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Author Topic: Fire emblem: Broken throne  (Read 1631 times)

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Offline FragarachZ

Oh right, sorry. But she has her own lands right? What I meant was Ken was raised in the capital by a master serving the royal family, just like kckolbe's char, so its likely they met then.

Offline pendarious

*laughs* true enough

Offline Videospirit

Irena is not from the capitol of Lancor correct. Which is what you likely meant by Lancor. What is the capitol called anyway?

Online SargentToughieTopic starter

Erm.... the name of Lancor's capital... is... uh...

*c'mon Demon, think fast*

... Lancoria?

Offline pendarious

*palms face* your joking right?

Offline Videospirit

Hey, at least the capitol of Lancor isn't Lancor!

Offline pendarious

may as well be

Online SargentToughieTopic starter

It was a joke, it was a joke...


Online Changingsaint

Hey, I just wanted to see if this still recruiting? And if any particular classes seem under represented! I've been looking for a group game, and the chance to do some good roleplaying would definitely be an incentive.

Online SargentToughieTopic starter

We're itching for thieves more then anything else at the moment. Oh! We also need warriors and pirates, axes are very poorly represented in the RP currently.

but a second knight never hurt anything.

Online Changingsaint

Well then!

Name: Jax (Croix) Aran.
Age: 21
Class: Fighter
Weapon: Steel Axe
Other items: Vulnery x2
Appearance: Here (Except, with an axe. Ironic :p ) (A text description will be done later, since I like having one as well.)

Bio: Born to skilled soldiers in Lancor, Croix was enraptured by stories his parents told of Lancor heroes, and victorious wars, as well as his families own prestige in battle. As he grew, the fascination dimmed slightly, but he always remained fascinated by his countries military prowess. He decided to become a soldier, training himself for it from an early age, playing with other children and doing his best to win, taking the competition as a test of his own drive and spirit. He grew nicely and handsomely, and by the time he was seventeen, he was old enough to serve in the Lancor military. A skilled warrior as soon as he began training, he took learning how to fight as a competition again, hoping to become skilled enough to become a Lancorian hero... Unfortunately, there were no wars for him to fight, so after three years of sitting mostly idly and only dealing with bandits or highwaymen, Croix decided to leave.

That is, until Lancor declared war on Soravel. He was recruited yet again, being an able bodied soldier who had previously served in the military, the military was eager to have him serve again... And while slightly confused by the sudden war, perhaps Soravel had done something? he was part of the military as it advanced on to Soravels capital, working as a soldier. It wasn't his duty to ask questions, and it wasn't the duty of his commanders to tell him why he was fighting; but he still felt as if this war was one his country shouldn't be fighting. That uneasiness came to a climax once his unit reached Soravels capital, and helped with the assault. What he saw going on upset him... Soldiers weren't just fighting enemy soldiers, but civilians as well. Men, women, Children, he saw all of them fall to the swords, spears, and arrows of his fellow countrymen.

That wasn't what being a hero meant, that wasn't right. Lancor wouldn't normally allow it to happen, right? Something was wrong, and it made him feel ill. He abandoned his unit, fleeing the city, and fleeing from his own nation. Something more had to be happening, and Soravel couldn't have deserved such a massacre. he needed to find out the truth, and ensure Soravel wouldn't be annihilated. If that meant abandoning his dreams of being a hero to Lancor, and serving the enemy... So be it. Certainly there had to be others who felt similar. Taking up the fake name of 'Jax', and abandoning most ties to his country, Croix began to look for others who could help him learn what was really going on.

Other notes: Croix is his real name, 'Jax' being a name he'll be using to cover his identity, given he'll be a wanted man from the Lancor army for being a deserter.


Whew! Hope thats not too much, and hopefully its good enough! I figure the cliche 'Turncoat' character is usually available in Fire emblem. Why not play it?
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Offline TheWhiteEmperor

Re: Fire emblem: Broken throne
« Reply #36 on: July 26, 2010, 04:29:34 AM »
All freaking right! I LOVE Fire Emblem! I hope you all are still taking newcomers. If so, my character is below.. If not, well... $%^@! Maybe next time.
Adding to that, I'll also be throwing out two other characters. One Sage, for character development purposes. One Thief, as a secondary character. And if anyone is interested/has a free slot, I would like for someone to play the part of the Sage's daughter.

|Name| Leon

|Class| Myrmidon

|Hair Color| Blonde

|Eye Color| Blue

|Age| 19

|Appearance| Leon

|Clothes| Leon

|Weapon| Slim Sword

|Items| None

|Born in| Anderien


Born in Anderien, Leon was born to be a great man of battle. Anderien's finest Paladin was the Queen's bastard son, Athrien. Though only a very select few knew of Athrien's royal veins, being the rightful Prince, he never showed any interest in the throne. Athrien was a battle-loving child, teen, and man, all the same. He grew up to be a loving father and a grand General, wielding the mighty Wyvern Tear, an emerald-tipped spear with a flowing red ribbon at the base of the spear's head. The shaft was strong, yet light, being made of the finest metals in the land. Finally dying by his mother's side as a Royal Guardsmen just years before the Lancor betrayal. Leaving Leon to live with his mother alone at the age of fifteen.

Though his father, Athrein, was a great man, Leon's fate was to build his own legacy. Many things separate Leon from his father, one of the most apparent things being Athrein used a Lance, while Leon uses a Sword. Not to mention that Leon never joined the Queen's Army, solely due to the fact that his mother forbode it, as did his father. Leon was never told about his Royal blood, nor would it be likely that he would care. He was much more like his father, interested in battle, not politics and the throne. However, Leon's great potential and determination make him an obvious descendant of Athrein, as does his ability to learn things at incredible rates, even to the point of breaking down attacks to their very essence and composition. One would not guess the youth to have been born in Anderien having left his homeland behind him at the age of twelve - returning to see after his mother when Athrein died until he was seventeen- venturing to further his skills out in the lands of the world. As well, Leon acts more like an honorable nomad, than any other "higher class" citizen.

Shortly after that he's set out alone again, Leon has encountered many new faces, as well as fought against many evils that many should not have known at such a young age. Some may call him gifted, others, a prodigy, but he is more of a modest young man than others from his home country. Now with the news of Lancor's betrayal, Leon rushes home to see how is mother is doing. He would never forgive himself, were he to not reach her in time to save her from the Lancor threat.
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Online SargentToughieTopic starter

Re: Fire emblem: Broken throne
« Reply #37 on: July 26, 2010, 09:16:55 AM »
Welcome aboard, WhiteEmperor, we're always glad to accept new players.

Online Changingsaint

Re: Fire emblem: Broken throne
« Reply #38 on: July 26, 2010, 10:58:19 AM »
Ack, speaking of new players, I should post to the OOC and IC thread... Elliquiy kinda slipped off my radar for the wek!

Online SargentToughieTopic starter

Re: Fire emblem: Broken throne
« Reply #39 on: July 26, 2010, 12:35:55 PM »
It's all good, no pressure.