Male-partner needed for roleplay [VAN]

Started by Vive, January 22, 2009, 11:45:35 AM

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As I'm new to this place I'm looking for someone to roleplay with, as inspiration I've written down a few of the scenes I'd like to play. But I'm open for alterations to them and maybe even new ones *nods* Best would be if you pm or write in this thread if you are interested in any.

A soccermom finding herself like the captain of her sons footballteam more and more, teasing him with cleavage and tight clothes and one day he finally approaches her, eager to see more of her..

A divorced housewife gets a visit from a neighbour that says he could help her fix her slow computer and she end up paying him by services instead of with money..

A model showing up at a scheduled photosession with a photographer for photos for his new magazine, as she's getting more and more aroused through the shoot and cheered on by the photographer more clothes than thought goes off..


Hmmm.  Compugeek next door?  Sounds tempting...  :)
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I couldn't decide, but to keep things interesting, I'll mark my interest for the model scenario.
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 ;) soccermom is the best...
would love to play that reply me if u wish to play the same in detail


Quote from: hornydude on January 22, 2009, 10:24:51 PM
;) soccermom is the best...
would love to play that reply me if u wish to play the same in detail
I believe you've been told twice now. - smiles - You must go through the approval process in order to RP in adult roleplays. That means posting an intro thread and filling out the questionnaire.

/end hijack.
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The interest got a bit greater than I expected so I'd have to say I'm fully booked til the end of 2014 at the moment *nods* but was fun there was so many interested, hope you find other interesting roleplays :)

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I would be interested in the model or the neighbors.  Look forward to hearibg from you

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Wait, soccermom? Darnit, how do I always miss out on the soccermoms?!? You gals are damn popular.
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Seems like my rather busy schedule has opened up a bit by now so have time for a few roleplays again :) I'd found out that I prefer the pace of instant messangers or direct chat over posting back and forth through PM/threads. So if you'd be interested in playing then I'd prefer it over some kind of instant messenger *nods*

Could also add another roleplay-idea I'd like to try..
A human female being lost in the forest and meeting a gnome or a goblin that could show her the way back to the civilization, although that would cost her one thing or the other.. All taking place in a kind of Lord of The Rings settings *nods*


bumping.. send me a pm or write if you are interested in doing something over IM *nods*


Still looking around for someone willing to play, got more time than ever at the moment :)

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The computer geek sounds interesting... if I get approved.


I could probably cater to an IM fantasy or two, let me know!
I'm sorry all, but life has caught up to me and all the workload associated. I will try to get back to the stories ASAP!



Eek, I've totally missed that there have been replies here. Unfortunly I have a rather full calender at the moment so can't do much more roleplays. Thanks for all the replies however :)


*waves* seems like my schedule has opened up rather much for the summer so wouldn't mind getting in touch for some roleplaying once again :)


Not to forget that I just roleplay over some form of IM nowdays, sorry!


I also Work Over IM systems, Message me and maybe we can find a RP that would suit both of us from your interesting list.
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Hey the photographerXmodel idea seems interesting. IM's work fine for me. Let me know.
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Wouldn't mind trying out a scene with a regular soccermom ending up with the mascot from the team her son is facing. And this mascot being a real bad one bossing her around and abusing her for his own pleasure.

Or a scene where I get to buy a new bikini from a friendly shop assistent now that's it bikiniseason after all!

Didn't realise there was an IM section nowdays. Posting this there instead so please forget about this thread. Thank you!