Bad Gateway? O-o

Started by Wolfy, November 29, 2010, 08:33:38 AM

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For some reason, I seem to get a "Bad Gateway" randomly while on goes away after a few seconds, but still. It says something about being caused by the maintenance at 5 am. O-o Anyone else experience this?


Quite possibly the server dump...Elliquiy is soo big with so much going on it the server needs a ciggy and beer before dutifully coming back to serve our needs (okay that's the simplified version..heh)


The only problem with that is it shouldn't be happening until the 1st at about 4:30am CST <_<

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I think that's when I reloaded php. Wolfy just got unlucky.

There really should be no more extended downtime, until we either upgrade the server or move again.