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Author Topic: So what happens when I'm feeling submissive? ♥ [m seeks f]  (Read 1573 times)

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So what happens when I'm feeling submissive? ♥ [m seeks f]
« on: March 11, 2011, 12:08:24 AM »

Hi! My name is Domo =D
 ^,^and I like to roleplay with females

Let me preface any listmaking with a little disclaimer: Please please please just talk to me. By this I mean I'm really open to trying new things and getting better at writing so if you have an idea that doesn't quite fit in with everything I'm about to write down, don't be shy!~

I don't bite too hard, I promise :3

First off, you may have noticed that this is strikingly similar to my other ideas thread. Yes, I know how to copy&paste too! Disregard the fact that some of these passages are copied from that same thread.

Which, by the way, can be found here:
Aaaaaaaaand my O/O's are here:

The purpose of this page is to kind of separate my ideas based on a target audience. Basically I'm putting my submissive cravings on a different page so that people looking through can have a more clear distinction of what to expect when clicking on it :) I hope that makes sense, I have a feeling some people get scared off if you're open to a number of things they're uncomfortable with so hopefully there won't be any surprises here ^^

Soooo I dropped a couple hits of acid and came up with a few ideas. Now obviously none of these plots are set in stone: I don't mind, and in fact encourage you to discuss any kinks/ideas/names/etc you may have in mind. I like it when these are as custom-fit as possible... :3 it makes it kinda hot, doesn't it? Roleplaying with a random stranger and indulging in your most intimate fantasies, that is.

Some things you should know:
- I like storylines, characters. Don't get me wrong, I love going online to textfuck roleplay with people I've never met before as much as the next guy but what reallyturns me on...inspires me  O:) is an engaging plot and some kind of character development.
-I prefer to rp over AIM, yahoo, or something like that but not in the traditional line by line chat-style sense. Namely I like to talk to you and get to know you while we roleplay. It keeps things a little more personal and.. I don't know, isn't there something about making rp's a little personal that excites you? :>
-I'm Literate I've been roleplaying for like... seven or eight years now (on and off, admittedly) and kinda fancy myself a decent writer.
:U~ This being said I am kinda new to this whole adult roleplaying scene :x please bear with me if anything sounds a little awkward.
-I love romance ! The interaction between characters, flirting, foreplay ~ all this stuff is often times better than rping the actual sex :3
-I usually prefer playing original characters; it's more fun than trying to act like someone else. Don't get me wrong, I'll still do a pairing if you really want it or something, but generally speaking I really like my OC's and I'm sure you will too

I readily welcome and in fact encourage you to share any comments or critiques on my writing! <- Please please please don't hesitate to let me know when you like something I've written, or even if it doesn't quite sit right with you o.o I'm always trying to make my writing better so don't be shy!

so what exactly are you into? o,=
1.In general, my typical roleplay involves two or more characters that may or may not know eachother, a plot that leads up to their meeting or whatever, some kind of general rising action and then (hopefully ^^) seduction. It's not like, "Hi there! wanna fuck?"

2.This being said I generally don't like doing NC stuff all too much. :< Although that'snotalltooaccurate. For me there's kind of a grey blur where I define what I'm comfortable with. If you have some sort of idea that sounds like it might be a little out there compared to what I have written here, feel free to throw it at me anyway. I may be willing to try it out?

3. tentacles! imeanwhut ⊙︿⊙

4. I can't do poop. :O Groddy. That goes for number one, too. In fact, excessive semen creeps me out too. Like... inflation and stuff. That's what I mean by excessive, anyway ^,^

5. No blood either! By this I mean no sexual...cutting... or excessive pain.

6.Biting, licking, slapping, hitting, scratching, maybe some hair pulling instead?~ :3

7. I'm switch. I can play both roles or either one. Sure, I can pin you down and fuck your brains out sweep you off your feet and make love to you, or you can tie me to a bed and violate me take advantage of me :O

8. Futa? Pegging? ....hmm... okay xP

9. Cuddling! ~

10. I like normal sex too though :O Don't be afraid

Feel free to IM me or drop me a line here or by PM. (I usually don't use yahoo unless needed so the best way to reach me is AIM. I'm quite literally always on.)
I will be updating this in the future when I'm allowed to edit my posts o_o! Please forgive any typos I may have missed as well.[/size]

Without further delay I present you with my psychedellic-fueled fantasies: (All links at this point are probably NSFW, heads up.) Oh, and this means I like something. The more of those you see, the more I'm probably craving it. ^^ ♥♥♥♥♥

So I had two ideas for a WoW roleplay.

The first is about a young Paladin, Xenatos. So let's say while assaulting the dark portal or doing some kind of mission in outlands he finds himself in some burning legion stronghold (or somewhere else to be determined when we nail down details for this thing) Seeing as how pallies are generally pretty powerful warriors he faces and defeats a number of foes and whatnot, probably kills some monsters but ultimately faces off with one of these lovely ladies (now are you beginning to understand what I mean by figure out the details later? I like all of these pictures and the nature of the story can be shaped to whomever you'd prefer to play :D)
Quote ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥

I guess, obviously if it's a night elf character than I can play like a blood elf paladin or something, whatever works. They square off and fight yet Xenatos is ultimately defeated and for whatever reason she decides to spare his life (and obviously fuck him.) There could be a struggle, she may want to break him or something, or whatever you'd like her reasoning to be. If you read my O/O's you'll see what I'm into and we can shape something accordingly. We can also include any kinks you might want to throw in there (as long as I'm not creeped out o,o ) I consider myself pretty openminded so feel free to talk it over with me<3

If you want, she can sick some cultists on him or something: (I really like this picture♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥) If you can play two characters that combo might be interesting to add to the mix >:3 that adds a whole new sexy chain of dominance and whatnot.

The other idea doesn't have any pictures to it (although you could very well chose one of those to go with it) and is a little more rough around the edges. Pretty much all I have in mind is there is an unfortunate warlock who attempts to summon a powerful demon and somehow fucks up the incantation or whatever. (I've never played a warlock and don't know too much on how they play but I should know enough to be convincing) and accidentally summons a powerful succubus instead. This demon then turns on him and, y'know... does succubus things? :P

The sky's pretty much the limit with this one, I have a few things that might be interesting to try out if you want, like demonic ectoplasm tentacles or something along those lines :> 

In fact the second story doesn't have to be warcraft-related at all.

Lost Kitty ♥♥♥

This is Socrates, the time-space altering kitty. He can travel freely between dimensions, and somehow he's stumbled into our dimension. Specifically, in your shower. Luckily for Socrates, his mysterious nature and cheshire grin keep him safe in whatever dimension he comes from. Wherever that is, though, doesn't have people who like taking advantage of defenseless interdimensional beings... Especially kitties.<3

You can cuddle him, bite him, scratch him, hit him, fuck him.. you can even make him fuck you, too ;D He's super fuzzy and soft, I swear :3 

Obviously this doesn't have to be humanxfurry. I don't care too much what species your character is, as long as she's cute :]

That's all for now...  I'll post more later ^,^ Please PM or IM, I wanna keep this page clutter-free. Thanks!

Offline DomogasmTopic starter

Re: So what happens when I'm feeling submissive? ♥ [m seeks f]
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2011, 12:31:16 AM »
Oh, and here's a link to some short stories of mine, in case you'd like a writing sample :]

Offline Wolfy

Re: So what happens when I'm feeling submissive? ♥ [m seeks f]
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2011, 12:34:20 AM »
I pmed you with an idea. ^-^

Offline DomogasmTopic starter

Re: So what happens when I'm feeling submissive? ♥ [m seeks f]
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2011, 10:03:59 PM »
I had an idea for a long term roleplay.

It's going to focus on the relationship between a brother and sister (or like neighbors/close family friends or something, it really depends on what you're comfortable with), and their relationship as it progresses over the course of time. My character, Alec, is 19. His family, though well-off, isn't the least bit functional. Their father, nowadays moreso a wealthy introvert than before the passing of his wife, was never suited to raising a family, let alone ten kids. Playing an active, yet emotionally detached role in their lives left the younger children with no real grasp of what a family is supposed to be.

Following the death of his wife, the father secluded himself in his vast estate off the coast of Malibu. Over time, his mourning began to manifest itself through excessive self-gratification. He would throw huge parties, flaunting his wealth and power in an attempt to distract himself from the worries of everyday life; the responsibilities of a father.

Alec, being the youngest sibling, obviously had the hardest time dealing with the passing of his mother. Finding little solace in the lack of a stable father figure, he began experimenting with drugs at a young age. Though middle-school and early high school consisted primarily of harmless pot-smoking, he quickly was introduced to uppers like coke, tweak, and eventually entered a downward spiral of experimentation with opiates: like many opiate-heads he began slowly. Vicodin, Xanax, Oxycotin. However before he knew it, he descended into a world of filth, at the lowest point slamming black tar in the bathroom of a dive bar somewhere and waking up at the intensive care clinic at UCLA hospital.

Basically, I want to have some of set in the past, as a dream or memory sequence of some sort. The sister(neighbor/friend/whatever) who is closest to him in terms of age, as they're only three years apart. Their friendship brother/sister whatever relationship is obviously platonic in the flashback part... thing. They spend time together (there's a treehouse and everything trust me it'll be adorable) and are pretty much a positive outlet for one another, eventually developing genuine innocent love. I mean love, like... love. ^^ Not...attraction or anything. Brother sister non-sexual or non romantic love. Compassion, understanding.. you know like best friends and whatnot :3

So theres some undecided event which either leads them to grow distant or they grow distant as time progresses but I figure at some point there's either a place where Alec wakes up in the hospital after the OD thing and a few of his family members are there, eventually leave and then his sister or whatever visits him at the hospital.

So here's the fun part. She's been at grad school or in college somewhere or whatever and she could be some stoner rave chick or something, I don't know. (I guess she'd look like that girl from Harold and Kumar 2). Well, not look like her, but I mean that whole general style/vibe/thing? … o__= difficult to explain. But no I don't necessarily need to do a roleplay with that girl;

Maybe it'd be better if I keep describing the plot :S

Basically she was always kind of aggressive, that is she was normal but the two were equals, to say the least. (I like power struggles during sex >> leavemealone. And no, not when they're kids, don't be dumb 0:> ) So I want her to pretty much spend time with him.. positive outlet to help him curb the whole opiate thing. Mind you opiates are physically addictive and very very unpleasant to go cold turkey off of so they do... healthy things ^^
Okay, so I'm sure doing too many thizzles will leave your brain fried but obviously we aren't roleplaying e-tards here.
And I'm sure there will be plenty of weed to be smoked, 40oz's to be downed and whatnot. Basically the idea is that they spend time together again because she wants to help him get off the dope, they do fun stuff like roll balls and fuck. (obviously, prior experience is a plus here for accurate description but I'm sure most people could pull it off pretty easily. Think... 'omg♥') Ooh, and acid! (That shit makes you horny, I swear.) Or they could just like, candy flip or something... (e + acid) That would probably lead to sex.

The story could be anything at that point, I figure they do trippy shit together and have trippy sex sometimes :> (The drugs are an excuse to make it as kinky as we want :3) Like, she could coax him into sex or something, since I'd prefer him to be a tad submissive. That is, idk like I said there should probably be some resistance or struggle or something. (I'm thinking normally innocent sexually deviant raver chick?) I guess there could be motivation behind it or it could just be trippy glowing neon blacklight lava lamp glow-in-the-dark strapon sex or something :> heh.. I figure the best time for stuff like that is when you're already ♥gasming all over eachother because of how bomb you're feeling :3 seems like a reasonable explanation for kinky sex right? Idk, anyways please take a look at my O/O's (which I think are listed somewhere here....)

Plot from this point is pretty open-ended. Hopefully we can give it a happy ending of some kind ^^ no pun intended. Honestly, if you want to just pm or im me we can talk over the whole thing. (I prefer the latter but whatever works.) none of that o/o stuff is ever set in stone if you have some ideas or you want to change up parts of it please let me know.

I'd prefer to get to know you a little and become familiar with your personality, writing style, and of course your wildest fantasies ;D