Ana Luusi's Totally Updated and Fabulous List of Interests

Started by Ana Luusi, March 10, 2011, 02:38:42 AM

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Ana Luusi

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I will be updated as I see fit with more things. If you find something that inspires you with another idea, feel free to send me a PM.

Innocence Dies Young F/F --In the near future, single-sex boarding schools have become a mainstay across the country but particularly in the northern mid-west United States. These schools start from what would traditionally be middle school up through a bachelor's degree. All students live on campus and while visitation is allowed on the weekends, leaving is only allowed under exigent circumstances or for one weekend every quarter year. Education continues on through what is traditionally considered summer break and winter break. In the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, this new style of education has resulted in an almost non-existent crime rate and high quality of life. One school, Frosted Grove School for Girls, is the standout flagship of this new system's success. However, the school has grown slightly notorious. Rumors have it that Frosted Grove turns out more graduates identifying as bisexual and lesbian than any other school in even the timezone. No statistics exist, and although the rumors are unsubstantiated, in reality is it is entirely true.

Our characters, ranging from ages 16 to 18, would be returning to Frosted Grove after the holiday week off. My character would be slightly older, and has been at FG since she was 11. Your character could possibly be new to the school and its setting and likely inexperienced with sexual encounters of any kind at all.

Update: More entries will be added and updated in the future, just thought I'd put this one out now so people can get a look at it.