Looking for Long Term partner with good writing skill

Started by Aragem, December 13, 2009, 11:29:00 PM

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I want to portray a submissive character who is trained to enjoy the abuse wrought upon her by a master or mistress.  Or even more than one master or mistresses.

This character will attempt to join the elite class, but in order to become one of them, she/he will have to join a house and rise in ranks. 

Joining a house is to have a lord or lady take a liking to your body and accept you into their home as a ward.  A ward is on the bottom rung of a house.  Below the servants, but is directly owned by the lord or lady of the house.  Becoming a ward means you signed away your rights to freedom unless your master/mistress agrees to grant you that freedom back. 

Being a ward means you did as your mistress/master wants.  Most wards are used as sex slaves.   Having a ward is considered a Elite Privilege, wives care nothing if their husbands take a ward into his bed, sometimes the wife can join in.  Wards can be used by the Master/Mistress's sons or daughters, granted that they are of age and even servants, by permission, can have their time with the ward.   

In return for this servitude, the ward is awarded health care, shelter, and food.  And depending on the contract, the ward's mistress/master can provide money to the ward's family each month of their servitude.

Wards can also be sold or exchanged between the Elite.  As long as the new master will honor the contract that comes with the ward.

Over time, by the master's benevolence, he can award the ward special rights and privileges.  And hopefully, by if the ward bids his/her time, they can become Elite, being adopted as the Master/Mistress's child and inherited an estate of their own.

This game will take place in Yahoo IM and I want my partner to be creative and able to write details and good dialogue.

I know we'll be RPing in Yahoo, but you can fit decent size paragraphs in each post. 

Also, I am willing to play either a male or female.

But if I play a male, then the dominate character must be male.

If I do female, then the dominate can be either male or female. 

I will accept either male or female players who can fulfill what I want.


It's a shame you only mentioned IM so far down the post, as by then I was about to ask for a place. :-(

If you wanted to play by forums and were keen to try a Master/Mistress couple owning your female Ward I'd be very interested, if a suitable guy can be found to play Master.