How to start a roleplay?

Started by Shnooflez, April 27, 2019, 08:22:23 AM

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Hi everyone! I'm new here. I come from a site called Kugyay where roleplaying works very differently. All roleplaying takes place in chat boxes and there is no set up or anything, if you want to roleplay you just type out a beginning paragraph to the roleplay you want to start as a message in the chat and people just join in. Anyone who wants to can just jump in wherever they want. And you don't have to specify the setting because each chat box has a different setting to it already such as "the forest" or "the beach" with a little description and a picture of it.
So this is of course very different! I assume everyone has to talk about the setting beforehand. Do you have to specify what characters get to be there? I want to start my own roleplay since I'm not sure how to properly join someone else's. Any advice?



The easiest way to get involved is to post your ideas for stories in one of the RP Request Boards. There is one Board for 1x1 RPing (ony you and another writer involved) and then there is the Group Request Board. There also is a Board for offsite-writing. And, last but not least, there is the Non Adult Request Board.

You can simply put your own request up into any of the above boards and see who bites!

Perhaps, browse through the request already there, to see how other people do it.

I hope this helps! :-)


Welcome Shnooflez,

We also have the The Redlight District that has RPs similar to what you are describing. If you want your own RP, just start one. You will find the Rules and Code of Conduct for play stickied at the top of the board.

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