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Author Topic: Bringing Naruto D20 to E? (Original Characters Only! Now Recruiting! ...Again.)  (Read 13667 times)

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Online Zaer Darkwail

I do indeed plan focus on taijutsu, shinobi swordmaster in fact (using katana, as I think it counts as archaic weapon choice what advanced bloodline human gets). Anyways I do know I will lag behind but could take genius nin for taijutsu so I do not lag that much. Also note; bloodline levels do not count as LA kind deal. The bloodline levels do not retstrict maneuvers learned and allows learn bonus feats and ability scores etc. But gives no saves, SP nor HD. So 17th level basically for learning jutsus based on your level.

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

For this game, Nin Weapons and Archaic Weapons are almost interchangible. "Any class or occupation that grants Nin Weapons Proficiency as a possible bonus feat will also offer Archaic Weapons Proficiency. Any class that requires Nin Weapons as a prerequisite will also accept Archaic Weapons. This (and the armor proficiencies) represent the 'older' tone of the setting."

And besides, Shinobi Swordsman only requires proficiency with the chosen weapon.

Also, on pg. 744; "A bloodline level doesn't count towards your number of level when determining the power of your bloodline and does not count towards your number of levels when determining the power of spells or techniques, or the maximum rank of technique you can learn. It does, however, count towards determining your ECL (Effective Character Level)."

Ultimately, though, what matters to me most is the depth of the character, and not the length of the character sheet. :P Since the Mibu aren't pre-existing in the setting, It shouldn't be so difficult to justify why they exist in Tanigakure. (Hidden Valley Village just sounds too... delicious.) and feel free to flesh out the clan aplenty. I have some of my own ideas about the fluff of the village, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. :P

Online Zaer Darkwail

Ahaa, ok. I make the clan fluff then, take some inspirations what has been revealed about them and how they ended up into village. Anyways I would like introduce Mibu clan kind of trump card of the hidden village same sense as Byakugan is in Leaf village (or Sharingan was).

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

That would fit along nicely with some of the ideas I had for Tanigakure, namely;

That it's not a powerful village in its own right, but has a bountiful nation to provide for it. It rose to prominence in the 1st Shinobi World War. After the 2nd Hokage died in battle, the Leaf was conducting a full-scale retreat from the Cloud. The Hidden Rock, seeing this as a perfect opportunity, betrayed the Leaf and cut off their retreat back to the village, forming a massive battle line between the Hokage's forces and their home. Tanigakure came to Konoha's rescue, not in the form of actual manpower, but with vital intelligence on the Iwa formation. This information allowed the 3rd Hokage (Who, at the time, was only about 20 years old) was to lead the entire army virtually undetected through deep enemy territory, an unprecedented feat.

It solidified the Third's reputation and the alliance between Konoha and Tani today. They also fought together against Sunagakure, though the Hidden Sand could have been considered the winner, since Konoha pays them reparations (Set to expire sometime after Part 2.  ::) ::) ::) ) Tanigakure doesn't have to pay such reparations, however...

In short, the 1st Shinobi World War was pretty much everyone against everyone. Except for the Mist Village, which did not participate.
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Offline HollowX

Race: Human
Name: Lily Yuu

Speed Hero lvl 4
Attack bonus: +3
Will: +1
Fort: +1
Reflex: +2
Hit die 4d8 (hp):28

Chakra pool: 33
Chakra reserve: 9

Gender: female
Age: 13
Dex:18(4) (+1 at lvl 4)

Action points: 7

Occupation: Genin (from Academy Student)

Advanced bloodline (Hyuutan)
Blood Pact (Owls)
Improved chakra pool
Genin (sense chakra)
Ninjutsu adept
Light Armor Proficiency
Simple Weapons Proficiency

Sense chakra
Uncanny dodge 1

Class skills (as added onto fast hero by occupation):
Chakra control

Taijutsu: 7
Ninjutsu: 7
Chakra control: 7
Concentration: 7
Spot: 4
Genjutsu: 7

Rank 4:
Enma Ibuki no Jutsu (Hades' Breath Technique)

Rank 3:
Godai Taigeki: Shodan Jutsu (Elemental Beatdown: Rank One Technique) Gufuuran no Jutsu (Wind descriptor):
Kaihoudan (Pressure Cannon)(mastered)

Rank 2:
Chakra no Hikari (Chakra Light)(mastered)
Hyoutan no Jutsu (Ice Point Technique)
Shodan Kousoku (Rank One Speed)(mastered)

Rank 1:
Kinobori (Tree Climbing Technique)
Katsutai no Jutsu (Slippery Body Technique)
Kazegama no Jutsu (Wind Scythe Technique)
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Substitution Technique)
Bunshin No Jutsu
Henge No Jutsu
Nagarei no Jutsu (Cold Spell Technique)
Kenjutsu: Kudari-uchi (Sword Art: Downward Cut)
Kenjutsu: Agari-uchi (Sword Art: Upward Cut)
Fukurougan (Owl's Eyes)
« Last Edit: October 26, 2011, 08:18:00 PM by HollowX »

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

I personally am fond of predetermined HP (d4 = 3; d6 = 4; d8 = 5; d10 = 6; d12 = 7) just because HP is a permanent and unchanging thing across levels. But that tends to screw over the higher die characters.... So you can roll if you're feeling bold. :P

As a note, Action points aren't cumulative. Any leftovers are wasted when you gain a level. And do you mean Hyouton instead of Hyuuton?

And I probably should have mentioned... we already have two players (Mysterica & DigitLninja) and Mysterica has already written up a Moujuu Aishou character, albiet with a wolf instead. I don't have much of a problem, but it is somewhat of a certain niche role, and I'm not sure if you'd like the overlapping in roles. Although obviously an owl would be a little more of the sneaky recon type.

DigitLninja said his character will be thematically in the vein of the ANBU. Sneaky, I would presume. :P

That being said, since this is an effort to 'introduce' Naruto D20 to E as a whole and showcase how worthwhile it can be, I'm not inclined to turn anyone down who wants to play. :P

Also... Elemental Specialization is a bit far off a feat for 4th level. ::)
« Last Edit: October 26, 2011, 04:40:48 AM by Inerrant Lust »

Offline HollowX

Alright, give me some time and I'll get an edited version :)

Offline HollowX

Done, tell me if there's anything else wrong please.

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

Looks good. I kinda liked the snow, but oh well. :P

Have you ever heard of Myth Weavers?

You can sheets that look like this... and not just for Naruto D20 either. It's pretty useful. :P

I could offer suggestions if you know where you want to go from there, too. Like if you're aiming for eventual levels in Elementalist, taking the three levels in Shinobi Adept can end up helping out alot. :P

Now that I think about it... I didn't include chargen rules for Masteries, did I? How about 1d4+Level?

Offline HollowX

Admittedly I want to go for a ice type ninjutsu specialist with a good amount of water and wind type attacks as well, but until I get that feat that lets me ignore the requirements of ice or water being around my character would be pretty pathetic outside of those environments (and considering I don't know what environments we're going to be in...). I will start in on those jutsus when I get the feat, but for now I have to pick carefully *shrugs*.

As to eventual destination, I was thinking a Blink prestige class before I go into elementalist later on, I think the teleporting around would be cool :)

And finally onto character sheet. I would have used the D20 sites if I could, but as it's a pdf the only wayI could think of using it was to print it out, write my character out, and then scan it back in *shrugs*. If I can be pointed into an rp format sheet or a copyable one I'll gladly transfer the stats to that :)

What do you mean about masteries by the way, 1d4+level? And for the Mythweavers, what's the site like, I want to know before I register for it.
And I could go back to the snow owl sheet if you want, I just thought you meant that you preferred me not to have an animal companion by your earlier comment. I could also go the route of having a summoning contract with owls or something to, something I forgot to ask you about earlier :)
« Last Edit: October 26, 2011, 04:43:01 PM by HollowX »

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

Summoners are always fun. :P

Masteries are in Competence, Proficiency, Advanced Proficiency, ect. It should be around Pg. 252 of the book.

And I couldn't live with myself if I never gave a Suiton elementalist a body of water or put a Doton elementalist in a lake constantly. ;D

Honestly, I don't use Mythweavers at all for anything except the Sheets.  ::) ::) ::)

Offline HollowX

Oh? Then I could edit my character into a summoner?

And I was asking about the 1d4+level thing. Did you mean roll 1d4 to figure out the mastery of the techniques?

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

By all means. :P I encourage homebrewing. I think an Owl bloodpact would probably grant a bonus to move silently, and requirements vaguely in the same vein. I could see a good theme with a teleporting/owl summoning character. Fast and stealthy. The Hyouton could fit in easily enough too, but that whole ice element seems to be a Kiri thing, or more specifically Haku's clan. :P Not that I don't like it. :P In fact, in this game, the Mist hasn't gotten all kill-crazy with civil wars yet, so ice users probably haven't been persecuted there.

Oh, and I meant total masteries. :P Like.. If you rolled 4+4, you could master two techniques up to specialization. Although mastery for each technique is an interesting proposal...  ::)

Offline HollowX

Well alright then, my character is set :)

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

I'd like to get this started fairly soon, maybe this weekend or by next week. :P

So what seems to be the consensus on the forum to use?

NC: Human-System Small Groups (Human on Human. Or near-human, in the case of people like Kisame.)
NC: Exotic-System Small Groups (ex: Summoned creatures, Futa, Questionably human shinobi like half the Akatsuki... oh, and Monsters*)

*Yes, I said Monsters. In this campaign, mythical monsters still roam about in certain areas. Most villages have already or are on the way to eradicating them entirely, though.

I'm going to open up a OOC thread soon in one of those forums with everyone's character sheets and other rules and info for easy reference.

Online Zaer Darkwail

I haven't got time to sit and type up my char yet. But I thinked write about the Mibu clan in the Tanigakure.

Mibu Clan of Tanigakure
The Mibu Clan carries a rather unique bloodline heritage which is named after the physical manifestation of said bloodline, Red Eyes. However despite the name the bloodline gives no actual doujutsu ability, but rather the eyes turning from natural color to glowing crimson is sign of intense chakra spike inside person's body and the eyes burn by the excess chakra from such spike which gives person a superior physical prowess. Below is quote from family tome which deals with research and studies of this unique state;

Mystic Chakra Gate ("ma chakra mon"): All trueblooded descendants of the Mibu possess a secondary chakra network which resides within their soul residing in the intermediary dimension called the Ethereal ("munashigoku"). What is found within the body is merely the physical expression, that stretches itself throughout the body. It is composed of two components the Aether Currents ("akasha nagare") which connect to the body and the chakra circulatory system and then the Aether Core ("akasha kaku") which connect these components to the brain. Within the Mibu and their families the Mystic Chakra Gate acts as the central hub, for all chakra regulation throughout the body, thus Mibu never develop the Eight Celestial Gates, typically found in a normal human being. The Mystic Chakra Gate increases the development of the chakra coils within the Mibu, giving them an additional 108 tenketsu points which serve as the primary connections between the Aether currents and the primary chakra network.

Mibu Clan Akagan ("Red Eyes"): Mibu undergo a mutation at birth which causes the Aether Core increase the amount of Yin chakra flowing and expended in the body. This causes the Mibu to naturally expend large amounts of physical energy derived from the cells. In order to compensate, the body begins to develop and grow additional muscle fibers, and bone marrow to counteract the loss, lest the body be destroyed. Until they reach the age of puberty a Mibu will have terrible control over their chakra, however due to their physiological enhancements, they often possess superhuman acrobatic and athletic skill as compared to others. After puberty is reached the members Aether Core stabilizes, reducing chakra flow to normal levels. At this point the Mibu will undergo training to learn to activate the Aether Core once more, however the increase in chakra flow is ten times that as normal, augmenting their physical capabilities to untold levels. This has made them some of the most formidable warriors of the Mibu Clan, its leaders possessing Bijuu levels of chakra. This state is often compared to the Sage Mode, that some shinobi have been able to achieve, albeit in a naturally occurring state.

Curse of Red Eyes: Mibu clan members who possess the Red Eyes bloodline will suffer a slow mental break down. The channeling of Red Eyes state drives firstly person into madness where he cannot think rationally or focus properly. So it's dual edged sword which causes a ninjutsu skilled ninja to go berserk rage where he cannot use his strongest assets. This naturally drives Mibu clan focus a more taijutsu and other physical forms of combat which remain useful while in Red Eyes state. However the usage of the Red Eyes state also leaves permanent mental damage which over time causes a change of behavior to more violent, delusional or paranoid. More often than not Mibu clan members who have Red Eyes die young, either through reckless battle or driven early to serious deep madness to a point so that Mibu clan shows mercy with gentle execution. This results that Red Eyes is considered both as gift and sign for future tragedy ahead to a youth who develops this power.

However there is expection; Mibu have seen that once every while, around once or twice per generation, one of Mibu clan members possess what is called true Red Eyes. Unlike from rest Mibu clan who can manifest red eyes part of chakra spike, the ones whit true Red Eyes chakra spike does not go down. Instead it becomes a permanent state where their eyes glow constantly by raw chakra power which empowers their bodies untold levels constantly. This results that youth who goes to such permanent red eye state has very difficult time to learn new things and difficult control their chakra overflow influenced emotions. But once youth masters his state they can ascend to powers of greatness which could be compared to prowess of Bijuu. Altough true Red Eyes is not Bijuu technically but in practice when youth manifests such power their lives is very similar to Jinchuuriki; limited, guarded, suspicious and very narrowed into hours of constant training master their mind in their state and also master unique arts which are reserved only those who have true Red Eyes. Which includes Mibu clan only swordstyle which focus on mastering one three elements; Fire, Wind and Water. Because in past any true Red Eye had manifested one those three as natural elemental affinity and developed so the three distinct styles. Even few mastered two element styles.

This unique trait which first natural occurrence has long since faded into myth which tells about first possessor of red eyes had been a oni tainted half-spawn which transferred the burning demonic chakra to it's offsprings which came forth in form of chakra driven rage. This gift was hidden many generations until it started rapidly bloom in descendants during first shinobi war. Naturally people who's eyes started glow red in battle joined up together and formed a singular family to support each other in chaotic times. The family faced many hardships and it ended up form their home into Tanigakure specifically because it was not hidden ninja village at the time and so provided safe place of refuge to war torn hearts and minds.

However they soon discovered that despite moving out of the ways to avoid get involved with shinobi war, it continued spread and go close to the place which they had decided to call home. Villagers at time were helpless and family had hid it's heritage and their war harnessed combat skills to avoid villagers to fear them when they wanted only peacefully coexist with them. After long consideration they decided to make a stand and so they put on their family crest; a red eye with white iris, into their clothes and dressed into armors and picked tools of war once more. So when enemy shinobi chose village as battlefield for their dispute the Mibu clan gave both sides one fair warning to back off. One side agreed while other did not, the ninjas attacked the village because they had guts to challenge them.....villagers huddled together inside their houses when shinobi forces approached with bloodlust and prideful anger.

Mibu clan then displayed themselves in nameless shinobi armor and arms and made direct attack on enemy from ambush! Showing ruthless display of taijutsu along with their natural glowing eyes adding frightening appearance to their forces and using it to their advantage they inspired fear in enemy and made enemy forces back off with some large loses to Mibu clan in that day. Several close family members, mostly very young or very old, had died. After display of such selfless act to protect the village the villagers did not fear the red glowing eyed Mibu clan and instead accepted them as their protectors. A duty which Mibu clan gracefully accepted.

Over time Mibu clan formed average shinobi corps which they trained and it slowly but gradually transformed Tanigakure from average village into a hidden village with it's unique form of governance where town mayor was same as kage. Some disgruntled and ambitious Mibu clan members question this because of their position as guardians they expected to be rulers of the village and so far village law forbids the Mibu clan ever to be a kage of the very village which they protect! However elders of the clan made decision long time ago keep the arm which protects the village and the arm which governs separated. So ironically this can lead that altough kage can be very strong in their village, but the Mibu clan champion may be stronger than the kage.
« Last Edit: October 27, 2011, 06:18:29 AM by Zaer Darkwail »

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

Whoa. :P

First off, I thank you for putting all the time and effort into just the fluff. It's refreshing. ;D

The Kawa Daimyo, I had imagined, is fairly totalitarian. In a lot of ways similiar to Hanzo, having to deal with multiple powerful neighbors. Part of his strength is the information network that helped him win Konoha's trust in the past war. Obviously a village like Tanigakure can't really stand up to the sheer manpower of Suna or Konoha, so many Tani Ninja have, I would assume, an emphasis on intelligence-gathering type skills. The Daimyo himself seeks omniscience in his techniques... Anyways,

He's fairly old (60-ish I would say), having been a veteran of the First Shinobi War (Which happened 15 years prior to the campaign...) and I imagine he and the Mibu would have clashed often since the village was founded. The Daimyo might even be the sort of paranoid bastard to attempt an Uchiha-type massacre. But it'd be difficult for him to accomplish that through a brute-force solution. The idea of the Mibu being the 'military arm' of the village would make him very uncomfortable. He's a bit of a control freak. ;)

I mean, I AM trying to nudge the party into eventually leaving Tanigakure to travel around the world. ::)

So there's possibly a potential plot in there about the tensions between the Mibu and the Daimyo... If you're interested.  ::)

Online Zaer Darkwail

Ok, I understand :). If the Kawa Daimyo is indeed like Hanzo and bit paranoid control freak he would not like Mabi family much at all because Mabi family has simply power which he cannot never copy; a bloodline. A very potent bloodline in fact.

It's by his influence he had become kage of the village and kept Mabi family not gain even single influence there, but because Mabi family guards the village with their life they have kind of folk hero status there and he feels this popularity towards them instead of him could be source of jealousy and fear Mabi will eventually take control of things.

Reason why Mabi family tolerates this is because Kawa Daimyo brings balance between being small nation and ninja village and he is indeed good organizer and has keen head and charisma for negotiations with other ninja villages (despite Mabi's personal dislike for it but they approve it as Konohan is a ally worth of respect by their view). So they are inside nation outcastes who work as guardians and have own training for their youths who have above average chakra and temperament which needs to be tamed properly before send out into field.

Anyways I thinked solution for the problem I have +3 LA which is kinda crippling when rest are 4th level. How sounds we change True Red Eyes so that it does not give a 'constant' output but simply removes the 'madness' related to Red Eye state and also side effect those without True Red Eye feat gradually go mad from the power (more faster if they use their state more often). So removal of madness but otherwise normal duration (or perhaps become a stance so it can last a long time but cannot held up forever). So it would not bring the increased LA (and so have only advance human template which gives +1 which is more toleratable).

I leave up to GM decide how my char splits from the village but the Uchiha-type massacre could be possible (or coup attempt from Mabi which backfires and Mabi family gets reduced a lot and everyone scatters).

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

As far as the duration goes... Red Eyes adds +2 temporary Con, which is equal to your HD in temporary chakra. Which pretty much means you can use it 'free of cost' for a number of rounds equal to your level. (And twice your level at 18 :P) So I'm not too keen on extending the duration.

So something like this?

Benefit: While using the Red Eyes ability, the character retains his concentration normally, and is still able to perform techniques with the Concentration components, and use the Concentration skill and Intelligence-, Wisdom- and Charisma-based skills.

Mibu is always such a popular bloodline. My first character was actually a True Red Eyes... but he destroyed both of his eyes to hide his identity since he couldn't turn the red blinkers off. ::) Although it isn't a doujutsu and technically that shouldn't effect it, he mechanically operated as if blind and bloodline-less. :P

Actually, True Red Eyes is a specific branch of the clan. It seems exceedingly rare, even for Red Eyes which is supposed to be very rare in of itself. Perhaps the ability to use it without going mad is less of a thing you're born with and more of a thing that you train to control. It would probably be a feat, and maybe not one readily available at the earliest opportunity (it takes time and experience afterall to master one's own emotions...)

As far as the details of it go, I'm not sure at the moment. I must go to sleep. :P

Online Zaer Darkwail

I would be fine if you can train for 'true red eyes' and it instead is feat which enchances the bloodline ability. Remove basically it's flaw. It could have req like 8 concentration ranks before you can take it. Also it would not make duration permament so it would not increase LA at all (but still doing permament red eyes on person who masters his power). However it would mean edit little the background to do so.

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

I suppose this isn't exactly the place to discuss the game, moreso searching for players and such. :P

Anyways, I made an OOC thread