Thongs, Ropes and Sunglasses. F for F slice of life romance.

Started by Dashenka, July 29, 2019, 09:32:25 AM

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Hello yous,

Two females in love, going about their daily business. Sounds simple enough right?

It is. But at the same time, it isn't. Daily struggles as finding acceptance for their sexuality, their jobs, each other. Exploring their kinks, their love for each other. Finding a place to live, going on holiday.. Will they let the world know or keep it a secret between them?

With the right characters, there is so much to explore and to write about. I'm looking for somebody who will play an interesting female character. She can be a plain Jane as long as she has a story to tell, something to bring into the game. Honestly this could be anything you want. A rapsheet, a handicap, terminal illness, a prison sentence... Anything. As long as the backstory is interesting.

Our characters meet, fall in love (too) quickly, explore and try to find their place in life.

That is as difficult and complicated as I'm willing to make the game for now. As we get along, we can add all sorts of events and drama and twists as our characters develop.

I'm really looking for some character building. There will be smut, probably, but I'm dying to play out a well thought out character driven romance rather than one sex scene after the next.

Your character is your own but I need to feel something of a connection to her backstory and her physical appearance. You can ask the same from me. I'm not overly anal about post lengths or frequency. All I'm asking is that you don't just copy what I wrote but move the story along.

Hoping there's some of you out there.

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I love the plot and I would be interested in discussing it with you:)