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Author Topic: Gallery of Debauchery (M/M Search: Bondage to Extreme) [Open for Stories!]  (Read 8396 times)

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Online KhorazTopic starter

Gallery of Debauchery.

Enjoy your browse...

What You'll Find...

  • Introduction : A little bit about me and how I roleplay, nothing much but please give it a quick scan.
  • To Seduce You... : As they sound; any story ideas that I happen to have. ~Updated October 2nd~
  • Pairings : General pairing with no concrete plot behind them, I've highlighted ones that hold a particular interest.
  • Fandoms : Various pairings from pre-existing words.
  • The Gallery : I often go on picture hunts and stumble upon images that catch my eye; here is where they all are for you to browse and if any in particular hold an interest, they will be noted. ~Updated September 23rd~ Added possible ideas with the pictures... Please look!
  • Music Prompts : I'm not sure if anyone listens to these, but here are tunes that really charge my creative mind; I have plot ideas for these so please give them a listen, and if any intrigue you, please drop me a PM. ~Updated September 23rd. Craving this music currently~
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Re: Feathers and Fancies (Introduction)
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2010, 02:41:43 AM »

I’d like to first note that the gender of the player doesn’t matter to me in the slightest; though the plots here are M/M, I’m happy to write with females as long as said writing is well donw.

Please check out my Ons and Offs also; I find it's nice to get to know the person you roleplay with, so I'll look at yours if you PM me too.

Though I’m still most certainly a submissive at heart, that doesn't mean that all my characters are meek and softly spoken; they will be on the receiving end of the pairings most of the time, though I can play more strong-willed submissives for those of you who like a challange in breaking in a character. Over the last few weeks I've enjoyed playing more feisty characters, subs that are in control of the relationships... So I'm easing away from the weak side of submissive play.

Please note also that cravings in bold are ones that have a particularly high place in my list and I would love to do these plots, whatever they may be. Also I like to do multiple versions of the same story on occasion, so please don't fret if you see two or more different versions.

Most stories in this thread will be rather dark in nature; you won’t find many cutsie and loving plots here, though on occasion there will be one or two. Non-consensual acts, bondage and extreme are my preference genres of writing, which will feature heavily in many of these plots.

I typically post at the very least two paragraphs per post, though often it's between four and five,  with my longer posts being up to ten, but in general I'll try to match whatever you give me; I'm quite flexible with post length. I often post every day unless I'm ill, or something comes up in my life, but if you feel like I'm neglecting a roleplay then don't hesitate to drop me a PM; I'll happily tend to it as soon as I can.

Please don't stop a roleplay without telling me. I'm patient in regard to waiting for a reply, but if you haven't posted for a couple of weeks I'll drop you a PM just to check that things are alright. If you've lost interest I'll be fine, just please don't leave me hanging.

I'm very open to new ideas too, so if you feel like you want to roleplay with me but nothing jumps out at you, feel free to send me a PM and I'd be happy to chat.

Finally, please don't reply to this thread; send me a PM if you're interested, thank you!
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Online KhorazTopic starter

Feathers and Fancies (Plots)
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2010, 06:50:32 PM »
To Seduce You...

The various plots that I hope to tempt you with... Please PM me if you're interested. Though I've listed ones that I'm particularly craving, please don't shy away from asking me about the others; I'm interested in all of my plots.

Mini Starters.

These are very brief plot outlines that I'm craving to do, with little in the way of substance... I'd love to chat any out with people if the concept appeals. As always, please send me a PM!

  • This might be cliche... But lately I have been DYING to play a cat boy (don't want to use the 'n' word). It could be the innocent little kitten, the feisty or lost stray... Anything. Just give me cat ears and a tail... And paws if you like.
  • Craving a story based from this NSFW picture with myself as the blonde. Perhaps drugged and  taken advantage of by your character, with mine actually enjoying it...?
  • I'm adding this craving again; recently I've been playing Dragon Age 2 again and my desire for RP in the universe has come back again: I'm desperate to play either Fenris or Anders, and have several plot ideas for both characters... But I'd be open for any ideas anyone else has.
  • Something involving vampires; either the classy, aristocratic sort, or the feral ones... I have yet to have a story involving them and I want!

Plots I'm Craving:Masquerade, Pay Your Dues, Kindred Spirits.

Kindred Spirits.

This plot is vague, but something I adore the idea of. In the world I imagine, each person's soul in bonded to an animal, jot a physical creature but in heart and soul, a deep connection that can never be severed. Whether one possesses the raging heart and courage of a tiger or the iron will and speed of the horse is determined soely by birth; in theory a family of felines might produce a canine, but such births are rare indeed. Pure bloodlines are often nurtured to create the greatest soul link possible and thus the greatest people to advance the survival of any given species... But sometimes there are incidents that shift the balance if power. Sometimes two completely different species come together through a chance of fate.

Two such people are those of the Horse and Tiger; hothead strong and proud warriors from each of their bloodlines and the end result of a great amount of control amidst the soul link families. They should never have met outside of battle or regulated noble events, and yet by chance theypass on the street and instantly catch the scent of one another's power. Intrigued, and naturally so, they cautiously approach one another and begin to speak and form a thin bond of friendship frowned upon by all who know of it. Over time this deepens to something beyond a simple kinship; to a bond that cannot be broken.

They meet in secret, speak in secret, have many heated and frantic encounters in the dead of night, but on the surface their families grow ever more weary of each other until it seems battle is imminent to establish the rightful ruler of the lands... Will the pair stand together? Stay by their families and try to abandon their love? Or will they flee and live a life away?

This plot is fairly open; I would prefer to play the part of the Horse but it's jot necessary... There would be bondage in this; a fiery relationship with both characters being heated, neither one being submissive... I'd love to develop this with someone.

Model Misbehavior.

Note: This plot could work as it is, or with two rival models...

Models are known fore being egotistical; obsessed with their appearance, willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead of the competition. Extreme diets, excursive, plastic surgery, anything is fair game in order to stay ahead and claim the best contracts with the high end of fashion. A chance for a six month long middling term comes along to young Riuki Sanada; a fresh young model from the streets of Tokyo and he leaps at them opportunity to prove his talents to the American clients, using his more petite and feminine frame to his full advantage, effectively blasting through the auditions to the final cut.

Between himself and two other models he has never before met he pushes himself further to make himself look perfect, and he cannot help but realise how attractive his photographer is. The line of clothing is revealing, skin tight and terribly appealing to the alternative crowd; leather pants, heeled booths and tight tops offer Riuki the best chance to flaunt his figure and tease with his photographer, trying to bring the man onto his side to ensure he gets the job.

During the photo shoots he poses more promiscuously, more raw and animalistic. He never thought his efforts paid off however, as the photographer always seemed professional... Until one night during a late photo shoot and he finds himself becoming tired, sluggish after drinking his usual coffee, and he soon passes out in the middle of the shoot, waking up an unknown amount of time after, bound and stripped naked.

The photographer was driven wild with desire, waited for his chance and took it to claim the model how he wanted to... But the young model is all too happy to oblige him; having a certain love of ropes and harder love...

I would play Riuki, and I'm looking for some bondage themes in this, a D/s relationship with the model eagerly succumbing to the photographer's desires and teasing mercilessly in return. I'd also love crossdresssing in this story, dressing up in costumes and outfits that can be discussed in PM.


It is often said that people wear masks every day to hide their truer selves from the rest of the world and show only what they want others to see. During grand and beautiful masquerade balls, this is never more clear; some choose simple masks of plain material, others lavish attention on luxurious designs and accessories in order to make themselves appear regal and more refigmed. In places where one can never be certain who the one they are dancing with it, a great many curious things may happen.

Friendships made, bonds broken, lovers torn or affairs begun. Who can say what each person is thinking behind the mask? To many that is the lure of such balls; a chance to let their hair down and act in whatever way they wish within the confines of the wonders parties, but for some, such occasions are intimidating and troublesome; for people who wish to remain simple and free of worry.

One young man, always in a delicate mask of white and red, is perhaps not as enamoured with the idea of masquerade as the majority; he attends the balls and smiles along with the crowd thou behind the mask all he wants to do is retreat to the quieter confines of manors.
Another is more free and unchained with his desires, choosing elaborate designs in am background of black; he enjoys the thrill of never knowing who he meets, never knowing what will happen. Something of a Casanova, he never fails to sweep another off their feet.

These two meet at numerous balls, and always seem to find themselves together. The more open male is determined to conquer the fragile beauty of the demure White mask, and yet always he slips away. It becomes a game played between the two in the grand parties as they always wear the same masks to ensure they recognise one another; the White mask, out of a polite curiosity, the black, the desire to enjoy whatever pleasures are offered...

Eventually the allure of the black mask becomes too much however, and the White falls beneath the spell, leading to numerous heated encounters, but never outside of the balls. Will they ever meet outside? Will they know it if they do? This plot could go any number of ways... I'd love to discuss it with anyone willing. Id want to see some bondage, possible developing into a D/s relationship and I would play the White mask.

Mail-Order Pets.

Imagine a world where human half-breeds are commonplace; people with animalistic features that are used as pets only by those who can afford them. They are bred for whatever purpose the desired owner will require them for and groomed to nothing short of perfection from the usual house pet companions, to working animals, to sexual toys; there is a pet for every need. As they are expensive, there is a thriving trade for renting out pets for those who cannot afford to own one; if one needs to show off at a social function, they would hire a beautiful pet to walk to heel. The one condition of such deals is that the pet is not used sexually, or else the full price has to be paid.

One such man (your character) decides to rent out a pet for the above reason; he wants to make a good impression on those he works with and so hires a beautiful animal (the species is up to you) to accompany him for a week, thinking that he would have no problems not using the pet's sexual 'function'. The pet however, has been groomed to be a sex toy and as such is rather determined to fulfil his purpose. Essentially the animal would be a 'power bottom'; mostly in control and pushing your character until he gave in.

I'm currently craving this, and the above idea is just one; if anyone has any other ideas, maybe involving a wealthy man who buys one for himself or as a present, I'd love to hear them.

Note: Currently playing this as a cat and a rabbit; looking for other animals.

An Awkward Situation...

The opening post below is what I would post for this; the basic idea was spoken about between myself and another person, but it didn't work out. The idea is that a young boy is a prostitute, not really by choice; he needs money to fund his studies and ensure that he can eventually get away from the job. He's been a popular whore for the few months he's been part of the 'company' and has a rather forward, sassy persona that he puts forward when he goes out to meet clients. Inwardly however, he's rather shy and quiet; wanting to keep his personal and professional lives entirely separate.

This all changes however, as he meets one such client. It all goes well; he's paid and leaves to prepare to start collage the next day... As fortune would have it, the client turns out to be the very man who now tutors him. The story would focus on their relationship, and how it affects their lives. I see this being fairly light-hearted, but I'd love for it to include some bondage, maybe fun crossdressing, but it's not essential; it depends on what you'd like.

I'm looking for someone to play the teacher, and here's the opening post...

The rain peppered down upon the sidewalk as Ren walked slowly along the path, a small umberella held lightly within a slender and pale hand to protect carefully ruffled black hair from the elements. Tight dark blue jeans clung to his legs as he walked, faded patches upon his knees indicating that they were rather well-worn, though this didn’t impact on the pleasant view any passers-by received, should they look at the boy’s behind. Ankle-high boots clicked lightly on the wet flor as he hurried along, matched with a leather jacket that hid the rather exotic shirt beneath; litle more than a thin black net over his slender frame.

He had received a call from a client, a small note with the address scribbled on it clutched n his fre hand, which he occsionally looked down at to confirm the destination. He was always slightly nervous whenever he approached a new home, or wherever his clients chose to take his services; stories were around about how whores would vanish and turn up dead on the streets, but he had a good network f people around him and always called to check on him. He would be alright. “Near... Mmn...” He murmured, eyeing the large school grounds that he passed with a heavy sigh.  Never mix personal and proffessional lives; thats what he told himself, and yet with his new school so near, it could make his irst day potentially awkward...

“Oh, here...” Ren said finally as he stopped outside a small door, tilting his head to one side. Not a bad place; certainly not the kind of home one would think of for a man who would hire such entertainment. It wasn;t his place to judge however and he took a deep breath, placing a small and mischevious smirk upon his lips before he knocked on the door.

It was important not to show his nerves and he donned his usual persona; jutting his hips to one side, resting his free hand on his hip, his eyes fixed intently on where the man who requested him would appear. Once the door opened, the boy would run his tongue slowly over his lips and purr quietly, his tone making it clear that it was he who was requeted. “Evening... What can I do for you, Sir?” He added a wink for good measure.


Elves are a dangerous race. Always plotting, always trying to banish the humans from the forests that were once their's, and years upon years of propaganda have turned every single man, woman and child against the forest folk. While it is true that the elven people hold a great deal of hatred for their human cousins due to the discrimination they have suffered and the loss of their homeland, they keep very much to themselves unless threatened, at which point they will reveal their wild and feral natures to dispell any intruders.

One such elf was Falanor; one a single patrol around what little remained of his people's land he was set upon by an ambush party of bounty hunters seeking quick coin and after a great struggle, was brought to the dungeon of the Royal Castle as something of an example to the other elves. He would be used to prove to the townsfolk how terrible the elves were, used as a deterrent to the others of his race and a personal plaything for the sadistic King. Not that Falanor would lay back and allow such things to happen; he would take any chance to snap at his human oppressors, making heavy bondage almost a necessity.

I'm looking for someone to play the King... This will be Extreme, with scenes of torture, possible bloodplay, bondage and public humiliation.

Pay Your Dues.

Picture Inspiration: All are NSFW! One, Two, Three

Jake had always been a good boy; had achieved good grades in school, made a close circle of friends who stayed out of trouble and he even juggled a full-time job alongside his studies. His life was uneventful but pleasant on the outside, however his home-life was another matter. His father was a drunk and a gambler; often leaving the house for days on end only to return with yet more debt to add to the family's growing number and it was only a matter of time before the debt collectors would come calling...

His father was at the end of his rope; had given all the money he had and it barely scratched the surface. Driven by desperation and the lust for further gambling he offered the only thing he had left to give; Jake. The boy returned home from collage only to find a group of men from the casino waiting for him, who took him from his comfortable life and thrust him into the office of the manager; known for his heartlessness and cruel demeanour. He was told of how he had been given to pay a debt, how he was expected to do anything and everything told or else is father would suffer... Left with no choice, Jake agrees and begins his new life as the casino's newest attraction...

The story would follow what Jake is asked to do; I'm looking for someone to play the Manager and any other characters that would be introduced to Jake... This could b either Bondage or Extreme, depending on what could be included. I see crossdressing, forced prostitution, public scenes, but it's limitless in what's possible.

Abuse of Authority.

Picture Inspiration: All are NSFW! One, Two, Three

Lucien was a raw recruit in the army; one of many young hopefuls wanting to make a name for themselves in the war that ravaged the land. The academy in which he trained was difficult and gruelling due to the rigorous schedule and harsh training, but he complete the induction with flying colors and was granted a position in the highest regiment run by the greatest Captain the army possessed. Everyone knew the man for his fantastic leadership and charismatic aura; Lucien had joined the army idolising the Captain and he was thrilled to be serving under him.

The boy soon caught the Captain's eye however, for less pleasant reasons than his fighting ability. The man grew fond of him and brought him into his private quarters to indulge in a fine meal and even finer wine, at which point a proposition is made; a promotion to the Captain's personal assistant. Increased pay, more prestige... Without thinking, Lucien agrees without thinking of just how low he will have to sink in order to be the Captain's idea of an assistant... He becomes something more akin to a pet and is made to indulge in whatever desires the Captain wishes, else he faces being discharged in disgrace from the army he so loves.

I'm looking for someone to play the Captain... I'd like for this to be Extreme, with lots of kinks being explored. An S/M relationships, humiliation and pain will all feature.

The Tutor.

Picture Inspiration: NSFW! One, Two

Anel needed help; no matter how he tried his grades never matched up to what his mother and father wanted from him. Both were distinguished doctors, well known and successful in the wealthiest of communities and as a boy who loved to paint, his academics spilled, much to his parents' displeasure. They didn't appreciate his flair for the arts and as such they insisted that a tutor be hired to ensure that their son would not be a disappointment. Of course Louise was against the idea; stubborn and set in his desire to follow his dream he was determined to ignore the man as much as possible.

When the tutor arrived however, he was shocked by how attractive the man was, and found himself unconsciously leaning closer, craving a little extra praise from the professional man... As the time comes for a surprise test however, he is suddenly shown the unorthodox method used to determine just how much he was paying attention; reciting facts and figures was difficult enough for Louise... Let alone when he was forced to do so under the tutor's sinful touch and influence. As time moves on, their relationship drifts more and more intimate, kept a secret from the controlling parents and the tutor steadily introduces Louise to more and more aspects of pleasure, while always ensuring he learns at the same time.

I'm looking for someone to play the tutor... This would be Bondage with lots of consentual kinks being explored.

Devil's Duet.

*Note: This is based off a previous roleplay that I had before my partner vanished. It can be found here. You don't have to read it at all, but if you're curious about the kind of atmosphere/writing quality I'm looking for them give it a peek.

The Twins

Eerie *I'm looking for someone to play him*
Extremely protective of his brother to the point of being deeply possessive, he is the more dominant of the pair. He enjoys the play with their enemies before finally killing them and also is fond of toying with the carcasses left over from the carnage. Though neither of the twins are overly focused on the 'bigger picture' he is (sometimes) able to keep his twin in check to ensure that they are able to progress and do what needs to be done... Though often he succumbs to his brother's manner and they are again delayed.
He takes great amusement in toying with he mind's of unwary humans before revealing his true identity, often using his willing brother in their games that often serve no purpose other than to entertain.
Despite his efforts however, Aeori often wins out whenever he pesters for their 'playtime', much to his twins' delight.
The stronger of the pair he is more physically weakened when separated from his twin.

Aeori *I will play this character*
Defined by his adoration and obsessive nature over his beloved brother, he is (for lack of a better word) a slut and constantly craves his brother's rough and delicious affections. Ever so slightly shorter than his twin he never leaves Eerie's side unless somehow forced and he becomes extremely distraught, should that ever happen; retreating into himself, crying out for his brother's return.
Just as playful as Eerie in regard to toying with innocent humans; enjoying the games they concoct, he doesn't quite have his brother's love for the fight, though watching his twin in the heat of battle often invoke a powerful sense of desire that is difficult for Eerie to put down, and he often simply gets his way.
Though more submissive that his twin, he had no problem with trying to playfully force the issue of their physical relationship onto Eerie, even when more critical matters must be tended too. As this suggests, he is very stubborn and it is difficult to make him change his mind once he is settled.

If anyone has any ideas for a plot involving these two I'd be happy to hear it! I'm craving these two terribly.
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Online KhorazTopic starter

Feathers and Fancies (Pairings)
« Reply #3 on: November 27, 2010, 06:21:42 PM »

*Note: I would be willing to play the part in bold, also I have ideas for many of these pairings, so if any strike you, please feel free to PM me, either with your own ideas or I can tell you some of mine*

Prison Guard/Prisoner
Doctor/Patient *Craving*
Tentacle abomination/Victim*Always desiring tentacles*
Twincest *This is high up on my craving list... Very high*
Drider/Drow *Craving this*
Drow/Surface Elf
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Feathers and Fancies (Fandoms)
« Reply #4 on: November 30, 2010, 04:37:42 PM »

*Note: I would play the character in bold*

Currently Craving: Loveless, Okani Ga Nai, Hellsing.



Okane Ga Nai/No Money
I would honestly love anyone forever who would roleplay this with me... I love this so very much!

Lovecraft Horror.
I would love to play a character taken by the Elder Gods or the men of Cthulhu’s cult as a sacrifice. Anything in this vein would be adored and very much loved; please PM me for plot ideas!

Final Fantasy VII

Upon watching the Hellsing Ultimate series (what's out at least) I've been struck by a terrible craving for Hellsing roleplay. I'd love to play against someone playing Alucard; a wonderfully sadistic and powerful character. The scenes wouldn't be pleasant in this story; it would almost certainly go in the extreme category; lots of violence, blood, gore... All the things that make Hellsing wonderful.
Alucard/Young Walter
Alucard/OC (The personalit could be discussed; I’d happily play any kind of character against Alucard)

Final Fantasy X

Resident Evil

Soul Calibur
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Feathers and Fancies (Picture Prompts)
« Reply #5 on: November 30, 2010, 09:02:01 PM »
The Gallery.

*Note: There are both SFW and NSFW images here, some quite Extreme; Be warned before you take a peek*

For this image, I see perhaps a Prince and his guardian... Or it could perhaps even be brothers...

Something definitely religious-based; I adore the whole setting and would love to explore it...

A pair of demon's; one being the captive of the other... Maybe something of an obsession brewing?

Twins; dark, dirty and very very bad. He he...

A school bully type situation. I'd adore this very very much...

I love the emotion in this picture; forbidden love between two rival races? Perhaps a Romeo and Juliet affair?

An abusive relationship scenario? Or one side desperate to make the other person love them?

This makes me picture an interrogation, or a gang-based RP...

I absolutely adore this picture. Two popstars? Actors? Completely open.

Like a picture above; a school scenario. Would love this very much.
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Feathers and Fancies (Music Prompts)
« Reply #6 on: December 04, 2010, 09:00:46 PM »
Music Prompts.

Here will be the occasional song that catches my eye; for these I have solid ideas that I'd love to discuss with people, or hear your own... Either way, please drop me a PM if you're interested.

Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil lyrics
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Added Introduction and Contents pages.
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Refortmatting; Making things a bit neater
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Lovecraft Fandom added
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Done a huge update: Added all remaining categories, linked inspirational pictures, expanded plots.

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Re: Feathers and Fancies (M/M Search: Plots, Pairings and Fandoms)
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Pictures Uploaded

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Re: Feathers and Fancies (M/M Search: Plots, Pairings and Fandoms)
« Reply #12 on: January 03, 2011, 09:05:23 PM »
Added more pictures and particular cravings.
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Re: Feathers and Fancies (M/M Search: Plots, Pairings and Fandoms)
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Fixed thepictures and added some new ones...

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Re: Feathers and Fancies (M/M Search: Plots, Pairings and Fandoms)
« Reply #14 on: January 13, 2011, 06:34:21 PM »
'Into The Wild' added

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Re: Feathers and Fancies (M/M Search: Plots, Pairings and Fandoms)
« Reply #15 on: January 14, 2011, 06:45:48 PM »
'Abyssal Captive' added

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Re: Feathers and Fancies (M/M Search: Plots, Pairings and Fandoms)
« Reply #16 on: January 18, 2011, 03:34:44 PM »
Added Music Prompts

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Re: Feathers and Fancies (M/M Search: Plots, Pairings, Fandoms and Prompts!)
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Added 'Beautiful, Dirty, Rich'

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Added a note regarding a semi-hiatus. Open for roleplays again.

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Re: Feathers and Fancies (M/M Search: From Light to Extreme!)
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Important note added: I'm now willing to play Dominant roles.

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Done a huge overhaul; moved pictures in, moved plots in... Everything.

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Added Fenris plots. Craving them currently!

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Added 'An Awkward Situation...'

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Added 'Mail-Order Pets'

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Added cravings, modified introduction.