(D&D 3.5) The National Adventurer's League! (Searching for another DM!)

Started by Inerrant Lust, March 13, 2011, 12:17:14 AM

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Inerrant Lust

QuoteAre you tired of living in fear that maybe that HOUSECAT is going to slit your throat while you sleep?
Are you tired of earning one silver piece a day doing unskilled labor while all the cool people go out on ADVENTURES?
Do you want to go out and earn THOUSANDS OF GOLD PIECES for HALF A DAY'S WORK?
Do you want to slay DRAGONS, bed foreign maidens, and plunder ancient dungeons?

If you said YES to any of these questions, you are eligible to be taken on contract in a local adventurer's guild TODAY. For just 10 insignifigant gold pieces each, Rygar & Morvald Adventuring Guild Agency will set you up with a client and a sponsor to begin adventuring THE VERY NEXT DAY. Parties in excess of three members get a 2 gold discount!

The age of peril has long passed. The goodly races no longer fear invasion from the drow, orcs, or any villages being destroyed by fearsome dragons. Most of the dangers facing the world today are only dangerous when one seeks them out. Heroes and adventurers, once the only thing keeping the world from complete destruction, have now become a mere novelty. Adventuring has become nothing more than a sport, an industry unto itself.

Most adventurers have a sponsor, who pays for the expenses of their quests for publicity and endorsement and occasionally a cut of any profits made from the adventure. Usually, one takes a quest from a client, usually a powerful nobleman though it could be anyone willing to pay. Some quests are for personal gain to the client, others are to rid the world of a menace, but most are simply for amusement. These quests are sometimes recorded magically, so that these heroes could be cheered on and rooted for as they adventure.

Millions of gold pieces are exchanged every day in this industry. Those nobles who hold public broadcasts will often sell advertising rights to businesses during these adventures, others bet and gamble on the result. Sometimes the most arbitrary challenges are thrown into the quest, once a half-giant fighter was offered the chance to double her cash reward if she could complete her quest in nothing but a loin cloth and a chainmail bikini. She accepted, slaying the otyugh cluster and winning the hearts of all who witnessed her wardrobe malfunction in real time.

Unfortunately for most spectators, Blackwood's Familial Consideration Commission (FCC) levied harsh fines against the heroine, her sponsor and her client, as well as restricting future challenges to 'Gear of an armor category of no less than light cannot be wagered, unless magically enchanted for the sake of modesty.'

You, and your newfound friends, are adventuring hopefuls. Or maybe amateur adventurers, I'm not sure yet.

Looking for: A mostly female adventuring party. In fact, there may only be one token male... Although I would like him to be on equal terms with the other members desite his gender so it doesn't accidentily become focused on him for being the odd one out.

A variety would be awesome. It would be neat for a genuine do-gooder paladin seeking to punish wicked monsters adventuring alongside someone who just wants to become a 'pro adventuring superstar' or someone who is just in it for the money. Not just classes and personalities but races and such.

Afterall, the crowd loves anyone who stands out... whether for being genuinely skilled or just having a lot of flashy moves and charm. Unusual adventurers attract more attention, earning them greater publicity and better sponsors and clients in the future. Most have resorted to just acting out and being eccentric... although without any real skill, you can only go so far.

All the mechanics details haven't been decided yet. Low to mid level. Party of maybe 4 or 5, all female save one token male. Setting is high semi-utopian fantasy; floating cities, exotic wizards and renaissance-esque tech, everybody's mostly happy. As said above, most of the baddies have been pushed out of the ordinary's citizens concerns. If you want trouble, you have to go looking for it. That being said, there's alot of dark places in the world, demons and devils and ancient evils.... just that most of them aren't anywhere near the goodly races.

Mostly light-hearted, though with a bit of seriousness here and there. Oh, and probably lots of sex. I haven't decided. :P


I might play, I seem to be playing with the same four people in everyone of my games. A change of faces might be nice. About what are you thinking for starting level?

Inerrant Lust

Depends on the players preference, since it determines the kind of lifestyle they'll have as adventurers. I prefer 10 ish. At that point, you're skilled and famous enough to be above having the local baker be your sponsor and can start taking on somewhat legitimate quests.

Rookie adventurers of a lower level usually do lame jobs like killing rats in somebody's cellar or clearing out goblin nests. Less adventurer-like, they get recorded basically doing porno or have 'real quests' that are really just staged preformances with fake monsters and the sort. The unlucky ones get picked up for illegal quests like suicide missions (The recordings are usually regarded as snuff films. Even though a lot of quests are lethal like the aforementioned half-giant's, it's considered exploitation to send newbies in just to die. And most clients and sponsors take great pains to ensure their hero's survival, if not safety.)

At level 10, you'd be above doing that sort of thing and come closer to basically being a professional athlete or actor. Consider level 10 your rookie season or your first feature film. ;) You might not have your adventure broadcast in every arena in the country, but you'll still be able to take cool quests rather than the lame ones above.


Sounds splendid, I would very much enjoy being the token male if the starting level is ten.

Inerrant Lust

Did you have anything specific in mind? Class, personality, goals, ect. ?

Also trying to figure out if all the players know eachother before hand, or if they meet during the campaign. I'm not adverse to having each party member have a short little solo adventure just as a test run before things start in earnest. They could either meet by accident, become forced into a party by their sponsors, or decide to team up for whatever's ahead of them. Nothing really set in stone right now until I figure out who'll be in it and how to tailor the game to the players.  ::)


Well, I'd certainly be interested in playing, but I'd be a guy also. Not sure how you feel on that.

Character ideas I had while reading the intro-
Warlock (probably hellfire) who enjoys showboating and is interested in fame and money, but power above all else. Likely CN.

ToB character (likely an amalgam of all three classes plus 1 PrC as the projected build, primary warblade) who sees it as the only way to get a decent fight, also interested in fame but to a lesser degree, and only cares about money to the point of buying gear. Likely NG.

Regular fighter (dungeoncrasher route, etc) who originally tried his first quest as the result of a failed bet, upon finishing successfully he found he really likes being thanked/praised and continued on.

Possibly mix in some wacky races/templates.


I typically pick the class needed that the other players don't pick. Then I build their personality and goals after I get a good idea how the character will work mechanically.

I understand about tailoring the game to what the players make. I mean making an adventure about slaying orcs could be a bit awkward if majority of the players are playing as orcs or half orcs.

Inerrant Lust

Player gender doesn't matter much to me, though character gender does somewhat. I had thought that the reason the party stood out among others was that it was one of mostly women. Particularly women from as wide a race/class/personality range as I could pick from the players. :P There might be other all-female parties, sure, but they'd most likely be life-long friends or people of similiar backgrounds.

It's an industry built on publicity, so a group of women from all walks of life (plus one man. :P) that are actually good at what they do beyond their gimick, it would make them quite successful, set apart from similiar groups. Being successful as an adventurer is a mix between actually being able to survive dangerous quests and well.. saying "Look at me!" really loud. You might have an epic level fighter who is only moderately famous compared to... say, a moderately leveled bard who is famous around the world.

Again, nothing set in stone. :P


I would be interested in playing a (female) Monk, someone who acts shy and reserved, but secretly likes to show off.  Her stated goal would be to help fund her monastery, her real one would to become rich and famous. 


Ohh, I'd love to play in something like this. I'd probably make a rather ditzy and clumsy sorcerer. The current idea is a young noble who wanted to go have fun rather than sitting around the house all day. She'd be pretty powerful, by virtue of level, but fairly unexperienced and prone to doing dumb things to look better.

Oh and are the monsters going to have fun with our girls, please, pretty please?


Hm... I might be interested, and yes I'd be playing a female if I do make one.  Different sort of take on the adventuring job, different take on the D&D realms, and different can be interesting.  Probably would go a melee-focused route, maybe Ranger or (possibly) Paladin.  Alternately I find I enjoy playing a Bard, so that's another alternative.

How would we be working out attributes and etc?   Also what books are available?

Inerrant Lust

@Keelan: Different is always interesting to me!  ;D I have a personal preference for point buy. Makes things fair. Maybe a little higher than normal, but 32 is a good number for now. Wealth by level as normal. As for books? Uh... If you can find it, that's fine with me. But anything outside of core, I'd request you ask me about it first. (Not that core is particularly balanced in of itself, bah!)

@ExisD, ivygrowth: Of course. Well, I can't vouch for anyone else's kinks, but if you're into it...  ::)

I do very much like the idea behind both your characters, they make for good foils of one another! And with your ons/offs I can't believe I've never RPed with either of you before...  ::)

I've figured out how they've made this whole thing into such a spectator sport. The nobles who are wealthy enough to commission magic items usually hand out a ring or two to their adventurers. Whoever is wearing it can say the command word and, pop, it's an instant broadcast of everything going on in an unspecified radius around the ring. Clients with these rings moniter the situation routinely, if not constantly. Some clients will watch and record the events in private, though most will have the scenes played in an ampitheater-like arena as a 3D illusion/scrying thingy. Basically a colloseum except if you throw a loaf of bread it will just pass through the monster or fighter.  ;)

It's professional sports. That being said, it's my hope that the entire plot doesn't revolve around the 'games', even if it is a central theme in the setting. So you won't be on a quest 100% of the time unless you want to be, you're free to do things for personal reasons, especcially once you're famous enough to start doing things on your own terms. And not all quests are about the money and advertising.... just most of them. ;) It's a greedy, greedy, world. Not as utopian as it seems...


From what I can tell about the classes being picked, I think I'm going to have some healing. I'm thinking Binder 1/warlock 4/Ur-Priest 2/Eldritch Disciple 2/Hellfire warlock 1. A bit complex I know, but I think he would be great for this game. He would have to be evil, because Ur-priest are evil, and most of the time have Naberius binded. Making him an evil god hating narcissist that loves hurting people and the sound of his own voice. A crowd favorite for sure.

Binder is from tome of magic, warlock is from complete arcane, Ur-Priest is from complete divine, Eldritch Disciple is from complete mage, and Hellfire warlock is from fiendish codex II.

Inerrant Lust

Whoa, whoa.  :P I was thinking something a little more... streamlined. And evil characters are always a little tricky in regards to the rest of the party. Even if they're played well and their alignment obscured or accepted by the party, it can... complicate matters. The token male is, afterall, just that, the token. In fact, that trope is pretty much exactly what I had in mind when coming up with the OP (excluding him possibly being useless in combat, yawn), but I'm pretty liberal with how people want to play their characters.

In fact, when coming up with the plot, I had thought of basically a genderswapped five man band. At least as a starting point, because as long as all members of the party, basically, cover a wide spectrum of personality/role/ect. that works together... in harmony. Hrmph. :P I think it'll work.

But... the exception is, however, evil characters. Like I said, it's tricky, but I can't really make that judgement call until I figure out what the whole party will be like.


That guy everyone loves to hate, or hates to love?

When I said I'd be a guy I did mean my character. Hm, a wizard or druid build focusing on polymorph/wildshape could be interesting.


Ah, I see. In that case I could play an Archivist from heroes of horror. It's a class that is pretty much just support. Spells like a wizard, but they're divine, and class features that basically work by shouting monsters weak points to the rest of the party. With this I would be like The One Guy/Smart Guy/Medic.


Well if the rogue spot is still open i would love to call dibs on it.
Life is a hard game but the rewards are sweet if you know where to look.


I shouldn't get involved in another game, but this one seems like a lot of fun...would probably play a barbarian type.


Nice  :D , also this'll be the first game I participate in here, so that'd be the reason you haven't seen me before.

As for character, I'd like to request Complete Mage(spells/feats), Complete Arcane(Fate Spinner + feats/spells), and Spell Compendium(spells). Going for versatility an flashiness for this character.

Inerrant Lust

@Someguy (In Chinese, Sum Gai?)

Interesting is an understatement where transformation is concerned. Hrumph. :P


Always liked the Archivist, and the five man band is very, very rough... consider it a launching pad. Feel free to go anywhere from that starting point. Regardless of individual roles, all that's needed is variety.


Looks like it is. Although I'm not sure if you can just call dibs. ;)


At the risk of appearing to play favorites... I think you're gauranteed a spot based on our prior RPs. :P


Hmmm. Well, I won't turn someone away just because they haven't posted all over the forum yet.

So far; (Pink Red = Female, Blue = Male)

Schnookums; Bruising Barbarian Type
ExisD; Flashy Mage Type
Avorae; Sneaky Rogue Type
Ivygrowth; Stealth-hedonist Monk Type

Ulthakptah; Scholarly Mage Type
Someguy; Transformer Type (Roll out!)

Keelan; Woodsy Type/Virtuous Type/Musical Type

Eagh! So many mage-types! O_o

I'm keen on a four or, at the very most, five member party. Schookums, Avorae, and Keelan would fit together well I think, depending on what kind of rogue Avorae is and what class Keelan picks. For Avorae, there's the non-sociable tomb-plundering rogues or the cultured thief sort of rogue... and Keelan's ranger could be a wilderness sort of sneaky while Avorae's rogue is an urbane sort of sneaky. A paladin would be quite distinguished from both Schnookums and Avorae, and a bard would equally compliment the other two.

Ivygrowth, being a monk, would fit in basically anywhere. It's a class more about posessing a certain style than anything else, and I love the character concept. Even among a somewhat similiarly moral-compass'd paladin, your monk would be very different from Keelan. I very much like it! And monks aren't appreciated nearly enough.

As for the three remaining mage-types... I'm not fond of having multiple magic-users in the party. Even the Wizard/Cleric duo seems like a bit much for one party. So there will probably be one dedicated magic-user, not neccessarily divine either (You won't need any healbots to get through these quests. I loathe relegating a party member to be 'The watcher of life bars')

Also I said that there might be a token male, not that there had to be. I'd hate to turn someone away for a reason like that... but it's all about the party dynamic. If I get an all-female party that look like they'll compliment eachother better than they would with one extra Y chromosome, that's how it'll be.

Edit: Eek. Totally forgot someone! That's what I get for posting after working the night shift. x_x


I f you want less mages I could easily convert my idea into more of a fighter type, take a few fighter levels and abjurant champion. Mage who buffs everyone then swings a big stick as a primary method of attacking. Personality would be about the same.

Inerrant Lust

Hmmm. If you want flashiness, a bard certaintly would have it. Flashiness is like their creed. ;) Keelan decided on a ranger, so there'd be little overlap.

Also, only one person's really asked me about races... I've no problem with one or two party members being outside the usual core races, it adds to the party dynamic, I think.

Laughing Hyena

Ooooh I just love this game. I would throw my hat in but I know this is but a five person team and you have a ton of people applying already. And I am always up for some light hearted adventures. This setting also raises tons of questions on what a villains life is like and what ambitions could he possibly have? All this stuff makes me jump with joy.

Regardless if you don't mind me throwing another character into the ringer for you then I'll put one in.

An elvish fighter  wielding a scythe and spiked chain who combines speed, power and outrageously unique kills for monsters. An absolute showman for all he breaks the elvish cliche of bows and two swords styles that are dime a dozen, showing that not all elves are fragile. It's all about the execution, the crowd and the luxuries that come from the rewards.

Leander Korianthal - Stylish Elf Fighter - Scythe and Spiked Chain.


What about a healer anyone running one? I'm thinking support protected by magic, dresses like a Morde Sithe and get this can only heal as they have sex with the one healed if an adult.

Note she is not going to be unable to defend herself just is not her big role its eye candy and going for the adult only clips on pay for view, but will likely have some offense just in case.


I think I'll drop, don't want to take a spot when there are more players then slots open. Good luck everyone.

Ha, another person joined in while I was typing this. I'll look around for another game.