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Author Topic: The Hunt[EX][NC]  (Read 1056 times)

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Offline Zelric MirasTopic starter

The Hunt[EX][NC]
« on: March 04, 2010, 11:30:12 am »
You sit amongst other wealthy men and women as yourself, you don't know the reason for this meeting, except that you were invited by one of your friends or relatives. The room is dim enough that you can get to your seat without bumping with others, but still dim enough so you can see each others' faces. They asked you to sign a contract of silence at the entrance, you were told about that, nothing serious, except for the consequences of breaking it. Afterall it's just the condition to go inside and hear their proposal.

A man in an elegant suit gets on stage, the only place lit up, smiling at those in front of him. A magazine is handed out as he waits, one for each of you. Inside there are pictures of  men and women, also information about them. Whispers are heard amongst the crowd. Mostly wondering what is this about. The man on the stage begins talking, interrupting the whispers.

"Who doesn't like the thrill of the hunt? The contest of man against beast. The adrenaline and the excitement of outwitting your prey and finally catching it." he gestures at those around the room. Without waiting for an answer he continues.

"Now picture this, yourself armed and prepared, chasing a prey as cunning and capable of reasoning as yourself. A prey chosen by yourself from our wide catalog that has just been given to you. Exciting isn't it?" Voices of discomfort are heard and some get up, heading for the exit. A bunch of armed bodyguards block them and 'kindly' ask them to return to their seats.

"Now considering the risks that could be involved in such practice, we have devised a machine that allows us to eliminate the dangers of death." he motions to the screen that begins lowering beside him, the lights dim and pictures of a podlike machine appear. "This is the ZQ-05, please don't mind the name, it is designed to take yours and your prey's conscious minds into a virtual environment, designed by yourself or our programmers. It can be anywhere you like, existant or not."

"Now the ZQ avoids injuries and opens a world of possibilities, but for you everything will be real. Even more for your prey who won't be aware that they are inside it. All emotions, stimulus and thoughts will be real as long as you are inside the ZQ. Pain, lust, pleasure, rage, satisfaction, all will be conveyed as if they were the real thing to your virtual self." The man clearly marked each word as he spoke the last phrase, making sure they had the impact he desired."You can also enhance yourself a bit, but that will be more expensive than the base contract."

"The weapons you use, the methods, the gear, you name it, we get it. You can also choose the weapons and gear to give to your prey so your hunt will be up to your skills. After all, it's worth five million dollars to keep your prey healthy and in prime conditions and ready for when you want to use it. That also includes your own expenses while inside our facilities and whatever gear you desire to use. Once you catch your prey you can use your own cabin, tents, or any other form of lodging, prepared to your specifications. And since they are only virtual bodies you can go as far as kill your prey. They will awake later, inside a cell, thinking it was only a bad dream, that will be followed by another, if you desire to continue with us."

"If you are not interested please hand the catalog to the kind man on the door and leave. Remember you have signed a contract of silence, and I'm quite certain you don't want to break it and face the consequences." he says with a grin before turning around. "The rest follow me, so you can choose your prey or preys. Oh and more thing, you can also apply to be a prey instead of a hunter, it is up to you, the fares are different though."
This is intended to be a play by post. Try to be a bit realistic in your characters. The ZQ allows for some enhancements to your character(hunters only) but the more far fetched it is the higher the fare goes. It only allows for one of the following:
-One of the five senses
-Cardiovascular capacity

You will choose the pairings, if we are lacking hunters or prey I will take charge of them, unless you want to play one of each. Which I will also allow, but you can't hunt your own character. Also you can hunt more than one prey if we are lacking hunters or be hunted by more than one hunter if we are lacking preys, again it's up to you.

Please, roleplaying etiquette applies, nevertheless. No unauthorized powerplaying, try to be rational and realistic and respect your partner(s). Also stick to Elliquiy's rules, I believe that is quite obvious.

Regarding preys, you can be here consensually, as a slave or other way you can think about. Regardless of the reason, you will still be treated like the rest of the preys. Maybe with some luxuries if you are there consensually.

Once the hunt begins the prey will be aware he/she is being hunted, and if the hunter agrees, there will be an 'exit door' for the prey to avoid being caught.

Character Sheets:
Appearance: (Description and/or pics are fine)
Brief Off list: (This is to make pairing easier both for hunter and hunted)
Weapons/Gear of choice:
Enhanced character: (Y/N)
Anything you'd like to add about your character:

Appearance: (Description and/or pics are fine)
Brief Off list: (This is to make pairing easier both for hunter and hunted)
Consensual prey/Slave/Other:
Anything you'd like to add about your character:

There are some preset locations, you can create others if you wish and I'll add them, just pm me. Important besides the hunter and the prey there are no other human beings. Unless requested, of course. (($$$))

1)The frozen rock:
A rocky and snowy summit, there's nothing but snow and rocks for miles. There are few to none dangerous animals, so an encounter is highly unlikely. Below freezing temperatures and occasional but fierce snow storms, will challenge both hunter and prey.
If set, the exit is in the bottom of a large cave, the entrance is hidden somewhere in the mountain. In this setting it is a red key that stops the hunt once it is touched.

2)The cave:
A series of excavated tunnels that were once exploratory shafts for a mine. It is a complex mazelike network, with wooden beams and oil lamp lighting. The dangers are bats, spiders, snakes and other cave dwelling vermin. Humid air, damp and cool surroundings and low oxygen concentrations are the standard inside.
If set, the exit is hidden randomly as a red quartz.

3)The desert:
Hot sands and mirages that tempt the eye, under a seemingly cloudless sky. Harsh rainshowers followed by seething heat is the only climate change here. Cold nights and blazing days are to be expected. Snakes are the most dangerous around here, but a few insects can be bothersome now and then. Only one oasis sits in the miles of these desert.
If set, the exit will be a green tent, somewhere within 10 miles from the oasis.

4)The misty mountain:
A pine tree forest covering the extent of a mountain, lumberjack's huts are scarce and spaced around the area. As well as a river with a pronounced waterfall. Occasional rainshowers and a light mist can change the climate of this cool area. Angry bucks, wolves and some bears are the wildlife that should be taken in consideration. 
If set, the exit will be a purple telephone inside a lumberjack's hut, somewhere in the forest.

5)The island:
A paradisiac island surrounded by sea, coconut palms and a light tree cover are to be expected. White sand beaches and a stream, as well as a mangrove grove. Wild boars and rumours of a few tigers are to be taken in consideration. As a tropical island, occasional rains and a warm sun create the looks of this place.
If set, the exit will be a yellow dinghy somewhere in  a fishermen's town.

6)The tropical jungle:
An exotic destination with many kinds of tree that block most of the sun, rainshowers that are to be expected. Part of it are swamps, quicksand included, as well as very large reptiles, both snakes and alligators. Panthers and jaguars stalk in the shadows, while insects barge against the unsuspected visitor. A few rivers run amongst the trees.
If set, the exit will be a pink flare gun somewhere inside an encampment.

7)The city:
Your average metropolitan city, lots of cars, lots of buildings, but no one around...The climates varies with the season, as well as the local fauna. The city has been derelicted for a few years so some scavanging predators like wolves and bears roam the streets and building looking for an easy snack. 
The exit, if set, is a cyan computer, in one of the buildings.
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Offline Nadir

Re: The Hunt[EX][NC]
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2010, 05:01:04 pm »
This looks like fun...

: Nhim Foster
Age: 23
Appearance: Male Nhim, or female Nhim
Brief Off list: No offs
Consensual prey/Slave/Other: Unaware Slave

Male or female, I'll play either
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Offline Urbanzorro

Re: The Hunt[EX][NC]
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2010, 06:28:23 pm »
Are you still looking to get this game going?

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Re: The Hunt[EX][NC]
« Reply #3 on: March 06, 2010, 06:31:49 pm »
Volunteers to play a prey. 

Offline Zelric MirasTopic starter

Re: The Hunt[EX][NC]
« Reply #4 on: March 07, 2010, 05:40:12 pm »
I want it to get going. I'f you'd like to join then go ahead. ^^

Added a seventh area, the city.
And one more optional question to the form.
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Offline Urbanzorro

Re: The Hunt[EX][NC]
« Reply #5 on: March 09, 2010, 01:13:27 am »
Name: Leland Gaunt

Offs: none in particular
Shotgun, mosin nagant precision rifle(tranquilizer rounds)
Enhanced: No
Additional info: Born into money Leland has always been used to getting what he wants. Upon hearing of the services offered by the ZQ he was very eager to pit his wits against another human being.

Offline Zelric MirasTopic starter

Re: The Hunt[EX][NC]
« Reply #6 on: March 23, 2010, 09:16:54 am »
I'm thinking of beggining this...