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November 29, 2020, 10:00:13 AM

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Author Topic: A New Species of Vampire in a Neon World [[ Updated - Protective Male needed ]]  (Read 199 times)

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The premise of the story::
New species of Vampire.
Supernatural in a sci-fi/fantasy world.
There will be extreme violence.
Intimacy will be derived through
teasing and mind play.
This story is for someone willing
to play the long game.
(( I'm not sure if I have put too much
details or too little details, please let
me know your thoughts.  ))

The Main Creatures

The creatures are somewhere between vampires and wraiths I believe. They can hover around without their wings extended but they move very slowly in this state. Their wings can be used in combat, but can also be retracted and concealed entirely. They can drain energy/blood/life force from any human/creature but they prefer to only take on prey that is worth the exertion of their own energy. Which is to say they try to form and keep a large clan such that they can take down otherworldly creatures for the most part.

They are mischievous but polite for the most part outside of combat. They are monogamous by nature, but have been known to toy with creatures outside of their race for fun until they find their mate.

Other Creatures:: (( Suggestions for additional creatures are welcome. ))

  • Normal 'Pure Blooded' Vampires:: Much like blue bloods, these creatures see themselves as superior. In design, intelligence, experience. Human like in appearance aside from their fangs and long nails, their eyes only glow when they are lusting for something whether it is blood or intimacy. They live like royalty near the heart of the neon world in a mansion styled in victorian and gothic architecture. This is the darkest place in all of the world, as the vampires have vision that prefers the lack of light.
  • Demons:: Appear human like with varied horns atop their head, glowing eyes, sharp nails, with tails. Always have something up their sleeve, Demons will do all they can to ensnare and enslave souls of others.
  • Drow:: Dark elves with dark skin and white hair. These are the knights/guards of the neon world. Lurking on the outskirts, they ensure that no humans are permitted to enter unless escorted into the world by the natives of the world.
  • Djinns:: (( Will be based off of Supernatural's Djinn )) Heavily tattooed bodies. Prefer to dwell in large ruins with many places to hide. They can poison their prey to death or into a deep dream state. They feed on the blood of those they keep in a dream state. (( For this story's purposes I am going to say they feed on more than just humans. ))
  • Spirits/Ghosts:: Glowing entities that can travel quickly in the neon world, usually seen as messengers. The longer they have existed the more tame they become, whereas young spirits can be a challenge as they often spread false truths in hopes to lure others to their state of being.
  • Humans:: Most common above the neon world, more than a few have been lured down to service and feed those who need it.

Setting:: The human world will be normal, but the world of the creatures is in an alternate dimension of sorts. Where they can see the paths that lead into it from the human world. Perhaps that makes it more of a neighboring dimension than a completely alternate dimension? The other world is one of neon. The plants are bio-luminescent along with the creatures that have made their habitat there. Much of the technology is far more advanced in this reality, though the races often compete for who is the best in every which way including their advancements. There are areas overgrown with plant life while other areas soar with futuristic style buildings but they all mesh with one another.

My character will be a female around the age of 28. Long black wavy/curly hair, 5'11', bright glowing violet eyes when she shifts into a creature. Cream colored skin. Her wings are glass like, see through with a hint of black, but every feather still is able to move individually when her wings unfurl. Curious, untamed, fierce, all while also being terrified of the new life and new world she has been torn into.

Your character, I would like to be similar to Brendon Urie both in looks and mentality. (( Not saying you have to be spot on, this is just a base of reference. )) Although I would add seven inches on him to make him 6'4''. A hidden past, with secrets, nonchalant about enemies despite how many he has. Toys around with other females of other races as well as males, living like an eligible bachelor. Your character will be the one to first confront my character after she changes. (( Best reference for this role would be Say Amen by Panic at the Disco ))

[[Possible trigger warning:: There is a dash of gore.]]

The Plot - Blossom - Responsible protective male dominant needed

Kidnapped from the streets, they see the promise of a budding rose inside of her.
A rose, that given the proper conditions, would blossom into another spirit to join
their clan. Trapping her in an attic filled with assorted items, they waited for her
response. At first she sat silently in wonder of where she was, but upon sensing
her belongings among the rubbish scattered on the floor her head tilted a way that
was curious for someone who appeared human. The more she could smell and
feel the objects around her without moving, the more fierce she appeared until
she nearly hissed in her rage. Among her own scent, there was that of another.
One she had yet to realize until now.

Her nails had extended from their place in her nail bed to carve at the wood beneath
her before she thrust herself up and ran out of the room. After managing to land
gracefully on the ground, she ran faster than her heart beat inside her. Toward the
first home of the man who had been stalking her. It was a welcome sight to the man
to see his obsession coming forward, however he wasn't given time to think otherwise
as she tore him apart. Turning him into a work of art plastered all over his walls
but no matter what she tried she couldn't get rid of his sickening eyes that still watched

It is then that the clan catches up to her. Both stunned and appalled by the way she
has conducted herself, though there is no leader, one of the creatures decides to confront
her. Catching her by her throat to pin her to the wall while increasing his strength with his
large bat like wings that shadow the both of them. In doing this he forces her own wings
to burst forth that alternatively look like glass feathers with a hint of black to them.
Could these fanged and winged creatures whose forms contorted as well as appeared to
have scales along ridges much like dragons, take on this new recruit? Were they really
aware of what they had created?

Whether either party is ready, they descend into their neon world with their newest
companion in hopes of restoring some manner of peace and calm to her mind. Knowing
that her state could make or break both worlds if not kept in check. The truth was, that
one of their clan had gone ahead of them all and chosen to awaken the girl without going
through the proper procedures. They had not discussed it with the clan nor did they present
the idea to the woman before hand so she could be tested for her compatibility with the
alternative lifestyle they bestowed upon her.

A chaotic beauty and a traitor in their midst, they will have to continue to thrive any way
they can. Slaying to keep their kind fed while quarreling with other clans. Clans being much
like gangs were, above on the humane plane of existence. They had business they exchanged
but often territorial battles were also on the table. With so many races of so many different
opinions, they were lucky that their world was not a complete blood bath. Especially when it
came to vampires that were more 'pure blooded.' That believed they were better in
every way, while the new species that had developed were advanced in design they were
viewed as lowly for how they might revert to being human. Concealing their more finer details.

So if you are interested in helping me create and develop this world, please send me a PM with your thoughts. Thank you for your time! <3

(( Please take note, that I am not looking for any other stories at this time. ))

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Updated with details on other races, setting, image references, video reference, and overall plot.