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Author Topic: [Extreme] Exalted: Infernals; The God Damned South  (Read 2806 times)

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Offline Mnemaxa

Re: [Extreme] Exalted: Infernals; The God Damned South
« Reply #25 on: April 21, 2009, 06:39:52 PM »
Remember, while Darkness looks overpowered, all her charms are easily resisted by most Exalted, and EVERYONE knows that her powers don't work on people carrying cold iron against their flesh.  The instant she's revealed to be one of the Fair Folk, 95% of her advantages vanish.

True name:   Darkness Born of Burning Night
Current name:  Crystal Words like Falling Knives
Concept:     Hidden power behind the throne
Caste:       Ornamental Entertainer shadowed by Artisan Worker
Motivation:  To watch the whole of Creation destroyed by the machinations of those who live in it.
Philosophy: The Hungry Wolves (Conviction)
Lure:  To play the dedicated martyr. (Compassion)

Strength        3
Dexterity        5
Stamina         5

Charisma        6
Manipulation   7
Appearance    6

Perception     5
Intelligence    5
Wits             6

Linguist              1
**Occult            2
Socialize             3

*Investigation    2
Larceny             1
*Medicine          3
**Perform          5
Stealth              2

Martial Arts        1
Presence           2

*Craft (Glamour)  4
*Lore                 2
*Resistance        2

**Awareness      3
Dodge                2

** Favored
*   Caste

Backgrounds  (16 Bonus Points Spent)
Artifacts  2  (Pauper's Mask 1 [Grace], Shaping Armor Amulet 1, Hundred Color Shaping Lens 2)
Birth        5  (Gains Bonus Charms)
Freehold   3  (Co-ruler of Freehold with 2 dots, may petition for Cyst holding, carries 2 pennants, allowed in most freeholds)
Gossamer 5  (Starts story with 20 Gossamer; may make any number of Resource 5 purchases)
Style       5   (Stunt Pool = 7; 1/scene auto recover 2 dice for pool;  Regains all stunt dice when entering Bedlam; may use 2 Wyld Stunts per day while in creation – glamour resist = Integ+ess vrs. Ability used)

Compassion:       4
Conviction:         3
Temperance:      3
Valor                 3
Willpower:          6
Channels = 2 x Virtue

Graces – Capitals = Major and feeding Grace, Italics=Ascendant feeding grace
CUP:                4   Oneiromancy Spell, the Pauper's Mask [Art. 1] (Owned by Xxxxxxxx)
Staff:               2   Banner of Velvet Agony (Elsewhere)
RING:               3   Gorget of Blissful Peace (Elsewhere)
Sword:             2   Stylus of Ash and Mud (Elsewhere)
Heart:              3   Crystal of the Violet Eye (Elsewhere)
Channel = 2 x Grace; Health =Virtue + Grace

Essence                  3
Personal Essence     26
Committed Motes      4
Gossamer               20

Health levels
1 -0 
2 -1 
2 -2 
2 -4 
1 I

Intimacies(Max 4)
Prophetess of Thrice Damned Gifts

­­>Assumption of Dreams and Passion * Emotion: Allure (+1 auto success to all Performance rolls)
First Cup Excellency
Assume a Person's Heart*+ (Taint Creationborn: 10m+1wp+1g:Share active power, Created keeps it  for 1 day. Addictive. Glamour resist= stam+ess vrs. charisma)
Heart Cutting Style* + (5m = appears as perfect beauty, ignore cap of MDV for social roles versus target due to higher appearance. Glamour resist = wits+ess vrs. appearance)
Dissonance of Principles* + (1-6m=internal pen. of same value on all social combat roll made by others for 1 day. Negate = 1wp, 1 scene. Glamour ressit= inv+ess vrs. manipulation)
One Thousand Tiny Hooks Tech.* + (3m=manip+perf vrs. Dodge MDV.  Suxx = all social attacks vrs. That target become undodgeable. Glamour resist= inv + ess vrs. perform)
Soul Carving Art
Gossamer Forging Art
Bastion of the Unassailable Grace : Heart* (Immune to all non-magical harm from any source. Charms/Innate Abillities = +3 resist/DV. Does not include iron.)
>Ravishing the Created Form
>Banquet of Crumbs
>Essence Forging Art
>Awakened Dream Manufacture
>Forging the Heart Grace (Does not work for Creationborn)
>Forging the Cup Grace
>Forging the Staff Grace
>Forging the Ring Grace
>Forging the Sword Grace
>Gaping Virtue Mouth #
>Ecstatic Reproduction Style #

> = Bonus Charm
* = Linked to current Assumption
+ = Grants an Innate Ability usable currently.
# = Cannot be used, though the charm is known, due to lack of Essence, Grace, or XP.



Bonus Point Expenditure
15 base
Backgrounds +1 = 1
Essence +1 = 5
Virtues +3 (Comp, Conv, Valor ea +1) = 9
Infernal Oath-born:  15 bonus points
Background +3  = 3
Background over 3 +6 = 12

Equipment notes:
The sheer volume of mundane equipment that Darkness has access to is staggering.  Her wealth in Creationborn terms is nearly limitless.  That said it has very specific limits on exceptional equipment – one item of superior equipment per dot of Gossamer (not including those provided by other backgrounds).  Unless specifically detailed, all equipment and gifts offered by Darkness are of mundane material and non-exceptional quality, though they can be exceedingly expensive or valuable.  Darkness can make any number of Resource 5 purchases, though too many may attract attention.  Pennants negate the effects of Calcification while she possesses them in Creation's Bounds.  Exceptional equipment is marked with an *.

Shaping Weapons 'Bought' using gossamer points as effective resource limitation (Goss-1, -2 if Exceptional, -3 if Perfect)
*Perfect Figment  (Cup)
*Perfect Courtesan's Caul (Staff/Shaping Armor - can serve as armor in Creation)
Soak                      Mobility   Fatigue   Cost      Tags
+3L/+3B   (+3sh)          0      0           4g      Attune 2
*Exceptional Nirishkyra Mask (Sword)
World Egg (Ring)

Shaping Armor Amulet  1  (Works as armor in Creation; this is usually worn and takes the form of a glittering rainbow hued crystal)
Soak               Mobility     Fatigue   Cost      Tags
+6L/+4B   (+4sh)      0      0      1Art      Attune 2
tic Spell: Pauper's Mask 1 (Cup Grace)
Int+Beura, each suxx -1 dot in resources.  Target with wits+ess higher than wielder's beaua cannot be affected (glamour)
Hundred Color Shaping Lens 2 (In creation, it can be used to fire ess or goss bolts – 3 motes or 1 goss, aimed by Per+Awareness)
Speed   Accuracy   Damage
6           +2          10B (Piercing)

Pennant: Navel Gemstone
Pennant: Ring of Cut Crystal
*Perfect Buff Jacket
Soak      Mobility   Fatigue   Cost      Tags
+5L/+8B      -1          -1          4          -
*Perfect Gossamer Tiger Claws (uses Martial arts instead of Melee, and may use Martial arts to block lethal attacks)
Speed   Accuracy   Damage   Defense   Rate      Min   Cost   Tag
5           +3           5L           +1           3           Str1       4      M
Speed   Accuracy   Damage   Defense   Rate      Min   Cost   Tag
6           +0              +0B            +0      1      Str1   -   CNP
Speed   Accuracy   Damage   Defense   Rate      Min           Cost   Tag
5               +0            +3B            -2        2      Str1Dex2   -   N
Speed   Accuracy   Damage   Defense   Rate      Min   Cost   Tag
5           +1             +0B              +2      3      Str1   -   N
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Online Karma

Re: [Extreme] Exalted: Infernals; The God Damned South
« Reply #26 on: April 21, 2009, 08:19:48 PM »
With a move coming up, I'm not prepared to learn a whole new system right now... I'll have to back out, at least for the time being.

Offline Mnemaxa

Re: [Extreme] Exalted: Infernals; The God Damned South
« Reply #27 on: April 21, 2009, 08:23:32 PM »
With a move coming up, I'm not prepared to learn a whole new system right now... I'll have to back out, at least for the time being.

We'll keep a place warm for you though. 

Offline Krule

Re: [Extreme] Exalted: Infernals; The God Damned South
« Reply #28 on: April 21, 2009, 10:57:43 PM »
Ok, here we go.. one slayer into the breach... she's actually quite deadly, as you look over her, I'm sure you'll agree...  I started her with some of Cecelyne's charms, and plan to pick up some more, but I plan to pick up a lot more of SHLIHN's so I figured best to chose her as her favored Yozi, even though I havn't picked up any of them yet. 


Name: Xalvia, the Viridian Dancer
Concept: Dancer / Martial Artist
Caste: Slayer
Motivation: Raise up a city in creation who give their allegiance to the rightful king of creation, Malfeas
Urge: Ophidian Urge – Seduce as many people of ether sex whenever she can


Strength      @@      
Dexterity   @@@@@   
Stamina      @@@@      

Charisma   @@
Manipulation   @@               
Appearance   @@@@@    

Perception   @@
Intelligence   @@@
Wits      @@



An incredibly attractive woman, with pale ivory skin, and long flowing translucent hair that reaches to her ankles, gorgeous purple eyes, her body is hairless save for her head, and she moves with an impossible grace, her hands are covering a rather lovely brass tattoo pattern with a hint of green that reaches to her brass colored fingernails.  She wears an intricate necklace that appears to be made of brass around her neck, she always appears immaculately groomed and she wears no clothing in a rejection of the various clothing taboos of creation, though she quite often does wear jewelry of various kinds.   

Physically, she’s incredibly agile and very tough, and almost impossibly beautiful… and when entering battle, she surrounds herself in gleaming skin tight brass armor created by Viridian Legend Exoskeleton. 


Delighting in battle, conflict, dance and in all forms of sexual activity, Xalvia, is as likely to slay as she is to seduce, though she usually doesn’t mix the two.  The Demon that carried the shard to her was a Neomah, and some measure of her personality is affected by that.   The Urge to seduce is not strictly sexual, seducing others to worship of the Yozi’s, or abandonment of their principles, morals or cultural taboos is another manner in which she follows her urge. 

She believes that the first step in obtaining freedom for Malfeas, is to create a tribe who follows him as the rightful lord of creation, then to forge that tribe into a army, a city, and a nation.  She thinks that mixing their blood with demons and raising many as demon blooded is one way to encourage this grow.

She has little in the way of compassion, though she did before she spent which made her ideal in some ways for the choice that was given to her, the offer of power and glory in exchange for service to the rightful ruler of Creation, Malfeas.  Her conviction is somewhat lacking too, though that has improved sense she was chosen for exaltation.  She’s not quite as unsure of her as she was, her commitment to the cause is somewhat less then it could be, sense she’s often unsure of herself, or her cause.  But, she does have considerable courage and self-control, which are valuable to her master.

She hates rigid societies, ones that reject change and growth, as it was that rigidity that caused her to be cast out of the Coral Archipelago, where she grew up.   Because of this, she generally chooses sacrifices for the Thing Infernal from among such individuals.

She absolutely adores Ligier, and he’s the only one in existence that she would actually be willing to wed, indeed, on some level she hopes to seduce him into just that.. but she’ll settle for having him as teacher and mentor.. something she doesn’t have yet either.

Sense her unwoven coadjutor was shaped from a neomah, she is constantly in a state of low grade arousal, regardless of what she’s doing...


She was originally a dancer and martial artist, her former teacher taught her both, and she was very skilled, but the land she was part of had a very rigid view of women learning the skills of a warrior.  While her teacher was broadminded enough to get past them, especially for such a talented and capable young woman, they trained in secret.   However, a jealous rival discovered exposed them, her mentor was executed, and she was cast out, told to join the Tyra, or become outcaste. 

Furious she rejected them all, and left, though uncertain what she was going to do with herself.. and in this moment when the Neomah demon carrying the shard of her exaltation.. and she was ripe for the plucking, as one might say.  The discussion lasted for a little while, and then she agreed to give her allegiance to Malfeas.. after all, what had the gods of ever done for her?

And then she entered Chrysalis, to become reshaped into the creature she is now… 

Abilities [2 freebies]


*Archery   @
*Martial Arts   @@@@@
*Melee      @@@
*Thrown   @
*War      @


*Athletics   @      
Awareness   @
*Dodge       @
Stealth      @


Integrity    @
*Performance   @@@      Specialty: Dance + 2
Presence      @
Resistance   @      
Survival      @


*Craft (Vitriol)   @
Lore      @
Occult      @


Bureaucracy   @
Linguistics   @@@   [Sea-Tongue*, Fire-Tongue, Old Realm, Body Language (As per Neomah)]
*Socialize   @   

Backgrounds [5 Freebies] (+ 4 Artifact Dots)

Artifact             @@@
-   Implanted Vitriolic Retractable Orichalcum Razor Claws
-   Speed   Accuracy   Damage   Defense   Rate   Attune   
-       5            + 5            +5L        + 3           4          6
-   This artifact was implanted in Viridian Dancer’s hands, when she was chosen, during her chrysalis.  The Neomah who came to her brought this artifact with her at her master’s command, and it became implanted into Xalvia at that time.
-   These claws are fully retractable, and appear to be nothing more then an ordinary, if lovely tattoo on her hands when retracted.  When extended however, she has a pair of rather dangerous looking brass-green metallic claws that cover her entire hand, and gives her full ability to attack and parry lethal damage without a second thought.  They are permanently implanted however, meaning that the committed motes are permanently committed as well.   
-   Parry DV: 7
Artifact – Chaomorphic Simbiote       @@@@@
-   16 Mutation Points
-   Abomination – Wings (Bat-like) [6]
-   Blight – Gills [4]
-   Affliction – Chameleon  [2]
-   Pox - Elemental Adaptation – Fire [1]
-   Pox - Elemental Adaptation – Air [1]
-   Pox - Elemental Adaptation – Water [1]
-   Pox - Elemental Adaptation – Wood [1]
-   Designed by Ligier, and given to her upon arriving in Malfeas, this artifact allows her to shift and alter her physical makeup to suit the situation, and to allow her to adapt to nearly any environment.
-   At will, with a commitment of 12 motes a pair of bat-like wings spot from her back (same color as her skin), granting her the ability to take to the air, moving freely though the air
-   She can also, with a commitment of 8 motes, breath water like air, becoming fully amphibious
-   For a commitment of 4 motes, her skin shifts like a chameleons, to match her environment making her more capable in matters involving stealth, surprise attacks and hunting
-   For a commitment of 2 motes, she can make herself immune to the effects of any environment in creation.  Each change causes her to look a bit different;
o   Air – Her heart and blood turn to liquid green fire, if cut her blood drips green flame, and her eyes turn to a luminous green
o   Fire – Her skin turns to dark Ebony, her eyes to deep blood red
o   Water – her skin turns to a light blue, with webbed hands and feet
o   Wood – Her skin turns to a pale green, and her hair into lovely vines, with small flowers on them.
-   The motes for any of these can be committed indefinitely; leaving her with the affects for as long as she desires, however, none of the elemental adaptations can exist together.  The others can, but there is rarely any point in her view of keeping gills and wings at the same time
Artifact            @
-   Collar of Dawn’s Cleansing Light
Backing – Malfeas       @@@
Cult – Avatar of Malfeas      @@
Influence – Malfean Demons    @
Unwoven Coadjutor       @@@   
-   Specialty: Socialize: Demon Lies + 1
-   +2 Social Bonus to all dealings with demon kind
-   Recognize Yozi Cultists (Perception + Socialize), + 2 Social Bonus to command or manipulate

Malfeas – Looks up to him as her rightful liege and master
Hatred - rigid unchanging societies (Paragon, The Vargian states, Coral Archipelago, etc.)
Admiration & Adoration – The Demon Sun – Ligier

[These are not quite Intimacies.. at least not yet.. some of them come from her Unwoven Coadjutor, and are not fully integrated yet.. and some of them come from interactions between her previous personality and her new exaltation, and are also yet to fully integrate, they may change some before they do.]
Delight in Battle and Conflict   
Delights in Art, Dance and Music   
To create new and unique things
Love for all forms of sexual activity (especially aggressive ones)

Willpower       @@@@@@@
Health Levels: -0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -2, -2, -4, -4, Incapacitated
Soak:  7B/7L   Bashing Hardness: 4
With Viridian Legend Exoskeleton: 17B/17L   Hardness: 10B/10L

Essence      @@@   [7 Freebies]
Personal      16
Peripheral   30 (38)
Committed   8

Virtues (3 Freebies)

Compassion   @
Conviction   @@
Temperance   @@@@
Valor      @@@


Favored – Malfeas/She Who Lives in Her Name

First Malfeas Excellency x 3
By Pain Reforged
Scar-Writ Saga Shield x 2
Viridian Legend Exoskeleton
Hardened Devil Body
Nightmare Fugue Vigilance
By Agony Empowered
Transcendent Desert Creature
Sand Though Fingers Defense


Aura of Power
Creature of Darkness

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Re: [Extreme] Exalted: Infernals; The God Damned South
« Reply #29 on: April 21, 2009, 11:33:41 PM »
TRiangle, arnt you running another exalted game? One that I'm in?

Offline Pumpkin Seeds

Re: [Extreme] Exalted: Infernals; The God Damned South
« Reply #30 on: April 21, 2009, 11:43:05 PM »
The world is a cruel place.  Not in the sense of pain or death, because those are merely parts of existence.  No, I make reference to the crushing stink of betrayal in faith.  Lies from those meant to guide you to a greater place in existence.  Speakers of the false tongue that promise so much grand power and responsibility, only to show you a half-truth.  That is the true cruelty of this world crafted by false prophets and heretical Gods.  I once worshipped them for what they claimed, but now I know better.

So many decades ago I was a child.  Born to privilege and power amidst the corruption of the Terrestrial children, I believed in my place.  I believed so much that when Daana’d gave me the blessing of a champion, I immediately took the vows of the monastery.  To battle the wayward spirits of this land, banish the fallen Anathema and protect my very home from the horrors was my calling.  Endless days were spent in turmoil and pain.  I went without food, water, breath and rest in order to prove myself worthy.  Pleasures of the flesh were denied to me whilst my peers lavished in their palaces of fornication.  Mine was a worthy cause, a great one that demanded their respect.  So it was that I rose above them all in my dedication to the Truth told.  I became a symbol of purity and purpose. 

Immediately I placed myself among those of the Wyld Hunt.  From them I would find my true peers and reach new heights.  Joining their ranks would lift me above the rabble of even my own kind to let me shine as a beacon for the people.  We struck the people of the South, moving along their coast to weed out their faithless citizens.  Our displays of power awed the natives that still believed and cowed those heretics that did not see the way of redemption.  From the Eye we learned of an Anathema, born from the corrupt thoughts of those people.  Being closest we were sent immediately to execute this creature of the past. 

This was to be the beginning for me and an end to the lies around me, a mission of fate to open my eyes.  All those years I was lead to believe that the martial instruction of the monks was the true path to enlightenment.  My suffering was meant to release the impurities of the flesh so that I might ascend to another existence of empowerment.  Were this true then that beast would never have slaughtered us so easily.  Yet I watched as he did so, with glee on his face.  Not only did he best us so easily, but he did so with such skill that even we were in awe.  Each movement he performed was nothing short of breath taking.  I had lived my entire life believing myself to bask in the light of righteousness only to be laid low by a newborn of the ancient Gods. 

That day the greatest mistake was not mine though.  He did not kill me but instead left me to suffer with my loss.  I was left to wallow in blood drenched sands while he walked away.  I cursed him then and cursed my masters and cursed the Dragons for their blasphemy.  All of that I hold dear I offered for the chance to show that beast his mistake.  My true Master heard me then.  His servants came to me on that boiling ground.  My battered body carried back to a place I could scarcely imagine.  Pain visited on me in ways that could not be conceived by mortal minds.  Flesh torn from my body, layered a new on muscles empowered by the grotesque.  Fingernails pried from their beds, teeth ripped from my mouth so that I might be better molded.  My soul tormented by the Truth of this world and how foolish I had been.

I was made anew.  I was made better by my Master.  Given a new name that suited my purpose more than what my parents had bestowed on me.  Hungry Water of Vendetta’s Obsession became my title and my purpose became his own.  This world would never forgotten the pain it had invoked on its true creators.  That Anathema would be repaid his kindness in letting me live with my own kindness of making sure he survived everything I did to him.

Just a background for now.

Offline Mnemaxa

Re: [Extreme] Exalted: Infernals; The God Damned South
« Reply #31 on: April 22, 2009, 12:45:08 AM »
Darkness Born of Burning Night

The Raksha called Darkness Born of Burning Night was once unshaped.  And it was not a weak unshaped.  It was not even a minor unshaped minion.  It was born a noble, and given its Heart and Sword Graces immediately upon its birth.  For one of its ilk, it is incredibly powerful in the Wyld, but that is not where it was permitted to stay. 

Darkness is an Oath Child, a raksha born of two raksha who swore an oath.  While the oath that was sworn does not hold the two exceedingly powerful nobles under its thrall, that oath does force Darkness to serve the purposes of the Yozi until they are free.  What it does not do is detail how that service is performed.  So Darkness serves the Yozi how it determines they need to be served....and to do that, it became Shaped.

Crystal Words Like Falling Knives
You wish a story of what I came to be as I am now?  What a strange story to desire. 

Once I was not as I am now.  When this was, is not for mortals to understand.  What is time?  Time is the thimble of water upon the dying man's tongue; the crust of bread in the hands of the starving woman; the trickle of milk in the mouth of the dying babe.  But is it not a greater blasphemy for the immortal to speak of time than it is for a mortal to worship a petty god with little prayers?  I looked at Creation and saw what it is that creation is.  Creation is a story.  A story must be chronicled, to be understood.  So, I watch the story through eyes which can see it, speak the words that you understand so you may learn as I have; I hear the words that so often deny, and touch the flesh of those who deny and show them what they know, in their hearts.

The taste of their understanding is the nectar of pain which is turned to resolve. 

I serve the Vizier of Blessed Bounty because she allows me to.  She is a woman of great understanding, and she sees, as I have seen, and wishes to allow others to understand.  She is not cruel; she readily gives to those who need, what they need.  It only requires that one listen, and allow themselves to be taught what they understand, but do not believe.  And it is belief that is all she asks.  How can one not believe?  The truth is easily seen.  The immortals see it.  They have experienced it, not once, but three times.  Perhaps, in another life, I saw it.  And what is it that I saw?

You are seeing it now, the dissolution of the world into folly and madness, the powerful corrupt and seeking to overthrow their betters, for their betters have failed them again.  Did not the gods do this to their masters?  Did not the servants of the gods do this to the gods?  Did not the servants of the not-gods do this to their masters?  And now they see those who are not the servants of the not-gods taking up arms, preparing to cast them down.

It is as inevitable as it always has been.  Ah, but you are crying now....let me comfort you, with my soft touch and warm body.  It is the least I may do.

What is Seen

A pale, nubile girl of just an age to be married and made full.  Her breasts are not large, but they are firm and of good shape.  Like the heart, her face is perfect in its shape.  Her hair is the dark shine of obsidian and is but gently waved and there is no finer silk, it is long enough to cover her face, yet not so long that it would be a discomfort to her lover.  Her lithe form is not strong, but the ivory of her flesh is impenetrable and no matter what harm is done by her lovers, she suffers no death.  Her eyes are rubies so dark they touch violet, garnets set ablaze, with pupils like tiny slices of the deepest shadow.  Pearls shine from between her coral lips when she smiles upon one.

She dresses in black silk as soft and as delicate as the webs of spiders, yet as impenetrable as her knowing smile.  Gems and jewelery adorn her form when she wears no clothing; the jewels shine like nothing of creation, and the living metals are so fine they cannot be named.  She wears nothing upon her feet save rings and bells, nor upon her hands save rings and bracelets.  About her neck is hung a hexagonal crystal with no center, that shimmers with the colors of the rainbow that circles the sun when the high clouds touch it; she carries a stylus of obsidian and gold, which which she scribes the tale of the Vizier for all to read one day.  It is said that she sleeps beneath a mirror hung above a bed hidden behind the throne of the Vizier, where she may watch all that occurs as she watches those whom the Vizier teaches. 
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Offline The Great TriangleTopic starter

Re: [Extreme] Exalted: Infernals; The God Damned South
« Reply #32 on: April 23, 2009, 07:12:56 PM »
The characters submitted so far look pretty good.  Seems like an orgiastic conspiracy.

Alright, so here's the OOC and character sheet threads!  Hooray!


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Re: [Extreme] Exalted: Infernals; The God Damned South
« Reply #33 on: April 24, 2009, 08:41:40 PM »
A question Asku.. from the looks of it.. are you playing a DB akuma?  that's what it looks like, but I could see that being a GSP as well.. a scourge most likly.. but a Fiend is also possible

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Re: [Extreme] Exalted: Infernals; The God Damned South
« Reply #34 on: April 25, 2009, 12:27:09 AM »
my intention was a DB Akuma.