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Author Topic: Am i the only feeling like making some organised X-men roleplay?  (Read 3335 times)

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Re: Am i the only feeling like making some organised X-men roleplay?
« Reply #75 on: March 04, 2010, 09:06:35 AM »
Given Name: Evelyne Richards
Mutant name: Gadgets
Age: 16
Description: 5'7" and fit, does have physical interests like martial arts and swimming so is in good shape.  Has dark brown hair and eyes and is comely.

Powers:  Enhanced Brain: Her mind is more active between each globe making her more intelligent and creative focused though more on mechanical devices and systems over developing new things. Its not all bad she can go into a average junkyard and toss together a gadget laden car in no time or adapt any know common higher tech to new ends. Like she could make a hovering rocket board if levitation technology is around and mircro-rocket motors. The down side is she sees an alien or advanced tech she is lost. Secondarily she is highly resistant to mental attacks hittingher mind naturally just is laden with complexity but she can't control this its just a natural feature of her mind but a gifted telepath or psion could hit her it would just take more effort.

Weakness: Has a limited attention span she cranks out simple gadgets easy enough but gets distracted on longer projects often ending up going to something else then maybe getting back to the big project. If she is motivated like doing something for the school or something she wants to build think a week at most.

Background:  A common girl from the lower classes she came to Xaviar's attention when he couldn't easily read her mind and after having her visit the school she whipped out a jet-pack from spare parts in one hour, ok it wasn't that efficient but she didn't take long. He pretty much figured out she had to be a mutant just with an amazingly interesting power a mind unlike most he has seen.

Offline NosCorventius

Re: Am i the only feeling like making some organised X-men roleplay?
« Reply #76 on: March 04, 2010, 03:05:16 PM »
Greetings All,
As I just took over this project I will start by apoligizing to those of you who have already typed out a CS, for this Thread and any that break off of it, we will be using these forms. This helps me and Nim; as well as your fellow players to understand your characters, thier powers, motives, and limits better, making for much easier game play down the road. Please post your completed CS Here:

Here are a few things you should keep in mind as you Build your Character:

1. All characters, OC and Canon Alike, should be between 18 and 25 years of age. The only exeptions to this is if you are playing certain canon characters such as Apocalypse, Sinister, Sabertooth, and Wolverine, (immortals) or a Authority Figure Character (I.E. Villian, Leader, staff member/teacher). If you are looking to play one of these Contact me by Pm so I can approve them directly and give you some background info on their place in the worldview we're building.

2. All mutants are based on a variation of the human form. While they may have odd traits such as wings or a tail, 3 or more physical mutaions will make you an automatic outcast and a good canidate for the Morlocks.

3. Mutations and thier resulting Abilities show up during Puberty. Thus no matter what you look like now, you grew up a normal child. You will have had friends, family, and prior intrests. include these hobbies and skills in your Cs and keep this in mind anytime your character talks of his/her past or has a flashback in gameplay.

4. Bio-enhancements are only for government expieremented upon and time traveling mutants. Any tech being used by a PC should be only slighty advanced from our own. If you want something more or are a Tech based mutant PM myself or Nim for approval first. If its not fully out of the range of possiblity we may be able to work something out. 

I have included an example below to help clairify what I am looking for, as well. If you have any questions Pm or post them on the OCC board.
Thank you all and I  look forward to getting this started ASAP. 

Sinfully Yours, ~Nos~

Mutant X Character Sheet

-=Basic Info=-
Code Name:
Physical Age:

-=Physical Appearance=-
Physical Description:

-=Mental state=-


Mutant X Character Sheet eXample:

-=Basic Info=-
Name: Blake White
Code Name: Blight (please try to find a code name for OC's that hasn't been used before.)
Physical Age: 18
Gender: Male

-=Physical Appearance=- (use Slashes to seperate transormed state info from common appearance,  if power or Tech causes alterations.)
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 130/170
Eyes: a Muckish Green Brown/ Emerald Green
Hair: Oily black/ Black and Wavy
Skin/Fur/Scales: skin is a dead grey with alternating pale white and scab red liaisons./Golden Tan (please Specify which one it is: Skin, Fur, or Scales, or a combination of)

Physical Description: Williams powers made him its first victim, causing a physical decay upon his body and leaving him looking like a mix between a reanimated corpse and a leper. Only by using his power can he regain any semblance of his original handsomeness and vigor. So far he has used he powers only on the vile and evil but an great rage and hunger boils inside him which may one day cause him to throw off his code and give in to the evil that rots his own soul. An evil which threatens to be greater then those he hunts.
Attire: Blight covers his hands with gloves so as not to accidentally use his powers. His face and arms are wrapped in bandages to hide his decayed skin. He wears black tees usually with some saying, band, or heroes face on it. Stonewashed jeans and combat boots with a slightly battered brown trench complete his look. (add here any specialized equipment needed to control, hide, or enhance your powers)

-=Mental state=-
History: Blake was a fairly popular kid before his power activated, handsome and well liked. Running back for the local highschool, member of the swim team, etc. but that all changed when his powers activated. Blake's body withered and became hideous to look at. In his panic he grabbed on to his little sister who promptly withered before him and passed out. Convinced he had killed her, Blake ran away but not before noticing that his body had been somewhat restored by the transfer. Taking on the name Blight, Blake wondered the streets, sometimes using his powers to punish pimps, drug dealers, and muggers. Recently, he was approached by a few members of the morlock population and the Xavier's school. He's considering joining the school but thinks he might belong and fit in better with the morlocks then the good looking rich kids that seem to be Xavier's mainstay. 
Hobbies/Interests: Football, swimming, camping, music (drummer).
Personality: Easy going with a heart of gold, highly protective of his friends, hates and fears his powers, wants to be like everyone else.

Powers: Short term Lifeforce, and power transference per physical contact. Anyone Blake touches with bare skin withers as their lifeforce is transferred to Blake, causing them to weaken and if Exposed for extended amounts of time slip into a coma or die.  The transference will restore Blake to handsome and healthy looking, reverting his skin back to a golden tan his hair to a deep glossy black, his eyes a bright green, and his body toned and strong. In the case of mutants he also steals any physical or energy based powers. These conditions are temporary however The powers and vitality soon fade leaving Blake monstrous once more.
Disadvantages/Weaknesses/Limitations:  Corpse like appearance, Only able to steal physically and energy based abilities effect last roughly 2 hours max. Can not reshape body so physical powers such as winged flight or extra appendages can not be gained by his power, neither can mental/psionic abilities or any unnaturally occurring bio enhancements.
Skills: Basic hand to hand, works well on a team, expert with knots, wilderness survival training, basic first aid. (any additional skills your character has picked up along the way)
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Offline Wolfy

Re: Am i the only feeling like making some organised X-men roleplay?
« Reply #77 on: March 04, 2010, 03:10:45 PM »
So do we just need to post them here, or are you going to set up a Character Thread?

Offline NosCorventius

Re: Am i the only feeling like making some organised X-men roleplay?
« Reply #78 on: March 04, 2010, 04:14:39 PM »
Edited to add in Character thread link.

Offline Nim

Re: Am i the only feeling like making some organised X-men roleplay?
« Reply #79 on: March 04, 2010, 04:20:46 PM »
Hello everyone,  Here is the link to Mutant X  O.O.X

Offline Wolfy

Re: Am i the only feeling like making some organised X-men roleplay?
« Reply #80 on: March 04, 2010, 07:27:53 PM »
So..when will this start, anyway? :P

Offline Nim

Re: Am i the only feeling like making some organised X-men roleplay?
« Reply #81 on: March 04, 2010, 07:47:02 PM »
Probably soon I would imagine.  Nos will be posting the start of the story.

Offline NosCorventius

Re: Am i the only feeling like making some organised X-men roleplay?
« Reply #82 on: March 06, 2010, 11:46:18 AM »
The IC Thread is now up an running. You can find it here:

Nim will you also post both this and the CS links in the OCC Thread for easier reference.