)

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Descent- The lawless void (Interest thread, Sci-Fi)
« on: March 13, 2011, 01:39:57 am »
Descent: The Lawless void

This rp is a sci-fi free form Rp.


 In the distant future mankind's industrial nature has brought them to the deepest areas and edges of space. The most prominent of the businesses is deep space mining.

Far away in little know solar systems, isolated asteroid belts,  and between space gates lay the lawless void, a term referring to the quadrant of the galaxy rich with life and minerals, but with little law, and no government.

The areas of space out this far are all controlled by different corporations who are entity's in charge of cities, spaceports, transportation routes and mines. There are independent prospectors as well, and smaller contractors who also do business.
    When a planet, moon, or asteroid is found to be rich in a mineral a corporation who lays claim to the satellite will build a small colony either on or in orbit around the object. Mines are then dug and laid into the entity, its workforce consisting entirely of advanced robotic droids.
    Corporations make their business using the droids to maintain the mines, selling the resources, or shipping them to settled planets light years away. However the business is not without its dangers... the droids are complex machines and there are a wide variety of needs for mining different materials and different resources, they often require maintenance and supervision. In addition piracy is rampant in the  anarchistic quadrant and so danger from attack is an ever constant threat.

   The answer to this threat is the Martial Defenders...

Martial defenders (nicknamed “Mavericks” are mercenary lone wolves who utilize military grade, state of the art, and black market technology and can be hired for just about any purpose a corporation or contractor would need... protection of a mine, escort of a shipment, sheriff for a colony, assassination of a rival, being a privateer to take over another mine... the list is endless.

These soldiers of fortune are the most sought after people in the quadrant, and one of the most dangerous jobs in existence.

Aside from the Martial defenders there are two other sects of mercenaries.

Harvesting Engineers (Nicknamed “Reapers”) do not specialize in combat and corporate espionage as the martial defenders do, but rather their business lies with mining equipment. The complex nature of the advanced robots that are used for mining is such a lucrative buisiness that most corporations do not maintain their own fleet of mining bots, but rather rent batches of mining bots from reapers. The reapers are paid for their bots use, and are charged with maintaining the force and assuring their productivity. Often times reapers are paid with a percentage of the yield of their bots, they travel between the various mines they have groups of bots working in and can not only directly control the bots, but reprogram them, repair them, change their capabilities and the like.
   They however do have to defend themselves and usually keep their own private detail of mining bots that have been outfitted for combat as security, fighting through their bots and drones rather than themselves.

The third type are the Survey Scouts (nicknamed “Wyrms”) Wyrms are probably the strangest of the three mercenaries as they are often disconnected from people and spend more times in the mines than they do anywhere else. Mining is an expensive business and maintaining bots is no cheap feat, their mining must have maximum productivity and mining through useless rock can be death to a cooperation. Scouts are employed to live in the mines and constantly seek new veins, study the structure of the satellite, and mark new tunnels to be dug. They use complex drills, imaging technology, and personal ships to find new veins of minerals and to mark them for mining.
   In addition they are in charge of assuring the structural integrity of smaller celestial bodies stays in tact, especially with small asteroids mining in the wrong way can break it apart and destroy bots, resources and even colonies.

Each of the three mercenaries utilize two main methods of operating in space. Each of them has their own unique “space suit” that has all the utilities they need for operating in space. In addition each of them has a unique, small, spaceships called “Descenders”. The spaceship itself is actually just a extension of the suit, as the person their suit fits into the ship allowing them to control it as if it were their body.  More traditional ships exist (that are self contained and can be lived in without a space suit) but they are too large and bulky to fit in the mines, Descenders are specifically made to be piloted within the confines of a mine, and the suit for when the ship is not needed.


I don't have too much in the way of plot yet, and as far as the content... well it would essentiall be the wild wild west in space, only with more organized crime, mistrust, prostitution, drugs and whatever else you want to fit into their. I just want to place the basic building blocks of the world and the players can put as much as they want into creating the rest of it.

 Characters can customize their own technology, suits and ships, I'll just need to okay them before they are accepted. The technology of Descent is probably closer to the junkyard style of the Terrans in the starcraft games, or the junker ships of star wars. Not so much the sleek and advanced style of other sci fi series.

Interests? Questions?