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June 29, 2022, 11:12:11 am

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Author Topic: A Specific Request [World Building, Military, Dark Themes, Politics]  (Read 820 times)

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This is a rather specific request, based around a world and plot line that I've been developing for a piece of solo writing. Initially, my plan was just to keep this as something that I'm writing on my own, but I've been getting more interested in working on it together with someone recently. So I thought I'd put it up here, and see if anyone might be interested in the world I'm creating.


An alternate moden setting. The year is still 2017, the map still looks (roughly) how we know it, the companies and brands are still broadly the same. The political landscape though? Well that's something totally different.

The EU has all but fallen apart, and while the USSR hasn't officially reformed, Russia has expanded a sphere on influence throughout all of eastern and much of central Europe, effectively setting up a second cold war type scenario. In the West, what's left of the EU is all but a puppet of the US. In the East, the Russian influence is so vast, that calling the area the USSR probably would be more accurate. Rigged elections, propaganda, dissenting voices silenced. The other power in the area is the Union of Scandinavia to the north, independant of both the EU, and the Russian influence zone. Sandwiched in the middle is Switzerland, still maintaining it's historic neutrality, for now at least. In order to maintain this, links with both the West, and the East have effectively been cut by the Swiss, the small nation forming a close alliance with the UoS to the north.

As tensions rise, and militaries on both sides begin to mass, the Swiss are becoming understandably nervous. They know that even with their far from insubstantial military strength, they wouldn't stand a chance against the sheer size of the opposing militaries sandwiching them should either attempt an annexation. But that isn't going to stop them trying. They're recalling reservists, reinforcing their borders. Behind closed doors, more secretive preparations are also being made, espionage and preparation for guerilla warfare.

The map should give a rough idea of the political landscape in Europe. It was done quite quickly, so may need more work if we get into more serious world building.


One of the preparations being made by the Swiss is sending small special forces teams to staff safe houses over the borders, both to the East, and the West. In the event of an invasion, a small, highly skilled team already in place behind enemy lines might be able to cause a little havoc, disrupting supply lines, especially if a large army is slowly moving through. The Union of Scandinavia know that if Switzerland is annexed by either side, then they are left as the final buffer in Europe, so are keen to aid the Swiss with these preparations.

My current solo work is following a character called Evie, a member of a small team of Norwegian special forces being sent west into France from Switzerland, to staff safe houses there. The current plan is to explore her time on the move a little, before all hell breaks loose. The team is activated as the West sweeps through into the Swiss country side, and Evie is eventually captured. From there, the plan was to explore a form of legalised slavery. In the west, slavery is legalised, and while not totally accepted within all aspects of society, is very much something that goes on for those at the top of the chain. Someone like Evie would be very popular at a high end auction. Young and attractive for one. But also someone rebellious to break, someone who had actively fought against the western annexation.

Of course, Evie's enslavement isn't the only option for a plot. The beauty of creating a world like this is that there are over seven billion people, all of them with their own stories. If the setting interests you at all, drop me a message, and we can work out something within it. Political intrigue, spies, military action scenes, exploring slavery further, even just slice of life pairings in the setting. Heck, if you just fancy a bit of world building and discussion, drop me a line and we can develop the setting a little without even writing a story within it.