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Author Topic: F/F Roles Galleria: Female Characters wanted! :)  (Read 537 times)

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F/F Roles Galleria: Female Characters wanted! :)
« on: December 27, 2009, 03:05:32 PM »
  • Here are a list of some F/F Roles I'm currently craving. If a role's title is in red it means I'm currently craving it. The bolded role is the one I'd like you to play and the italics is the one I'll be playing.
  • I don't care whether it is a male or female or other writing as long as the character is female.
  • When I say you or your in the descriptions I'm referring to your character, not literally you. It's just takes up a lot of unnecessary time to add your character into each of those spaces.
  • I'm willing to discuss and negotiate details of the role via PM. If you like a role please feel free to let me know, but PLEASE take a look at my O/O page before you do and make sure you can meet my requirements , especially the writing quality one! :)
  • I take a look at people's writing for a role to decide who I'll play with as well as their personality and o/o page, I do not go necessarily on a first come first serve basis so even if there is already interest in a role you want let me know which one you are most interested, sometimes I may even be willing to do the same role with more than one person.
  • I don't mind if you use my role idea with other people just please give me credit.
  • If you are interested in any of the roles feel free to PM me or leave a comment on this page. :)

Naughty Sitter ---- {F/F} [NC, EX]
Mother / Babysitter
My character is babysitting for a young very kinky couple. She is a curious and nosy girl and ends up doing something naughty in the parent's house after their kid is asleep (This can be negotiated what she does, I have  alot of idea from trying out mother's sex toys, to watching the parent's home made movies, to watching porn on the family computer, calling a 900 number, or watching a pay per viewadult film... something quite kinky) Basically she thinks she gets away with doing it cause husband doesn't catch her. Wife catches girl however and punishes her by calling her over to babysit but surprises her by confronting her about her kinky fantasies and humiliating her by fulfilling them with herself and some of her girlfriends making the babysitter their kinky little whore for an afternoon.
(This would be kind of a quickie short term role... at least not TOOO long term)

Web Mistress ----- {F/F} [NC, EX]
Stepmother / Stepdaughter
You are a recently widowed rich woman (age 35- 45). Your ex husband had been the part owner of a multimillion dollar company, with inheritance of the company as well as life insurance of your husband, you made out pretty well after his death. You also were a wealthy business owner decided to retire early and make the rest of your money from your various investments of which you have quite a few. Besides this your new life style has been quite relaxing, and allows you time to date and socialize to extravagance. You end up dating and marrying my father, a younger fireman who does not have the same income but has a body and personality that makes up for it.

My character is a college age girl (19-21) posed as Daddy's little angel. She lives at home and pays for community college on her own. She convinces Daddy that she has a reliable stable job or multitude of jobs that keep her income up, Dad with his fulltime fireman job which forces him to be out of the house most of the time has little time to check up on his angel's source of income.

Now as daughter and father moves into stepmother's house the widowed woman, being quite nosy due to her boredom of being at home all day with few things to attend to, seems focused on prying into the daughter's life. She is very suspicious of the daughter's source of income, seeing as she spends most of her time locked in her room and seems to have a plethora of fanciful lingerie and very nice camera.

It only takes a little bit of snooping and investigation to find out what's really going on. Mother finds out daughter is getting her money by selling herself online. Stepdaughter has created a website of herself posing in lingerie in arious positions around the house, masturbating and playing with friends. Mother decides that instead of ratting out daughter, perhaps she can instead use this as an investment opportunity. She approaches daughter and in exchaange for keeping her lips sealed about it she gets a cut of the money and becomes site manager/web mistress. Mother creates a new kinkier business model to make the site more lucrative and in essence controls daughters every move.

Candy For Grandma ---- {F/F} [EX]
Grandmother / Grandaughter
Though Grandma loves her grandaughter she had no idea what a little slut she was. Now as her mother moves out of the country for a couple months, she obliges to living with grandma, however when grandma catches her having sex with one of the hired help she is not pleased. Grandma waits outside  for the girl to finish in a rocking chair and from that point on takes control of the daughter's desires thoroughly enjoying her horny depraved and submissive grandaughter.
When mom gets  home she ends up seeing her daughter in whole new light and perhaps the three of them have a little fun together.

Twisted Cinderella ---- {F/F} [EX]
Stepmother and/or Stepsisters / Cinderella
I'm interested in doing a modern day Cinderella role. This is very much up for interpretation of how we do this. I'd like to be cinderella and am looking for someone to play Stepmother and two stepsisters or any two of the three characters, IE: only the two stepsisters or stepsister and stepmother something of the sort.

The setting would be that Cinderella is 16. Her father has just passed away and now stepmother who has inheritted all money and custody of Cinderella decides to put her to work. First it starts with chores to please mother and sisters, simply humiliating and becomes more and more humiliating from there. Perhaps this could include putting on sex shows for the neighbors, keeping the dogs happy, or simply a personal whore, whatever it is the sisters and mother are brutal and abusive towards Cinderella and do not let her act against their will.

The Sluttiest One of All ---- {F/F} [EX]
Bestfriends --- Popular Schoolgirls
Two girls are pretty good friends and can't decide which one is more popular as both think they are the prettiest most popular girls in the school. They decide to make a challenge of the ordeal. After all it does make sense that the more popular girl would be able to attract the most boys attention right. The competition begins to see which girl can get further with men and who can get the most men. As it goes on the competition gets more and more dirty as my character does some awful things to get ahead (I'm thinking along the lines of ruining the other girl's reputation or sleeping with her friend's boyfriend, perhaps spreads rumors about her, etc. etc. you know something nasty and catty like that) and the competition goes on in this way getting more and more ugly. They decide to raise the stakes and make it a bet so the loser has to be the winner's 'slave for the week'. When your character is deemed the winner of the competition she decides to take full advantage of her dirty whore friend by degrading and humiliating her new slave in the most embarrassing ways possible tog et back at her for the competition and everybody can see exactly how filthy and depraved the second most popular girl in the school can be.
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Offline Haibane

Re: F/F Roles Galleria: Female Characters wanted! :)
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2009, 03:43:51 PM »
Servicing the Brat sounds fun! I'm definitely interested.