Possible features, suggestions for Elliquiy and other things.

Started by Despairs, February 02, 2019, 06:56:15 PM

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Possible PM features: An inbox, outbox, sent and saved. Inbox is where the messages you receive end up. The outbox is where the messages that haven't been opened by the recipient are located.  Sent is the copy of the messages that you have sent out. Saved, this where the messages that you have saved for later viewing will end up.(There won't be a copy of it in your inbox. Manually moving it to the saved section of the PM or setting it up to automatically do it for you, by specifying the title or the name of the user who sent it.) A feature to know whether a pm has been read(opened) or not will be nice, similar to or better than the one in Xenforo software. Also an option to edit messages in PMs, please. A trash option(PMs that deleted end up there with a chance to recover or permanently remove it.)

Buddy list feature: Instead of just their usernames, perhaps an icon of their avatar shows up(mousing over their avatar image shows you their username. You can even click on the image to get to their profile page.)

Solo request threads forum: Split it up by the gender tags.  Example: Requests by Lords- A thread where the male population who write males, females and other non-human characters can post their request threads.(Basically set it up like how the ons and offs section in the general sexiness thread is. No subforums won't be necessary.)  Genre tags; Slice of life, Modern, fantasy, Modern future, sci-fi, history, etc. Pairing tags: MxF, FxF, Futa x F, etc.. Instead of a one month bump, perhaps a once a week or a two week bump can be worked out. Cut down the number of request threads that one can make to two or three per section instead of four.

On site alert: A pop-up alert feature that informs you of when you someone has replied to a thread you started posted in and when you receive a PM

Hidden users feature: I understand it, but it's an old feature and it's perhaps time toss it.  Make everyone visible online on every part of the site. Can't even see if they are online via PMs.  In Xenforo, everyone can be seen as online and so forth, There is no option to appear offline, while being online. Alternative being have them show up in PMs and in the list users online(upon being clicked on.)

  I used to be a GM(global moderator) for a site that used Xenforo forum software, sadly the site was shut down. As of my understanding BMR(Blue Moon role-playing) uses Xenforo software as does Fictiondepot(formerly known as houseeros).

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Note: Strictly  homosexual pairings as the main focus in stories bore me, however I am fine with it as side pairings as long as I write for the males  in a relationship with each other, or the two  males involved with each other and the female in a polyamory relationship.

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People go 'hidden' for a variety of reasons.  I seriously doubt that removing that feature would be appreciated by the rest of the membership.
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Quote from: Oniya on February 02, 2019, 07:01:01 PM
People go 'hidden' for a variety of reasons.  I seriously doubt that removing that feature would be appreciated by the rest of the membership.
Yeah... I personally wouldn't like this feature to be removed. It can be annoying sometimes, but I use it at times...

If you PM someone they'll respond when they can, it doesn't matter if their on or offline.

Also, I don't think that separating the request threads by gender fits the site's spirit. Besides, lords, ladies, lieges and legates often write as their opposite and other characters, so it could get a bit confusing, because it wouldn't be as easy as Lords looking for Ladies. It would require a bunch of sub-tags.

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There are many, many, reasons to appear offline. Strongly disagree with removing that feature.
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Yes, I also strongly disagree with removing that option. If someone wants to appear offline, it is a decision that must be respected.


Good Christ, no. Leave that hidden option in. That's not just some deprecated relic-- that's something people damned well rely on. If somebody doesn't want to be seen, they've got every right to not be seen.