Angel Military Academy [Interest Check] [NSFW image - no genitalia]

Started by Combicon, December 10, 2009, 07:52:36 PM

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Right, I had been contemplating starting a group roleplay for awhile, and recently an idea popped into my head about one that could be done, and I figured that it would be pretty enjoyable too, so I do hope you read on and like. There is one technicality though; if this roleplay does get off the ground, I wont be able to start it until I get a new computer (after Christmas sometime).

And as of yet, I have no idea how many people to limit this to, so it will be based on a first-come-first-served basis, and those that regester interest first (even if it is just a post) are more likely to be in the game.

The roleplay idea would centre around an all-female military academy (Angel Military), and as such, all students will be female, however the teachers can be of either gender, although this hasn't been set in stone.
The girls (formally known as 'Angels') are entering the academy to be trained within a specialist field of combat;  using CORSET  (Combat ORiented Sexual Energy emiTter); an exoskeleton that uses energy harvested from stimuli, which is generated from certain sexual pleasures - which the suit provides (in a form not dissimilar to the wearer receiving an orgasm) for every kill that the wearer gets.

The suit designs are: or 

The way that the suits are developed requires the angels pleasures will have to be programmed into each suit; and as such, this means that there will have to be some 'experimentation' either between students, or between teacher and student.

The 'Angels' will receive training, and so far will consist of torture training (for an example; use of ropes/bondage equipment, candles, paddles, handcuffs, whips, enema equipment etc), perhaps battling other students in the

CORSET (however pleasure would be gained from damage, rather than death) however I haven't been able to think of any other ideas.

As with all schools (as this is a school), breaking rules [such as staying up after lights out, found with contraband material] will result in punishment; and will be at the punishers discretion; however some popular punishments

may include the student being bound, stark naked to a pole (with attachable/removable butt-plug) in the mess hall, and/or use of military grade vibrators.

There would be a standard day uniform for all recruits;
Whilst in training, the recruits would have to wear a mesh bodysuit (I'm sure training in clothes would really take it out of you.)

So, in all I'm seeing if a) anyone is interested so far, and b) if anyone might make any suggestions?


Bookmarked. And yes, I'm interested. I'll let others throw some ideas around before I suggest anything. *hugs*


It's definitely interesting.  If this is a military academy, then likely there would also be standard lessons (math, science, etc) as well as military tactics, military sciences, history, physical training (much like a bootcamp) both in and out of the suits, weapons training, mock drills... the whole thing.  Add onto that conditioning and sexual experimentation, and you have quite a curriculum.

And, as with most military Academies, there would be advanced classes for gifted students, specialized training, private instruction... it would likely be very in-depth before even possibly branching out into actual missions.
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I had thought about something like SeeD from FFVIII; the students go out on missions while learning at the school, which is also where their main base is.


*nods*  Some of which would be staged, some of which would be real, and grades/avancement are based on performance... as are punishments for glaring failures.
A rose by any other name... still has thorns you can prick someone with. - Me.

Angel Fire

I think that this could be something that would be well worth waiting for *Smiles widely*

Kaz pretty much has my thoughts about the curriculum pretty much the same as what I probably would do too.

Look forward to the new year when things can get going.  I have bookmarked this too!
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Hmm hmm..So what are the teachers? High ranking officers? And how are male Teachers? o3o

I'm interested, BTW. ^-^


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><; If I had the time to join this, I could probably come up with a rather entertaining combat drill instructor...