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Author Topic: Godric's Acadamy of Young Adults.  (Read 6653 times)

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Offline Urbanzorro

Re: Godric's Acadamy of Young Adults.
« Reply #100 on: August 26, 2009, 04:52:24 PM »
Hello all, we were paused for a little while but we are up and running again classes will resume tomorrow. and in our own big game thread ;) (only three in the catigory so we should be easy to find). so please keep posting and for the record we want you to post on here so as to keep this thread up near the top and visible because high visabilty=more people joining in
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Offline Tempest

Re: Godric's Acadamy of Young Adults.
« Reply #101 on: August 27, 2009, 06:48:09 PM »

We are very pleased that you have chosen to enroll your child in our illustrious Academy; please fill out this application form and mail it to our office for incoming students.

Name: Sloane Winters
Age: Seventeen
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Physical Description:

Standing at a petite height of 5'0", Sloane sees the world at a different level through dark hazel eyes. Despite her height, she hardly goes unnoticed. Fiery red hair spills down along her back in tight ringlets, amplifying her high maintenance persona. Heavy makeup was often worn around her eyes, causing them to pop out form under the impressive mane of hair. Her skin was pale, a trait of many redheads, though her color was clearly taken from a bottle. A slender frame kept her vulnerable, while ample breasts and defined curves produced more attraction than intended. She dressed plainly, liking denim jeans, T-shirts, and skate shoes, and she was never keen on wearing accessories. The girl was an odd mix of styles, and it often clashed with her natural beauty.

Short Biography:

Slaone is a fucking delinquent - in her parents eyes. The innocent girl has always done the best she could in school. She was an average student, receiving B's and C's, but she never got herself into any serious trouble. Just like other teens her age, she often broke curfew and arrived late to her classes; obviously her parents were strict beyond belief. They grew tired of her constant tardiness, of her partying and mediocre grades. Because they were too busy with suburban jobs to discipline her, they sent her off to Godric's Academy of Young Adults, believing it to be a place for troubled students. Their hastiness led them to neglect the true horrors that lurked beyond the walls, and for that, Sloane would suffer more than they intended.

Classes Requested:

Obedience 101
Lesb Ed
Self Enrichment through Self Control
Pride Management
Equestrian Studies

Any Lessons you wish your child NOT to receive:

None. In fact, Sloane requires a harsh and disciplining hand.

Offline PaleEnchantress

Re: Godric's Acadamy of Young Adults.
« Reply #102 on: August 27, 2009, 10:19:34 PM »
We are very pleased that you have chosen to enroll your child in our illustrious Academy; please fill out this application form and mail it to our office for incoming students.

Name: Jerion Virago (Last name of adopted "mother")

Age: 19

Sex: Male, oh so very male.....

Ethnicity: Caucasian but with abnormal coloring

Physical Description:

(Couldn't find a image that was exact, he doesn't have wings) Long green hair and pale skin that shimmers in the light give him a forlorn other worldly look. His passionate eyes are large and a brilliant shade of emerald and his body is sculpted beautifully being both thin and muscular. he admits that his hair is colored but his glistening pale complexion seems to be permanent even if it is not natural.

His genitals are much larger then average. It is painful for his partner should he attempt to penetrate them. Clothing sized normally for his body tends to be very tight and chafing between his thighs. Probably because of this he prefers swimming over most endurance exercises since running can get him sore very quickly.

Short Biography:
Jerion remembered his mother and father like they were part of some sort of fantasy life. They had been the most wonderful people instilling in him the ideas of virtue, self expression, and personal value. Some parts of his memory seemed blurry, did they live in a forest? He remembered they were outdoors most of the time and rarely wore any clothing and that they were surrounded by plants and flowers. He remembered them being so bright and fragrant. These memories of his early childhood seem so foggy and to beautiful to be real, it's highly likely they they aren't.

That was his childhood though, during his adolescence he was kidnapped by men who said they were "devils." They injected him with different drugs and made him into little more then a slave and lab rat. Whatever he drank had a profound physical effect on him. His skin grew lighter in done, his hair brighter, his body taller and more muscular and his genitals expanded expanded beyond average size during his puberty.

Eventually the "devils" were forced to flee for reasons he doesn't remember or can't explain and he and the other captives were free. By this time Jerion's hair was long brilliant and his skin a shade of white that always sparkled as if dusted with powdered pearls. His body was extremely well sculpted due do his love for swimming and whatever it was his captors had forced upon him.

However years of captivity had made him unable to really fit in normal society. His handsome features and big endowments allowed him to survive through selling his body. Eventually he did find help, a woman unlike any other took him in and helped him learn some things about himself. Though his sexual preference was devoted to men alone he couldn't help but fall in love with his benefactress. he told her that he didn't want to live with other people, that he just wanted to do what she wanted. That was how he would up at Godric's.

My Jerion has been nude for years at a time, he is uncomfortable in clothing but you have my full permission to stuff him into anything you wish, or let him be bare.

Classes Requested: (I took the liberty of highlighting the courses that I expect him to focus in)
Obedience 101, Sensuality 315, Physical Fitness, Male Sciences, Self Enrichment through Self Control, Theater Art’s and Stage Performance, Roleplaying 101, Pride Management, Equestrian Studies

Any Lessons you wish your child NOT to receive: I firmly believe he needs to be kept from orgasming as much as possible, he is shy when it comes to sex with partners but I notice he has little trouble pleasuring himself....
side from that he has few limits and I hope you will do all you can to teach him well.
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Offline thewhitedusk

Re: Godric's Acadamy of Young Adults.
« Reply #103 on: August 28, 2009, 10:25:19 PM »

Name: Andrew Hopkins
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Physical Description:

A silver cross is worn under his shirt, and a rubber braclet on his wrist reads W.W.J.D
Short Biography: Andrew is a very religious boy.  Goes to church every Sunday.  Carries his bible everywhere.  Has never once manipulated himself with his hand, believing it to be a great sin.  His father is a very religious Repiblican politician, who was up for re-election.  Marajuana was found in Andrew's locker at school, affecting his father's campain.  The campaign manager, a former academy student, suggested his father send him to Godric's to try to fic his image, telling him that it is a private prep school.  What neither Andrew, nor his father know, is that the campaign manager is being payed off by the Democrats to ruin his father's campaign, and that it was him that planted the pot.
Classes Requested:
Obedience 101
Sensuality 315
Pride Management
Oral Persuasian
Role Playing 101

Offline NinaN

Re: Godric's Acadamy of Young Adults.
« Reply #104 on: August 30, 2009, 08:57:20 AM »
Student Application

Name:  Tiana Clay
Age:   17
Sex:  Female
Ethnicity:   White, English/Norwegian ancestry

Physical Description:  <a href="" target="_blank">[/url]

Short Biography:  The Clay family is well known for its contributions to both public and private life, due in part to the fact that both Matt and Cherice (we, her parents) were educated at the academy and we wish our daughter to have all of the advantages that we did.  Tiana is a strong willed child and may need some extra instruction to mold her into true womanhood. 
Classes Requested:  We wish our daughter enrolled in all classes available at the academy.  It is our wish that she be fully educated in all of the important areas of life.  Any special focus in her curriculum is left the administration.
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Offline PaleEnchantress

Re: Godric's Acadamy of Young Adults.
« Reply #105 on: September 02, 2009, 08:52:31 PM »

Name: Lucretzia De'Lorca, Ph.D
Ethnicity: European
Age: 29
Height: 6'2"
Short Description: Lecretzia has spent years getting working her body to be exactly the way she wanted it. She colors her nearly white hair a light purple and often wears the back half up in an elegant twist with her bands framing her face.What she couldn't achieve naturally she paid for. She is very tall (even more so since she favors high heels) and slender with sparkling blue eyes that with the right expression can look soft and inviting, or very threatening. She worked very hard to look the way she does and spends a lot of money to but exotic clothing flaunts it. Her actions are never outwardly sexual toward others, she prefers to make men, and on very rare occasions women, come to her. Despite her thought that she is physically"perfect" she has at least one feature that few expect.
Bio: Lucretzia comes from a very rich family and if the youngest of two children. Their parents constantly pressured to both to be better then all their peers but also to obey and conform to all their parents desires. The oldest daughter Sophie became very submissive to her parents but could never show it publicly. Sophie's desire to submit to someone strong that was not her father or mother got her the attention of a young Mr. Godric. (though that was not his name at the time) Sophie was but one of Godric's playthings but she was one of his favorites. As Godric learned more about her rich family and their aristocratic roots he became interested in the power dynamic of the household. What he eventually noticed was both amusing and shocking.

The father and mother claimed absolute power for themselves but the one pulling the strings manipulating both of them was Sophie's only sibling; her younger brother Jayce. Jayce was but a boy yet he controlled everything without anyone ever knowing. Godric was impressed but eventually left Sophie behind and in doing so no longer could enjoy figuring out the little mental games Jayce played.
Jayce graduated highest in his high school and went directly to college to earn a degree in philosophy. Studying overseas allowed him to stay away from his parents to finish a goal he had already been working on for years. Before he even got his BA Jayce had become Lucretzia. However under her beautiful clothing she kept her male sex organs unchanged, she enjoyed how much more sexually aggressive she could be as a woman with a penis.

After graduating with her Ph.D Lucretzia became a licensed psychologist. Years of study only heightened her talent with subtle manipulation. She convinced many admirers to commit all sorts of humiliating and masochistic acts for her own amusement, the whole time them thinking it was their own idea. She was careful at first but she always craved more power over others and in no time she had clients quitting their jobs and leaving their families just to live in a cage in her home. When she was discovered she was able to avoid any criminal charges using her natural talent but she couldn't convince them to just let her continue. She had her license revoked and had to send some of her slaves to work to support her.

Godric however heard of the "talented" therapist and with his many connections he learned who she really was. He was truly impressed with the woman and all she had done. He extended her an offer to "help" young people at his academy with their mental issues. She has less contact with the students then the teachers do but that leaves her plenty of time to stir up trouble from the shadows. Godric highly suspects she is trying to manipulate him but knows better then to let his guard down whenever she wants to talk.

----Hope you like her.

Offline JMN

Re: Godric's Acadamy of Young Adults.
« Reply #106 on: September 02, 2009, 09:20:30 PM »
We are very pleased that you have chosen to enroll your child in our illustrious Academy; please fill out this application form and mail it to our office for incoming students.
Name: Fatima al Nouri
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Iranian
Physical Description:
Short Biography: Fatima's mother is a graduate of the academy, as are all of the female members of her family.  What is unusual for Fatima is that she is intended for a husband outside of Iran.  Her father's construction company is starting to do a lot of business with European firms.  He intends to use her to cement an alliance after she graduates.  He has therefore loosened the strictures of what shall be taught her in order to meet their heathen demands.  Some things, though, remain forbidden.

Fatima is an athletic, carefree girl.  She knows nothing of what is about to befall her.  She has spent an exciting summer protesting the government of her country.  She is a gymnast, and longs to compete internationally.  She is an observant, though liberal, Muslim.  She wears the hijab by choice as well as law.

Classes Requested: Obedience 101, Physical Fitness, Lesb Ed, Oral Presentation, SESC, Pride Management
Any Lessons you wish your child NOT to receive: Equestrian training, canine training

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