Heroine Humiliation [F seeking M] [Discord]

Started by OliviaLing, July 31, 2010, 12:18:43 AM

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[Update] My stories are constantly in flux, and really depend on the partner, so the below listed scenarios are suggestions/ideas. I do highly recommend you read my O/Os to get an idea of what I enjoy! https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=89794.0

Hello!!  Below are some fantasies that I'd love to play with a partner. My superheroine profile can be found in my O/Os.  I suggest reading it to get an idea of what I like!

These days I mostly am hanging out on Discord

The Hotel. I'm a college freshman, trying to balance my life as a student and a superheroine. I'm attending an expensive private school on a generous scholarship that I won through my academics and athletics. However, that scholarship suddenly and unexpectedly gets shut down, and I find myself needing to earn a lot of money, fast.

One of my acquaintances finds out about my dire financial needs and introduces me to the world of high-class prostitution, which is how I meet him. He's a fabulously wealthy private billionaire, and he's actually the one pulling the strings behind the scholarship. It turns out the scholarship foundation is designed to identify young women who are suitable for breeding... and then suddenly pull away that funding once they're dependent on it. This whole thing has been orchestrated to drive these young women to high-class prostitution, where men like him pick and choose who they want.

I'm invited to a fancy 'networking event', which is really a private brothel being run out of a hotel. This man is familiar with my escort profile, but not my superheroine nature. When presented with several young women, I catch his eye for my unique physical appearance (petite, young, athletic, Asian). He selects me, and tries to coax me into unprotected sex for a fabulous sum of money. I hesitantly decline, and he proceeds to fuck me with condoms for hours. I orgasm many times for each of his.

Soon, I'm aching, exhausted, shocked by his stamina and endurance. Every time he finishes, he ties off the filled condom and leaves it lying on the bed or nightstand, leaving me a visual reminder of his potency. He's surprised by how I'm still so tight and strong. Finally, after hours of his enjoyment, I give in to his offer, hoping that it will finally satisfy him and bring me relief.

Themes to capture:
- My role as a (supposedly) seductive lover vs my actual background of sexual inexperience. I've never had a sexual partner who wasn't a client.
- His firm, polite coaxing for unprotected sex, reminding me how I can end this exhausting night if I acquiesce.
- Our mutual surprise at the endurance and strength of the other.

The Partner. I'm working with the CIA to track down a slaving ring in a foreign country. I'm paired with an agent from MI6 and ordered to go undercover, but our cover is as a honeymooning newlyweds. I'm intensely pressured to accept an intimate relationship with my partner, who has secret orders to impregnate me at any cost.

My partner is suave, polite, older, and undeniably attractive. He also has an incredible ability to orchestrate situations in which I'm compelled to have unprotected sex with him. I'm hesitant and disgusted, but realize I have no choice but to comply, quickly learning of his amazing ability to bring me pleasure. Soon, the mission is forgotten as I lose myself, becoming his eager plaything.

Themes to capture:
- My initial reluctance, letting him fuck me under the guise of the 'mission', but discovering each time how *good* he can make me feel.
- Falling for him and accepting his sexual mentorship.

The Cabin. I venture into the wilderness to investigate a string of rape attacks on the mountain trails. Ambushed and knocked out, I awaken in a remote cabin to discover that these attacks were all instigated simply to lure me here. I learn that I've been kidnapped by a foreign Special Forces soldier, whose mission is to determine if I can be impregnated, and then return me to his country for breeding. He was selected for his fighting skill and virility, but not his ability to blend in, so we have a communication gap that prevents me from understanding most of what he says.

For days, he tortures and rapes me in this isolated cabin, giving me no hope of escape. Viciously beating the defiance out of me, he uses me sexually for hours without mercy. I hate him, but cannot resist or deny the incredible pleasure he is teaching me. Finally, one morning I awaken in bed beside him, finding myself untied, and we make love.

Themes to capture:
- Inability to communicate, only understanding his lewd body language and tone.
- Vicious abuse, combining with irresistible sexual pleasure, leading to falling in love with my tormentor.

The Betrayal. I've partnered with a man who has helped me in several important ways, guided me, and earned my trust. I've shared my secrets with him, including my weakness that no one else knows. Finally, it's time for him to turn on me... perhaps under orders, or because this was his plan all along. He lures and confronts me in a trap, using my weakness against me, and I realize he has been holding back on me for all the time I've known him.

This character could be a mentor to me in some way, such as teaching me to fight, or perhaps how to navigate politics. It's also possible that he hides a power from me... so either I think of him as an unpowered mentor, or he's specifically a powered hero who I might idolize. There has always obviously been some attraction between us, but we keep it professional. He uses this relationship to understand my strengths, weaknesses, and really learn everything about who I am.

Then it's the betrayal. I'm lured to some location, and am surprised to see him there. At first I think perhaps he's there for the same reason I am, but he quickly reveals how the time has come for him to impregnate me and build his legacy. From our relationship, he knows that I wouldn't consent to this, so he (regretfully) knows that he'll have to take me by force.

Themes to capture:
- The intimacy and shock of having our friendship betrayed, especially when he uses my weakness against me, something he promised to keep a secret.
- My inability to truly stop him as I find myself holding back due to our friendship, contrasted against how he doesn't hesitate to use anything against me.
- His true regret in needing to turn on me, juxtaposed against his excitement to finally take what he has wanted for so long.

The Professor. I've been flirting with one of my college professors, and he has been showing a clear interest in me during his office hours, but I haven't given in to his charms. One night, I'm lured into a trap by criminals, and struggle to fight my way out. Hurt, exhausted, and still wearing my costume, I flee to my campus, with their thugs in hot pursuit. I stumble into the professor and desperately ask for his help. He shelters me in his office, but with me in a weakened state he makes sexual demands of me that I can't refuse.

Themes to capture:
- The professor's calm, insistent, dominating personality in the face of a peculiar situation. He doesn't rush or panic under pressure, strongly spelling out his expectations in exchange for his help.
- My desperate desire to stay out of the clutches of the mob, balanced against the disgusting things the professor is pushing upon me, a man who I trusted and admired.

The Boys. I've been captured by a team of three vicious, capable men, all trained killers and warriors. They keep me imprisoned in a dark, solitary cell, leaving me not knowing where I am or if I have any hope of rescue. Every day, each man enters my cell and abuses me in his own way, rotating me through their evil preferences. One thing is made clear; they will not stop until I'm knocked up, and the sire of my child will be handsomely rewarded.

Themes to capture:
- Awakening every few hours to find a different hulking, muscle-bound man intent on impregnating me, but not before subjecting me to his own brutal tastes.
- Frat-like attitude of these men treating me like a fuck toy to be shared and abused.

Blink. A serial rapist is on a spree, and I'm determined to catch him. His victims only report memory loss, and awakening to find themselves clearly and roughly sexually assaulted. On patrol, I find myself watching for him... and suddenly, I awaken to find myself in disarray, sticky, aching, and used.

This man has a powerful hypnotic power. While entranced, I am aware and mentally alert, but my body is sluggish, disoriented, weak, and *very* sensitive. He has his way with me, and I am utterly unable to stop him from pursuing his goal; impregnating women worthy of siring his children. As his spell ends, I lose all memory of what happened, leaving me vulnerable for his terrifying stalking and assault, over and over again.

Themes to capture:
- Fear and confusion from *knowing* that I am being repeatedly taken, but not remembering any details.
- Desperation in trying to set up situations to protect myself, but his ability to avoid them and still use me each time.
- Shock during the actual assault where he informs me of what he has done to me each time, and what *I* have tried to do.

Note, this one will be a bit difficult to write. I imagine posting an exchange of going from a normal situation to waking up raped, followed by writing a flashback to the assault itself.


Greetings:) I was curious if you were still looking for someone to RP with:)



I really like your racist redneck scene, and would love to hear more about it!

In addition, would you want to run a longer game in which I play your superheroines nemesis, and we take turns gaining power over each other and humiliating each other? Sexual or otherwise? Your ons match mine in that category and I think switching it up could be quite fun!

Hit me up if any of that interests you!


sounds sort of like a text version of final fight...with a carnal twist.






Made some changes, particularly interested in the Headmaster scene right now!






I like the Kidnapped and Slave Girl games and PM'd you.






I am interested run the Supergirl vs nazis rp. Which supergirl do you have in mind? The confused teen from Kripton or the steady Superman sidekick?