Casting Call, Literate Male Seeks Literate Female

Started by RoleplayingMale, May 24, 2016, 01:16:57 AM

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This will be a living and dynamic post so structure of this may change from time to time. Suffice to say I consider myself a detailed and literate writer and am seeking a partner with those same traits.

As far as the type of plots I'm looking for my earliest influences have been various mystery, detective movies, stories and comic books. Some examples included Inspector Gadget, Nancy Drew, Scooby Doo, and the Hardy Boys. I'd often find it rather titillating when the heroine or other female character or female characters would find themselves bound and gagged and abducted. These influenced a whole host of my plot ideas over the years and I'd love to discuss any of them with any interested parties.

In closing I'll post some sample ideas I've had. They're on the vague side of the spectrum for a reason. To me a roleplay idea is like a seed. The water and nutrients that make said seed grow into a plot is discussion with a perspective partner. I do like to plan things in roleplays, but not to insane amounts of detail.

Some ideas include:

QuoteRisque Magazine is a men's magazine. But there have been young women - those who don't have any family that would miss them or otherwise vulnerable - disappearing after their modelling experiences. A female reporter goes in to try and get the exclusive only to be abducted by the criminal syndicate that Risque Magazine is a front for. (can be one character or two characters).

QuoteA woman playing amateur detective uncovers a plot where a television game show is hypnotizing people to commit thefts around town. Before she can tell anyone she is kidnapped by the criminal syndicate carrying out this plan.

QuoteKim Possible and Mom Possible abduction game. A crossover with Batman The Animated Series, the idea is Mom Possible is undercover at a lethal gameshow hosted by the Joker functioning as a Vanna White type hostess. Her cover is blown and the Joker takes her hostage. Kim attempts to help but she gets kidnapped as well...Note, ages for this will have Kim being 18-19 years old...

QuoteCougar and MILF Detective Agency: As far as story lines go I recently have been reading a lot of my old young adult mystery books (Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, that sort of thing) as well as rewatching some old Inspector Gadget episodes from the 1980s on youtube. I recently had a plot twist pop into my head as a result of all this, what if a group of MILF/cougar type women were of a mindset for solving mysteries around the town they lived in? What kind of misadventures would they wind up in?

If interested please send me a PM.