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Started by James Macleod, May 10, 2010, 08:57:27 AM

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James Macleod

The time right is 09:51 on my pc and my tv board the clock on the boars is like an hour or two hours off   and I don't see  any
prefences or account options to set the clock,  So how would set the corect time on this board which by my computer and tv clocks
it say 09:55am.. But How do I make the board time says Around 10:00am..?



Approved members can change their settings to display their own time zones. Unapproved ones will have to make do with forum time, which is GMT-6 :-)
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James Macleod

It seems like the Application Approval is the heart of the board, it is the golden ticket One would say Please
don't take that the wrong way I guess that is what makes the questionnaire approval well wroth it..

Thank you


The metaphor of a Golden Ticket is a good one but once approved, Elliquiy is much more fun than any tour of Willy Wonka's factory.

The approval process has been in use basically unmodified, for years, and because of it and because of the effort the admins, mentors and various members put into the approval process from within, Elliquiy is a much nicer place. A good number of 'odd' and underaged people have been turned away at the gates which is the main function of new applicants requiring approval.

I wish you success in your application.

James Macleod