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Author Topic: Interest check ONLY: Fate/stay Night "sequel" [UN] (Modern mythological fantasy)  (Read 10702 times)

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Offline KarmaTopic starter

Heh. Anything is possible in the Nasuverse. The rules that exist are rarely very specific, and even those that are are quite often broken not long after they're detailed. Kishima Kouma was Servant-level, as well as Kuzuki Souichirou, albeit with enhancements from Caster.

And yes, profiles! We won't get anywhere as it is without any defined characters.
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Offline Jadzi

Souichirou had magic enhancements, true... but wasn't Kishima Kouma a half-demon as well? And Bazette had one of the few remining unclaimed Noble Phantasms. Not saying it's impossible, and it is your game, just I can't think of any normal humans that were servant-grade.

Ah well. Profile on its way!

Offline KarmaTopic starter

Well, in a game where Arcueid can be summoned... besides, I'm usually in favor of canon tweaks that make a game more interesting in favor of being rigidly canon.

Offline Jadzi

Name: Lancer
Physical Age: c. 27
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 127
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Indigo
Skintone: Pale Asiatic
Body Type: Fit, flexible, yet feminine

Alignment: Lawful Good
Religion: Shinto
Strengths: Military combat, physical activity, cooking
Weaknesses: Loyalty, overconfidence

Description: Calm, cool, and controlled - that's the impression Lancer gives on first sight. From her frequent half-smile to her choice of business suits, from her steady cadence to her terse speech, she holds a presence of a woman highly disciplined, yet just as highly confident of herself and her surroundings. Paired with her good looks and subtle charm, she's often perceived as a high-level executive or roaming talent agent - something she's slowly learned to play into as she acclimates to the modern world. When engaged, that same confidence pervades her motions and actions. Though she very rarely shows any unique or distinguishing knowledge or  ability, she often manages to quickly and readily adapt to her surroundings, relying on what she has on hand. Though not averse to engaging directly, she more often prefers to take her time and gauge reactions. Always holding back that little bit extra, be it in a conversation or a battle.

True Identity: Tomoe Gozen was one of the few and finest female samurai of feudal Japan. First Captain under Minamoto no Yoshinaka, she commanded a notable portion of the Minamoto army during the Genpei War, helping rout the Taira clan in the very conflict that ultimately ended the Heian period and ushered in the Kamakura shogunate. Her mastery of arms and skill on the battlefield helped establish her as one of the (if not the) definitive woman warriors of Japan.

Tomoe herself was a bit of a contradiction. On the one hand she was reputed to be a breathtaking beauty with pale skin, exquisite features, and long, fine hair. Her looks and her loyalty made her a favored attendant (and occasional consort) of her master Yoshinaka, and likely inspired more than one Minamoto trooper into following her. On the other, her reputation as a woman was surpassed by that as a soldier. Often she was drawn or painted in full samurai regalia, and just as often while holding a naginata (the traditional implement for women due to its ease of handling). Yet she favored swords, and what's more, a sword requiring a fair amount of upper body strength to wield. She was also known for being a dead-eye shot with a bow, and for being able to ride unbroken horses, forcing them to her will, even on the most perilous terrain.

Yet all her strengths would not protect her from the pride of men, much less their betrayal. She was twenty-seven when, at the height of the Genpei war, Yoshinaka took Kyoto and kidnapped Emperor Go-Shirakawa in a bid to become shogun. Tomoe watched as the Minamoto troops sacked and pillaged the capital, listened as her Yoshinaka's demands and ambitions grew ever larger, yet her dedication to her master remained strong. She had served him for most of her adult life, and though she had her misgivings, she believed in him. His cousins were less forgiving, and soon Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Minamoto no Noriyori marched against Yoshinaka.

They met at Awazu in February of 1184. There, outnumbered by thousands of warriors, Tomoe and her troops fought to the bitter end, holding off their former allies in bloody conflict for most of the day. Tomoe herself often charged the enemy lines, emerging intact each time. But one woman could not stop an entire army, and one by one her soldiers fell. As night set in, her master told her to flee - not for her own safety, but for his pride. No matter how strong a woman she was, she was still a woman, and Yoshinaka was ashamed at the idea of dying alongside her. Out of disgust and at his behest, she abandoned Yoshinaka, leaving him to flee into a rice paddy. A paddy where he became mired in the frozen mud, and died in defeat to an enemy arrow.

Tomoe retired from military life that day, living the rest of her life quietly under the new regime. Some of it she spent as wife to a Kamakura military commander, birthing more than one hero of the new era. Upon his death, she became a nun, passing out of the world in 1247 at the age of 90. Yet she would always remember those days of her youth. Days of love, loyalty, and soldier's pride...
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That's pretty awesome! Though no Noble Phantasms? Then again, maybe you'd be a bit hard-pressed to come up with some for her, who was merely a historical side-note...

Which reminds me, maybe I should post my Jeanne d'Arc profile that I have completed ages ago soon?

Offline Jadzi

I mostly focused on the character, and didn't get into her weapons or abilities as a servant. I have a number of ideas there, but I figured the combat stats can wait. If nothing else I can edit them in.

And yus, now is profile-posting time!  :D
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Offline KarmaTopic starter

More like that and I'll die from happiness.

Offline TheWriter

Name: Berserker
Age: circa 800 (awake for around 20)
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 114lb
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blood red
Skintone: Caucasian
Body Type: Variable
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Chaotic Evil)
Strengths: Combat, cooking, claw prize games
Weaknesses: Self-dependence, fear of blood

Personality: Berserker is a whimsical individual who, although knowing the basics of the modern era, does not seem to know about social norms. Her behaviour is almost child-like, due to the lonely nature of her up bringing, although she is over 800 years old, she spent most of it asleep and knows nearly nothing about the world or how to interact with others.  Berserker does everything in her power not to consume blood, which has nearly occurred several times, and she has problems controlling her impulses after being drastically weakened. She doesn't want to drink blood, as she doesn't want to become a monster that feeds on humans in order to survive.

True Identity: Arcueid Brunestud.  It's better to just read through the wiki if you haven't played the game.  In layman's terms Arcueid Brunestud is a vampire; her power ebbs and flows with the rising and setting of the sun.  In daylight she is as weak as the Master that called her, at night she is nearly immortal.  As a Berserker-class spirit, she is incapable of magic, losing access to the Mystic Eyes of Enchantment and the Marble Phantasm.  For the purposes of the game, the Near-Side True ending of Tsukihime is canon; Arcueid was slain in battle by the last incarnation of Roa.

Noble Phantasm: Crimson Moon
So called due to her progenitor, Crimson Moon Brunestud, it describes the berserker rage she enters upon consuming a small amount of blood.  In this state she no longer restrains herself, the large chunk of her power used to keep her impulses in check now free to use in combat.  Berserker herself would not normally enter this state of her own free will, but respects that at her weakest she may not be enough to hold off particularly strong Servants, and will force herself to enter Crimson Moon.  However, at all other times, she would require a Command Spell.  The bloodlust brought on by Crimson Moon fades after a few hours, or theoretically could be canceled by the use of another Command Spell.

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Alright, then, textwall incoming, here's my profile for Jeanne d'Arc!

General Informations

Name: Jeanne "la pucelle" d'Arc
Gender: Female
Class: Saber

Servant Status

Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: A
Endurance: A++
Agility: B
Mana: A
Luck: C

Class Abilities:
Magic Resistance: D

Riding: C

Purity: A
Her unwavering faith allows Jeanne to use any holy sword that is of A-rank or lower as if it is her own Noble Phantasm. This does not extend to demonic weapons, and only increases her vulnerability against them.

Gods servant: B
Jeanne is able to hear a voice sometimes, and it tells her the best course of action. It can be seen as a form of clairvoyance, and has never failed her so far, yet she has no control over it and it only works in a battle and related to one, not for every day life.

Charisma: C
A rare ability, and C-rank is enough to lead an army.

Noble Phantasms
Durendal, "The Unparalleled Famous Sword"
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Fortress

This gleaming, holy sword is enchanted by three miracles, allowing its blade to never dull even when its user's Mana has been expended. Old legends call Durendal indestructible, and claim it was once wielded by Hector of Troy, a skilled lancer who fought in Homer's Iliad. Later, this sword became famous as the weapon gifted to the renowned paladin Roland by the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne, who had originally received the blade from a seraph.

Roland tried to destroy the sword before it fell in the hands of the Saracen, but found that rather than being smashed at the rocks, it cut right through the mountain. After it was preserved in Rocamadour, thrust into a mountain towering the city, Jeanne d'Arc retrieved it from there to aid her in her quest. Recognizing her purity, Durandal accepted his new wielder immediately,

A semi-sentient sword, Durendal evokes his true powers only in desperation. When Jeanne is in danger, it will lend her its powers with ease, but if Jeanne forces them out when Durendal does not agree with it, the ability will cost three times as much mana, thus exhausting her quickly, and it degrades in strength by one rank. In danger, she can use Durendal about five times without pause, making it rather mana-efficient.

In effect, Durendal will emit a reddish light, and when swung, the light will fly out in the arch given by the sword and cut through anything that can not withstand it.

Dame Blanche "Shield of the white lady"
Rank: C-
Type: Support/Anti-Unit
Despite the norm, Jeanne did not have to face much magic initially on her quest, and it was quite a setback for her when she encountered it first on the battlefield. Since she had no resistance against it and her quest was in a critical phase, this shield was said to be granted to her by a white lady, and she found its use in battle against enemy magi.

Since it is not normally used by Jeanne, it is safely strapped to her back. A wonderful shield, it is designed to shield her from Magic, but it is not an amulet and has to be equipped to be of any use. Since it is designed as a defense from magic, it has limited physical defenses and could only withstand a few blows and it is too precious for Jeanne to be used that way.

Oriflamme "Golden Flame"
Rank: C
Type: Support
Since she was the representation of her king on the battlefield, Jeanne was granted the royal standard, Oriflamme.

Jeanne usually is seen holding the flag that is on top of a 2 meter-pole in her offhand, while Durandal is ready for battle in her right. While this makes her easily recognisable, she has taken pride in her identity.

Oriflamme is not fit for being used as blocking any incoming attacks, but is rather used for consecrating the ground beneath Jeannes feet. This is signified by a glowing light that spreads in a circle, up to fifteen feet around Jeanne. Inside this circle, Jeannes stats and those she considers her allies increase by one. It costs little mana, but steadily drains it away the longer it is used.

Physical Description

Jeanne appears as a young woman, barely ascended to adulthood. Her face, gestures and even eyes are battle-hardened. But even so, her blue eyes are not incapable of showing compassion, but her time was not a time where it was needed or even affordable. Her hair, unkempt and blond, is short, so as to not interfere and block her sight during battle.

Underneath her armor, many scars are to be found. She did not have the luxury of immortality or invulnerability, and most scars are from arrows and blades. One particular big scar is a burn mark on her back, testimony of her death.

In battle, Jeanne wears a special customized armor. It has no special attributes, but the King of France himself outfitted her, and the suit is ideal. Underneath a layer of chain mail, she wears a plated armor that protects her limbs and body. Usually not a rider by nature, Jeanne wears little leg-plates, so as to not slow down her movements even further.

Aside from her battle ornaments, Jeanne prefers a plain robe, devoid of any ornaments and in rural colours, testament to her peasant routes.

Jeanne is, above all, a devoted person. Having believed in the good of her cause, she defended her country and her beliefs to the end. Even now, she still stands loyal to her cause and what she sees as 'right' and does her best to see to it that justice prevails.

But even so, Jeanne still is a young woman, one that barely had a real childhood. She shared many similarities with fellow Heroic Spirit Saber Arthuria Pendragon, although Jeanne herself is quite aware of her femininity, but like Arthuria, she had neglected this in favor of the battles of her time.

Jeanne is one of the most durable Heroic spirits, able to fight for extended periods of time with Durandal, a trait she showed during her life, which in turn was attributed to her unwavering faith. Her cause, originally to liberate her country, has now turned to fulfill the will of 'God' and destroy any and all that would threaten humanity as a whole and will not allow anything to stop her in that quest.


A young girl, Jeanne grew up as a peasant in the fifteenth century in eastern France, during a time of strife as her country was in a slow but constant war with the invading armies of Britanny. It seemed like the girl was destined to be nothing more than a simply farmers wife in the future, but fate thought differently.

One day out in the field, she heard voices. Telling her things about the war that she had so little involvement yet. Those voices continued speaking to her over the next few years, until she spoke with a cleric about it. She wished to speak to the king and, with the help of two noblemen, Jean de Metz and Bertrand de Poulengy, she was brought into court before Charles VII.

The king, having fought a losing battle ever since the conflict had begun anew, had nothing left to lose and granted Jeanne her request of leading a regiment. And the rest is history, as they say. Having been victorious in her first exploit against the Britains, Jeanne eventually went on to lead the French army and under her command, remarkable successes were made.

However, during a battle, retreat was necessitated. Jeanne, insisting on withdrawing from the battlefield as the last one due to being the commander, was surrounded and captured by the British. Taken into custody, she was trialed and sentenced to death by burning.

And so, she died, far from home and her king. Her only regret was not to have returned to her king, her benefactor, who, unbeknownst to her, had done nothing to save her from her fate.

Not a "true" Heroic Spirit by definition, Jeanne is actually a Counter Spirit. She had been given power not by the God she believed in, but by a power very much like a god: Alaya. Alaya, being the will of humanity to survive, had given Jeanne the strength necessary to fight the armies of Britain back and thus ensure that no future harm would befall humanity as a result.

However, it was this sort of contract that Jeanne agreed to that bound her to Alaya indefinitely. Now, she serves it as a Counter Guardian, a spirit that is only summoned in order to ward off the destruction of the human race. And that Jeanne is summoned can only mean one thing... her strength is needed by the world.

Offline Lady Hitura Caprion

I'll play as Jadzi's master. Profile of said master will be done after my last final tonight.

Offline KarmaTopic starter

New blood! *ties down Arcueid*

Offline Transgirlenstein

I'll get one up for Bathory

Offline Lady Hitura Caprion

Mind if I post a half finished bio for mine? I got to the description part and my brain just farted out on me @.@

Offline KarmaTopic starter

If you like, sure.

Offline Lady Hitura Caprion

Image linked due to size and not knowing how to scale in img tags.

Name: Hiraga Heisabur├┤ Toshitoshi
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5' 8''
Weight: 151 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Skin tone: Average
Body Type: Lean
Religion: Shinto

Class: Master/Magi
Alignment: Neutral
Strengths: Martial Arts training (Varying training in: Judo, Aikido, Kenjutsu, Fencing, Gatka, Kyudo)
Weaknesses: Loyalty to a fault, cooking

Description: Hiraga is a rather distant individual who has trouble making friends. He isn't so much a loner as he is socially awkward, never finding the right things to say and sometimes even saying the wrong things. He is shy because of his awkwardness, but when he does make friends, he is loyal to a fault to them. He would gladly put himself on the line for one of them as long as it did not violate his ethics. Despite his social relations with a person, he tries to be as much a gentleman as he can.


Basically the only thing im having trouble with is the history
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Offline KarmaTopic starter

Offline Lady Hitura Caprion

XD Yeah I noticed when I checked it over a few seconds ago and fixed it! Thanks Karma.

Offline KarmaTopic starter

The name is impressively old school!

Offline Lady Hitura Caprion

Random Japanese Name Generator >>-b

Offline KarmaTopic starter

Hahaha, nice. I was just amused with how old the names appeared. That's the sort of name I'd expect to see in the Warring States period or even earlier!

Offline Lady Hitura Caprion

Uhm oops? XD Oh well, I suck at names. Usually I get mine from bashing the keyboard. I figured I should go with an authentic name this time.

Offline KarmaTopic starter

Hey, no problem. I like it a lot!

Offline TheWriter

Hitura, I didn't know they measured height in pounds now.  Or weight in inches, either.

Name: Jessica Bishop
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Skin tone: Average
Body Type: Lean
Religion: Atheist

Class: Master
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Strengths: Marksmanship, Agency-trained close quarters combat, level head
Weaknesses: Total lack of training as a Magi, standoffish attitude

An agent of the CIA, sent to investigate a series of mysterious murders in the south Michigan area.  The major suspects are individuals who recently arrived from Europe, hence the matter attracting federal interest.  During her investigation she discovers a body with the left hand mutilated.  At the scene of the crime, a ghost approaches her, who explains that they are the Servant of the dead Master.  The Servant notices a dormant magic circuit within the agent, and explains the situation; Jessica deduces that participating in the Grail War will eventually lead her to the killer, and decides to forge a new contract with the Servant, despite having no idea what she's getting into.

Has no experience as a mage, but is a fully fledged agent, trained in self-defense and marksmanship.  Main tactic will be to attack the Master directly while the Servants are distracted fighting each other.  However, she is bound by orders to bring in all material witnesses alive, so will not shoot to kill.

Offline Lady Hitura Caprion

its 11:33 pm and I didnt sleep last night, mistakes are made :x

Edit: Actually... no, that was extreme dyslexia o-o;;; Wow I need my eyes checked or something... Im surprised Karma didnt catch it... thanks Writer. I think your pic's actually bigger than mine too xD
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