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Started by Lady Annabelle, March 03, 2010, 04:44:12 PM

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Lady Annabelle

So, this has happened to me a few times and I was wondering if I was the only one with this problem.

When I click on the 'New' button next to a thread, it usually takes me the newest post in the thread.  Every now and then, I will have to scroll up because the 'New' posts missed one or two.  This usually only happens during the more popular threads where some people are posting many times at once, but this has happened on other threads.

Yes, it is a tiny detail, but a bit bothersome.  Is there anyway I can fix this or is it something I will just have to deal with?

Thank you for any and all help!
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Yes! This has been happening to me since last week and I thought I had messed up a setting somewhere.


You are not the only one. It takes me to the second to last page and I have to catch up on everything I missed.
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Did you girls try the cookie clearing script from Veks? Maybe it could help...
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Nope, but I cleared them manually. :P


My impression has always been that the 'new' button takes you to the first unread post, which is not necessarily the last on the thread... Of course, I may be imagining things.
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Yes, it always has in the past.

But lately it's been taking me to the last post in the thread, which is not necessarily the oldest 'new' post for me.


Mine has never taken me to the "new" for me but the latest post. I would love for the function to look at the last new post in the thread from my previous visit. The only time I believe I get to the newest for me is when I click on the link to a post within thread in the main E board - then it takes me to the last post I read.


Dude it's been happening to me too...
Tres' Annoying.

Not only that though after I have clicked on the thread and then go back to a different page it still says their post was new even though I had already read it...


It's been happening to me as well, and I use the Veks cookie cleaner about once a week.

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