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Author Topic: Enma Institute - OOC and Character Thread Up [Mul, Psychic/Superhuman/etc]  (Read 721 times)

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Offline KaitenTopic starter

Link to OOC and Profile thread!

RP is a freeform RP, Up to and including Extreme.

The Enma institute was founded as an organization in the early 1800s, purely made for the study of the occult and the supernatural. However, all too soon they found out exactly what they were studying, was completely real. Many of them realized that if they could harness the supernatural abilities of an individual, they could themselves become rich and powerful from exploiting said abilities. It took them years, but finally they were able to find a person with extraordinary abilities and brought that person under their control.

Skip forwards 200 years.

A large land mass, roughly the size of Nevada sits in the Pacific ocean, generated through an unknown way. Considered it's own free City State, this land mass houses a good million residents, in small middle class houses and a few scattered farms. The technology in this place is high and is rivaled by no other place in the world, the residents happy and carefree with little crime. They owe all this, to the Enma Institute. Enma Institute - Santuary for the Conflicted, provides all the advanced technology and affordable homes to all the residents, as well takes care of the odd growing problem of "Conflicted or Troubled" individuals that seems to be cropping up today.

However, this is all a front. The Enma Institute bright and colorful exterior hide their true intentions. Since their acquisition of their first supernatural-abled individual, Enma gathered more and more from around the world. Doing tests and exploiting these individuals, using their abilities to make the new land mass and to create technology, which they sold to bring in more money. With that money, they were able to create their own country of sorts. The residents here are kept happy and content, and closely monitored. When a child with supernatural abilities are found, they are examined and their parents told they are "Conflicted" persons and are taken away to get treatment, but only end up as test subjects. With in its walls, Enma holds thousands of psychics, telekinetics, abnormally strengthened, mutants and many more, all taken from around the world, their own small country, or even clones or force bred offspring, raised at birth to serve these people.

With the power of these individuals, Enma's power keeps on growing and growing... But... their hidden cruelty and power may be their undoing. For even with such an advanced facility, there have been escapes... and many of these Escapees are not happy with what was done to them. Many of them, want revenge...


The idea behind this is that you play as a person who works or is controlled by Enma, a Person working against Enma, or just someone who wants to live by themselves, but this means dodging hunting for you.

Characters can be anything from regular humans to test subjects and such. Examples of test subjects would be people with kinetic abilities such as telekinesis and pyrokinesis, as well as people with ESP, or heightened senses or strength. They could have either been born with these, or had them augmented in the lab.

Character abilities, if you're a test subject or bred subject that is, can really be anything, but if it could come as close as possible as what was exampled above. I just ask that you don't make yourself godly :P Just remember that all these characters are either mutated humans or a new strain of humanity, much in the way Cro-Magnon and Neanderthals were around at the same time.

Bit of Reference Info:

Enma Institute - Sanctuary for the Conflicted
Corporation that rules the entire land mass. Researches supernatural activity in individuals. Uses them as guinea pig, making them do such things as forced breeding to create better versions of them or to test their compatibility; straining their abilities through tests to see how far their abilities go whether it hurts their body in the process or not; altering their genetic and physical structure including lobotomizing and implanting such things as microchips; dissecting them to better understand their abilities; and other such horrible acts. All hidden under the guise of a treatment center for people with what they call "Conflicting" brain problems.

Characters stemming from this group would probably be human researchers, test subjects, Supernatural Individuals raised at birth to serve Enma, Supernatural individuals that have been taught or trained to obey Enma through harsh or scientific means, or just human guards.

The Defiant
Active fighters and such against Enma and it's agents. Large goal is to one day free all those held within Enma's walls, as well as destroy Enma's activities once and for all.

Characters would consist of supernatural individuals who have escaped and possibly a few humans who know about the true nature of Enma and the things happening inside and don't conform to the way of life that the other residents have.

People who do not wish to align with anyone and usually just want to try and live the best they can. Usually they only fight for their own survival.

Characters would consist of runaway test subjects who just want to remain unfound or evade hunters from Enma who look for them. It can also just be regular humans who aren't really related to anyone.


Put this as [Mul] and up to Extreme, because it has potential to have almost any element of an adult or non adult RP in it.

Me and Tankou brainstormed a lot about this and we want to at least see if there's any interests. I'm of course available for any questions or comments here or in PMs.
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Offline endlesspie

I am interested!

Offline Tankou

I will get in on this hands down and I may have a couple friends on E who may be tempted, highly so, to join XP

Offline Kotah

Pick me! pick me!


Offline Sprig

i'm interested.

Offline Gamsin

Sounds awesome! I'm in!

Online TheVillain

Hmm. . .I wouldn't be adverse to playing a bad guy. A villain, as it were.

Name: Dr. Jacob Doe
Faction: Enma Institute

Bio: A high ranking scientist and researcher for the institute, Dr. Doe knows all about the morally questionable aspects of his work. And doesn't give a damn. As far as he can deduce, he was the product of an unknown paranormal mind controller using his powers for sexual favors on unsuspecting women- and views this as a natural act of evolution. Considered handsome and among the most brilliant minds on the planet, he holds secret that he should be a patient and not a researcher. He intends to use the institute to secretly advance his powers, his own political power in the global stage, his research, and "kickstart evolution" as he's called it. Few people realize that through the island's forced breeding program and in his own time he's been the father of many of the powered children discovered by the institute.

Powers: Dr. Doe is secretly an Endrinokinetic- someone able to psychically sense and manipulate biochemistry. With his PhD in biochemistry he knows how to maximize the effectiveness of this normally minor power to potentially lethal applications.  Having used his power to sculpt his body and make his brain run more efficiently, he views the use of his power to breed unsuspecting women both in the institutes breeding program and outside it as "acceptable- not doing so would be a crime against biology".

Offline Decrepitdan

I find myself very interested in such a game.

Offline KaitenTopic starter

Hmm, what a nice turn out so far.

Glad there's already one villain, I thought I'd have to be the only one ^^

Offline endlesspie

<--- Not going to be a villain.

Offline Sprig

I've been thinking of playing a villain.

Offline Jalina

I'd be interested in this as well!

Offline KaitenTopic starter

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Offline Marlow

Re: Enma Institute - OOC and Character Thread Up [Mul, Psychic/Superhuman/etc]
« Reply #13 on: October 12, 2009, 11:03:57 PM »
Ohhh, this sounds fun. I'm definitely interested.

Offline Blank

Re: Enma Institute - OOC and Character Thread Up [Mul, Psychic/Superhuman/etc]
« Reply #14 on: October 17, 2009, 04:52:29 PM »
Mark me as interested, but I may not be able to join yet.  Busy, busy.