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September 18, 2020, 01:36:22 AM

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Author Topic: Couples in Capes  (Read 129 times)

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Couples in Capes
« on: July 09, 2020, 11:11:42 AM »
Kirby City, the center of the superhero universe. There are around one hundred superheroes active in the city and probably at least five times that many supervillains. My character and yours would be part of the superhero set. They could be partners, cleaning up the streets together, or part of a larger Justice League/Avengers-type team. Either way, they'd be in some sort of relationship. They could be exes having a flint/rekindling, be on a first date, be a long term couple, or be outright married.

David Kwan. More a private detective than a superhero per se, Kwan nevertheless crosses paths with them often. A sickly child, he underwent an experimental treatment that had a one in a billion side effect of unlocking his psychic abilities. Kwan's power is psychometry, he can read objects and find out information about its owner and their last emotional state around the object. He has rudimentary combat training but tends to be a non-combatant consultant.

Mallebelle. Judy Kaplan. A deeply insecure person, Mallebelle is plagued by feelings that she doesn't belong among the greatest heroes on Earth in spite of her abilities and accomplishments. She tries to hide it but finds that increasingly hard to do. She has stretchy powers and tends more toward feats of acrobatics and contortion over outright shapeshifting a la Plastic Man. She is vulnerable to extreme tempertures.

Ocelot. Patricia Parsons. The middle child of the Puma's allies, Ocelot has moved away from the Puma Family more and more lately, wanting to strike out on her own and forge a new identity. In spite of barely being old enough to drink, she is a veteran, having been in the business before she knew her times tables. She has no powers and owes her heroics to intense training. Her suit is augmented with light armor and claws.

Saturn. A'ddam. Named for the human name for his home planet, Saturn is a humanoid alien who is the last of his species. He has purple skin, white hair, and markings that glow when he uses his powers. Both on Saturn and now on Earth, he's had a reputation as something of a trickster.

Sigil. Lucas Visser. Sigil is a mage specializing in wards, barriers, and the like. He is in his mid-40s. This Sigil is not actually the version from this world. He is from another earth and came to this one about a year after the local Sigil died fighting off a cosmic threat. His own world is currently being looked after by his protege as he is on a multiworld sabbatical.

Tru. Kiki East. Tru as with the previous heroes in the Troubadour line blend celebrity and herodom in ways few others do. Like her, they all had sonic powers that could be used in various ways depending on the exact frequency. Also like her, most were also musicians either as a hobby or a cover story.

PM if interested.