In need of a partner :) (re opened!)

Started by Little Darkling, February 20, 2010, 02:55:23 PM

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Little Darkling

Hello there. I am looking for some new role plays to start with someone. Mal or female partner doesn't really matter, I don't have a lot of ideas, however, I have some. I'm up for trying new stuff, so if you have an idea feel free to PM me, I just know I'd enjoy some new adventures.

A few ideas: (I don't have plots yet for these, just a general idea)

Some sort of dark fantasy play including soul searchers, exorcist's, demons. 
A real romance play between a couple
Master/slave (slave auction game, I have a story line for this role play)
Nun/church goer? (id play a young nun who is seduced by a male character)

Really really want to try a Harem :-)
I was thinking maybe 3 or 4 male characters to play along in the story, setting could be a sex club of some sort, we can work out details if anyone is interested :-)

some of these can be crossed :-) ex nun is seduced by a vampire/vampire falls in love for a romance game/harem with nuns? lol u get the idea hopfully!

Also, I request if you are interested that replies to our RP be longer then 2 sentences and descriptive. I enjoy detailed role playing, also, spelling and punctuation is a big deal. So please use spell check and don't write me a paragraph that's one sentence. Its very frustrating for me and will make me less engaged in our game.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!



Hey, I'm intersted! I don't really have ideas though, but I really enjoy writing about the darker feinds of the night ^_^. The vampire one sounds the most fun (especially if we can throw some shapeshifters into the mix!).
I watched Sweeny Todd the other day. It made me hungry. Hey, speaking of which, wanna come over for dinner?


Little Darkling

PM me and we'll work something out :)


I'm interested ^^
I like that themes about vampires, witches or magic. Or demons...

Little Darkling

Jazyda PM me and we can get the details worked out :-)


Quote from: sexkitten127 on March 04, 2010, 11:45:51 AM
Jazyda PM me and we can get the details worked out :-)

Sended already  :-)


I'm also interested. PM me, and we can exchange ideas.

Little Darkling


I love to be in your harem..:P..

or have a Harem of my own with you in it, Kitten..LOL

Little Darkling

perhaps I will post in small group game and find some other members if you are interested Wolfy :-)


I'd be willing to try a Harem. Sounds fun.


I'm interested in the harem scenario too. Sounds like way too much fun  ;D
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Very busy these days, so posting will be slow.


Hmm, seems nobody's yet asked about that dark fantasy setting RP. Those are some of my favorites... If you're still looking for someone to participate in that, I'd be more than willing. Feel free to bring your vampires and harems along with you, dark fantasy worlds can of course be dangerous, bloody, and lonely.

Little Darkling

this thread is reopended.

Please read my o/o's before PMing me about a game. thank you