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November 30, 2020, 04:30:30 AM

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Author Topic: *busts into song* I stiiiill haven't found what I'm lookin' for... - IM games  (Read 886 times)

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Offline mystictigerTopic starter

So. This is not a "screw u guize im leavin" post. Rather, it is me hoping for advice, direction, and guidance.

There is, to my mind, a very big difference between play-by-post 'RP' and IM 'RP'. I put these in scare quotes for a reason. In my experience, the more greater gap between posts than between IMs means that PbP becomes 'colabourative writing', while IM tends to be closer to my experience of table-top RP.

Also, IM RP - for me at least - tends to be more about interaction and PbP tends to be more about description.

Co-op writing isn't something I'm craving at the moment. By contrast, pen-and-paper RP is something that I'm desperately after. My IRL group has died, and my purveyors of RP (Pirate Vegetables) have dried up apart from one source.

I've been keeping an eye on the non-forum RP section, but there's nothing there that I want. I want to play a pen-and-paper RP that might have adult elements via IM. I don't want to take part in a freeform scenario, most of which seemed heavily geared to the adult elements.

Any suggestions for how can I find me a game I want to play / run? Or failing that, where else I might go to look


Offline Tsenta

Well patience could be one thing, have you also advertised that you're interested in such a game. I know there are plenty of people out there who love playing systems game, though they prefer either in groups or other methods than IM (due to post limit, no means to see dice, etc)

I'm one of those people who love system games (Preferably D&D 3.5, little inexperienced with other systems) but a bit jaded to erotic roleplay in system games, also have a personal preference to methods of being able to see dice rolls than making them up.

It's all a matter of patience and presentation my friend! :)

Offline Oreo

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You might also do a little detective work and search the Games RP sections for likely partners and contact them via PM. See if they might be interested in an IM game. State your reasons as you have here. You might get some hits.

Offline mystictigerTopic starter

I've put up two or three adds in the IM section, but the kind of responses are usually for the sort of thing I don't want to run - for example, it is not the case that a PbP game is somehow equivalent to an IM game - they aren't interchangeable. Given also that I can't bump my advert in the IM section, there's only so much polishing I can do.

Thank you, though, for your comments.

Offline Blitzy

You could put the link to the post in your signature to advertise it, so to speak, as well.

Offline Oniya

*nods*  Having your ideas link in your sig is also a good way of connecting with people who might not actively search the RPs wanted board, but might look for someone based on writing style or personality.

Offline mystictigerTopic starter

Thank you for your suggestions. Changes implemented.

And given that I mostly spend my time lurking in the Politics & Religion section, I suspect that people there are most likely going to want to have me shot before wanting to RP with me :)

Offline Oniya

Whatever your opinions on issues, you do show the ability to put together a sentence well.  That counts for something in many people's books.  :-)