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Author Topic: - Letexta's Compendium of Characters, Chronicles and Cravings -  (Read 8458 times)

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- Letexta's Compendium of Characters, Chronicles and Cravings -
« on: February 18, 2017, 06:05:59 PM »

So, I decided it was time for a little bit of a rehaul. New imagery. New plots. New cravings. I've streamlined this, and made it easier to see what it is I'm looking for.



My name's Cara. Or Letexta if you like. I'm a student, living in Birmingham, who's always had a little bit of a passion for writing. Since I was a teenager, I've written on my own, and in more recent years I've dived into the world of role play. I like to think of myself as literate, and appreciate the same from my partner, but I'm not a hyper up tight grammar nazi. We all make mistakes, so don't worry if there's a slip up or two, I know I make them. I also like to think of myself as friendly and approachable, so if anything here stands out, or even if you just fancy a chat, then drop me a PM. Please don't post here, as I likely will not see it.

On the more logistical side of story writing, I'll be the first to admit that I can be a bit of a nightmare to deal with. My posting rate can fluctuate, from multiple replies in an evening, to monumentally slow (towards a two week wait). I've also been guilty of vanishing on people in the past, something that I'm trying very hard to work on and reconcile with people. If you are one of those people, please drop me a message, whether it's just for an apology, or to try and work on something new.

On the more sexual end of things... Well, I'm a bit of a kinky fucker. You can find out a lot more about my interests on my O/O thread, imgur account, and f-list, the links to all of which can be found in my signature. I'm not just here for smutty writing though, although I am open to short term smut fests every now and then. The vast majority of my writing though, will be story with smutty aspects. From action and adventure, to political intrigue, to roller coaster romances, to historical or fantasy epics, to simple slice of life tales. I love to research aspects of what I'm writing in depth, and build up a real world and understanding around it. I've found myself lost in wikipedia many a time before, whether it was reading about the specific structure of the Norwegian military, or the intricacies of eighteenth century women's underwear.

When I first started this thread, one of my main focuses was on pre-made characters, and building a world around them. This list was slowly built up. These days, I've moved away from pre made characters a little, to focus more on plots and image based inspiration, but I'm still very much interested in using a character as a starting point. So, although I won't be adding to this list any further, please do take a look, and see if any of these girl's catch your eye or inspire you. Names and face claims are up in the air, so don't worry if you don't like them.

There are six main aspects to this thread that may be able to inspire a story. The characters, cravings, and more developed cravings that haven't got quite enough detail to be plots in the first post. The more detailed plots/ideas and pairings in the second post. And finally the loose, video and music inspiration in the third.

Emma Campbell

Face Claim

Emma is a deeply flawed personality. She's spiky, defensive, quick to lash out. But those are the characteristics that can make her so very good at her job, if she can keep them under control. Her background is on the lower end of middle class. She grew up in a nice enough area, sticking to her own little room in a semi detached house in the border between suburbs and city. She went to a decent school, had decent friends, and ultimately lived a decent childhood. Underneath the surface though, was something a little more wild. She'd always been quick to throw a punch, start a fight, often with someone more then a little bigger than her. So the little girl learned to fight dirty. That's another skill that makes her so good at the tougher situations that her job might land her in.

So, this job that I've mentioned so very much. Emma's a spy, for want of a better work. She was a far from average person, despite her rather average upbringing, enough for her to catch eyes in high places. She applied for the job with MI5/6 (Depending on where you'd rather base our story) on a whim really. Her loose cannon nature stood out though. This is where we can pick up her story. In her application? Her training? Maybe her first assignment? Maybe a little later, with her getting more experienced? There's all sorts of options we can explore with her tough, loose canon type nature. A nature that she'll have to learn to keep under control, able to release it only when it's needed, if she wants to be successful with undercover work.

This type of personality, in the setting of the intelligence community could be really fun to explore. We can explore her as a 'typical' field operative. Everything from the dark, cold, stake outs, to the big fancy balls, and all the cliche fun in between. Or we can use more of a paramilitary type organisation, and get some more action in there. Maybe she's assigned as a bodyguard to someone? Maybe her cover is blown and she's captured? Like I said, all sorts of options. 

Olivia Becker

Face Claim

Olivia is a young, Dutch track athlete, specialising in sprint hurdles. She comes from a lower end middle class background, and had a bit of a complicated childhood. When she was six, her parents split up, and the break up was messy to say the least. Her and her two older siblings, a brother and a sister, ended up spending most of their young lives between two homes, with their parents constantly at each others throats. The only stability in her life was the local athletics club, which she attended throughout her youth, often spending more of her time there then at home. It was the only thing that kept the girl on the straight and narrow, giving her targets, and a sense of stability as she grew up.

She's a quiet type, a little shy around new people, but if she's provoked, she throws up a very tough exterior. The trouble around her early life gave her that hard shell, and she has trouble opening up. Her appearance matches that personality. She's a bit of a tomboy, always picking jeans and a t shirt, her hair in a scruffy bun, rather then a pretty dress. That's when she's not in sports kit, which is the majority of the time. She has a pretty face, which would be more pretty if she could be bothered with much makeup, her hair dark brown, hanging to just past her shoulders when it's loose. She's relatively tall, standing at 5'7, and a lifetime spent at the track has given her a toned, tight frame, her curves small.

Where is she now? And who is about to come into her life? PM me if you're interested.

Laura Fender

Face Claim

Laura is the perfect daughter of the perfect politician's perfect family. She attends a private school in London, while her father acts as a member of parliament. Maybe he even holds a senior position in this alternative government. She's the textbook pretty blonde daughter, smiles for pictures, does well in school, attends all the appropriate social gatherings. She's had an easy upbringing, popular at school, not quite spoiled, but treated very well at home, always wearing the latest brands and carrying the latest iPhone. She has one sibling, an older brother, who was just as perfect as her, an officer in the army now. But is everything in the perfect Fender family as it seems on the surface?

Laura is at heart, a free spirit, tied down by her upbringing, and, behind clothes doors, harsh treatment if she stepped out of line. As a child, she'd naturally been more rebellious, but many a night had been spent hungry, locked in her bedroom, her father so desperate to keep up his public image, that he privately oppressed his daughter. As far as he was concerned, it had worked, and he more then made up for it with the lavish treatment she received when she toed the line. But how much damage had tying down his daughter like that done under the surface?

Where does your character come in? Are they what finally breaks her?

Holly Young

Face Claim

She was a wild child. Almost feral. That's just how she'd been bought up. She was the child of a hippie couple, always on the move, from small town, to deep woodland, to cities, all around the United States. She never went to school, her knowledge coming from the world around her, and a little light home schooling from her parents every now and then. They loved the freedom of that life style almost as much as their child did.

Growing up like that had obviously given rise to a free spirited girl. She'd never had much authority in her life, always free to get up and move. Holly had used weed since she was a teenager, and often used it to help her relax, something her parent's hadn't had a problem with, using it more themselves, even when Holly had been a child. She's a laid back person, but isn't afraid to speak her mind, without thinking about potential consequences.

That's where our story could begin. In the eyes of many, the upbringing Holly had received was border line neglectful. Maybe social services get involved, and she ends up in care, or with a foster family, a huge change for the girl? Or maybe she's flown the nest, leaving her parents behind to make her own way. There's a lot of different ways to take her. If you have any ideas on how she might be tamed, let me know.

By the way, as with all of my characters, the face claim is up for discussion, so don't worry if you're not a fan of dreads. Here's some more images of her.

Clara Lambert

Face Claim

Clara is one of the few dedicated characters I've come up with who is very firmly a dominant woman, with that being the real defining character trait. She was originally made for a group game, so I'll put the character sheet that was made for that here. 'The Institute'... Well, you can ask for more details of that if you'd like. The group game has faded a little, but if you'd like to work something out around that premise, then we definitely could do. If not, we can drop that aspect of her. Maybe she's a professional domme? Maybe someone at a fetish or BDSM club?

Clara Lambert


Age: 21

Nationality: French, raised in a combination of Marseille and East London.

Physical Description: 176cm (5'9) tall, very slender, tall build. Long, brown hair, that's often tied back in some way, dark grey eyes. 

Category : Dominant

Sexual Preferences: Cara is sadistic. She achieves her goals, as well as her sexual gratification through pain and suffering. She's not afraid to use CBT, or cane a case until their ass in a bloody mess. She also achieves suffering through sexual restriction, making good use of chastity and teasing for her longer term cases. On top of this, she is incredibly strict. There will be rules set out for a case, and consequences will be fast, and severe. Sometimes, pain isn't enough for some, in which case, she will turn to humiliation, and even at times feminisation in order to achieve her goals. She is bisexual.

Personality and Background: Cara was born in Marseille to two middle class parents, her father a doctor, and her mother a university lecturer. At the age of nine, the family moved to East London, where her Father had been offered private medical work. This boosted the family up from the lower end of middle class, and left them with the cash to spare to send their daughter to a private, all girl's school in the city. Perhaps it was this that really brought out the borderline psychotic levels of sadism that sometimes spring to the surface of the young woman. She graduated from the school, and fell out with her parents almost immediately, over not wanting to attend university, despite the tens of thousands that were poured into her education for the eleven years that she spent in London.

These days, Cara resides and works at the Institute, where her violent hand can often come in handy for the more resistant cases, or for those who's sponsored want them returned as whimpering, mewling submissives. Her sexuality is rather open, and she is more then happy to interact with both men and women.

Player O/Os: The only real things I'd avoid are extremes like bestiality or any horrific mutilation. Her cases might be damaged, but I'd rather stay away from too much gore. As for ons, very similar to Cara's. Pain, beating, CBT, humiliation, bondage, chastity, all sorts of fun.

More images of face claim:

Kirsten Wright

Face Claim

Kirsten is a soldier in the British Army. She came from a bit of a tough background, growing up in a council house in Manchester. She made her way though school, doing alright, doing no worse, but no better, then the majority of the people around her. Most of the girl's she'd grown up with were on their second child by just as many men by now, pulled into the cycle of poverty that it was just so easy to slip into in some of the rougher areas of the city that Kirsten calls home.

Kirsten went a different way though. At eighteen, almost on the spur of the moment, she found herself filling in forms in the Army recruitment office, and before she knew it, was being picked up in the well oiled system that was the military. Maybe we could pick up her story there, with her arriving to training? Maybe afterwards, her first deployment? Or maybe we could pick it up while she's stationed in the UK, and have a look at some of the more day to day aspects? There's all sorts of options, and various different directions to take it in.


I might not have a character or a specific plot to fit these yet, but if you're interested in working something out around these, let me know. I'll likely at the very least be up for talking about it if it's on this list, if I'm not biting your hand off.

  • The First Law - Setting of the books.
  • Realistic, legalised slavery settings. Perhaps combined with modern fantasy. Enslaved elves maybe?
  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Dark. Violent. Interesting.
  • Realistic, modern day military settings.
  • Police Procedural-esque setting.
  • Olympic Athletes.
  • Designated Survivor/House of Cards. Or other political intrigue.

Additionally to this list, a few ever so slightly more developed concepts, sometimes based on more obscure cravings.


Before the Storm

The prequel to 'Life is Strange', this is a game I'm currently slowly making my way through (so no spoilers!). Having also played a bit of the original game, I've started to fall in love with the character of Chloe. Her rebellious tendencies, awkward sarcasm, and lesbian love scenes have all really drawn me too her. If you think you might be interested in working something out based around that sort of character, ideally with an FxF pairing, I'd love to hear from you.


The BBC TV series on at the moment focused on Russian and international organised crime, and those who are being dragged in to it. There is an aspect to this show that has really caught my eye, the plight of a young Russian, moved to Egypt in the hope of a better life, and finding herself in what is effectively slavery. Specifically the dynamic between the Israeli woman who is her final buyer, Tanya, and this girl. Ideally someone who has seen the show, or at least the relevant sections of it, simply because the dynamic between the mysterious Israeli and the young Russian is what really caught my eye.

Welcome to the Riley's

Yep, the 2010 film (Trailer). Watched it recently and fell in love. A fucked up, self destructive teen runaway turned prostitute, and the complex relationship with a family man who is slowly falling off the rails. Absolutely LOVED Kristen Stewart's tough girl portrayal, and this could be a really fun set up to sink in to. Could be a fandom of sorts, could simply draw inspiration from the film. If you've seen it, or if this little tag line has caught your interest, drop me a message.

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Offline LetextaTopic starter

Re: - Letexta's Compendium of Characters, Chronicles and Cravings -
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2017, 12:30:11 PM »

So, the meat of the thread. Plots. I've scattered some images in here and there that have inspired me to do with these plots, but please don't think that they are fully decided face claims or anything like that. While not fully NSFW, I'd still be cautious about opening this, as they may in the future be rather sexual. If you're at work, what are you doing on E anyway? Go do some work, lazy!



Pairing: MxF, FxF

Looking for: The doctor

Themes: Adultery, romance, medical settings, unconventional pairings.

A girl working in an A&E Department, as a Nurse, or technician of sorts. Someone relatively low level. Opposite a doctor perhaps? The idea of someone much more senior to her taking a liking to the cute young A&E worker could be an interesting one to explore. Perhaps some big shot consultant who’d never usually be in the emergency department, spending most of his time doing private work ends up passing through for some reason, and she catches his eye? There’s all sorts of plot based fun to have here. Maybe she’s planning on applying for medical school? Perhaps he’s married, and the budding romance between this pair starts to wreck his family life?

Pairing: MxF, FxF, Potentially group.

Looking for: Customers for this young escort.

Themes: Escorting, living the high life, prostitution, classy themes, potential romance, potential darker themes.

A girl who’s financial situation, while not dire, could definitely use a boost. Perhaps a student struggling to pay her way through school, a young track athlete trying to commit herself fully to a training program, while not having enough funding to live as a full time athlete. Whatever her background, she ends up talking to a friend about escorting. Her friend could introduce her to an agency, or a website perhaps. It seems easy enough. Wear a tight dress, smile and look pretty for an evening while being taken out to dinner by rich folks who want a taste of ‘the girlfriend experience’, or need a date for some event, and don’t have time to, or aren’t able to, actually find one. There didn’t need to be sex involved… At least not at first. Perhaps a night goes bad and someone forces themselves on her? Maybe a love begins to blossom? Maybe someone offers a lot more money if she’s willing to take it further, and a kind of ‘sugar daddy’ type set up comes about?


Pairing: MxF

Looking for: Someone to work on the concept with.

Themes: WWII/Modern. Intrigue. Spies. Potentially dark.

The Special Operations Executive. The Baker Street Irregulars. The Ministry for Ungentlemanly Warfare. All names of the British world war two era organisation charged with all manner of irregular warfare. From Europe, to north Africa, to the far east, operatives from the SOE were charged with organising and training resistance groups, sabotage, spreading propaganda, assassination, breaking out prisoners, stirring civil disobedience, and all manner of other nefarious activities. Recruited from every walk of life, from career military officers, to those from the criminal underworld, to those who had escaped a country now under Nazi occupation. Men and Women. Rich and poor. Anyone with expertise that they could use, regardless of social conventions.

So, the story? This, more so than some of the others here is going to need some collaboration. Heck, I’m not even fully set on WWII as a setting, we could just as easily go with an alternate history setting, where that sort of war is happening in a modern setting. We could follow SOE officers, or an officer and a local, a resistance fighter perhaps. Perhaps an officer discovered, and finding themselves in the dark, grim surroundings of a prison or concentration camp.

A lot to work on, I know. But this basis of following those involved with irregular, or guerilla warfare, in a WWII, or more modern setting has really caught my interest.

Pairing: MxF, FxF

Looking for: Someone to work on the concept with.

Themes: Modern, Love, Conflict, Contrasts

She’s a wild card. At home in the middle of a riot, spraying a wall, smashing a store front, launching a petrol bomb, or torching a car. A left wing anarchist with an unstable, abrasive personality, who’s willing to go as far as she needs to to try and reach her political goals.

There’s all sorts of potential stories here. Does she fall in love? Does someone force her to submit? Does she catch the eye of someone that symbolises everything she hates, a government official, or big shot business man? Or maybe she meets someone who shares her beliefs. We could explore the political side of a group that share this type of belief, as they plan and carry out attacks or operations. We could follow someone infiltrating this group by trying to get close to her.

Need’s a lot of work. But if you think you might be interested in writing opposite a character like that, and want to develop a story around her, then let me know.


Pairing: MxF, FxF

Looking for: The seasoned athlete

Themes: Sport, fit people, conflict, potential love, potential darker kinks, modern.

450,000. That’s how many condoms they say were given out during the Rio Olympics. Maybe exploring some of what happens behind closed doors in the Olympic village might be fun? Now, this doesn’t have to be a smut fest by any means. But exploring the mindset and activities of two athletes at the very top of their games, and how they might go about interacting could be interesting.

The primary pairing I was thinking about was two athletes who are competing for the same nation, but in very different sports. YC in something traditional, perhaps even a little elitist. Fencing, sailing, equestrian even. He/she is also someone very experienced, perhaps this is their second or third games, and maybe they are even some kind of captain within the team. MC on the other hand, is about as far as it’s possible to get. Someone young, perhaps within one of the newer sports to the games. Climbing perhaps, or BMX biking, or even Rugby Sevens.

There are all sorts of options, but in the end, exploring the dynamic between these two characters could be very interesting. There might well be conflict there. And there might well be something more…


Pairing: MxF, FxF

Looking for: Whoever is opposite Nina

Themes: Intrigue, action, spies, romance, potential darker kinks, military, modern.

The Directorate-General for External Security. DGSE. France’s answer to the CIA. All around the world, DGSE personnel can be found, with their fingers in just as many pies as you’d imagine from a covert government agency. Black sites? Arms dealing? Training guerrillas? All of it goes on behind closed doors. But of course, there’s the more mundane postings as well. This is where MC comes in. Nina Marchand.

Stationed at a French embassy in an unstable part of the world. The DGSE ‘action division’ personnel posted there provide operatives for the various missions that could be carried out in that part of the world. Everything from plain clothes security for the embassy, to testing the security of power plants or military facilities, to intelligence gathering, to kidnapping, to propping up a dictatorship.

This is where we can pick up a story. A bit of an open plot, I know, but there are so many ways to take it. YC could be anyone, from a DGSE target, to a civilian worker at the embassy, to a private military contractor, being hired by the government for some dirty work and working with the DGSE. Heck, he could even be another DGSE agent, or even from the CIA or other organisation.


Pairing: MxF, FxF

Looking for: A doctor or nurse of some sort. Or anther patient.

Themes: Medical, drug abuse, mental issues, potential eating disorders,

A girl with a problem. Eating disorder perhaps, or maybe drug or alcohol dependence. Perhaps it's her loving, yet desperate parents who convince her to try it. Perhaps she's sentenced there by a court order. Perhaps she self refers. However it is she get there, and whatever the reason behind it, Clara ends up sitting in the hospital waiting room, waiting for her initial assessment.

An inpatient clinic of some sort is what she's waiting for. Whether you want to explore something dark, with her being admitted to a psychiatric unit of some kind with traditional views of curing whatever it is her issue is. Or go for the other extreme, and have her admitted to something far more new age. If you've ever seen the movie 'To the Bone', you might have a bit of an idea what it is I'm talking about, something with a younger, more open to new ideas doctor who thinks a more gentle approach might be the way forwards.

This could go in a variety of directions. Dark themes of asylum style 'treatment', tough nights fighting through withdrawal symptoms, or a softer, more gentle approach where we can delve into characters in more detail.


Pairing: MxF, FxF

Looking for: Whoever propositions the roamer.

Themes: Music, romance, modern, roaming, drug use, slice of life.

She’s a roamer. A runaway. Not one for settling down. Travelling around the country, or even moving around the world, living out of a backpack with her beaten up old guitar strapped haphazardly to the side, paying her way by busking on street corners, or even the occasional pub show if she stays in a town for more than a single night. The girl is a talented musician, likely enough to make it big, if she were willing to settle down and start building a reputation up.

The character I envisage in this is someone very free spirited, and almost hippie like. Attractive, and would be even more so if she put on some clothes that fit, sorted out her birds nest of hair. Heck, sometimes she would be a heck of a lot more attractive if she took a shower. So far from a perfect character.

Anyway, I’m envisaging something a little lighter with this character. She comes across someone who sees through the dirty, messy, exterior. See’s her beauty, and the beauty in the music she makes. Someone with the funds and motivation to ignore her fiery attitude, the smell of weed hanging around in the air around her, and to make her an offer. Maybe a record deal. Maybe a warm bed that night. From there, it could develop into something of a romance.


Pairing: MxF, FxF

Looking for: Pirates! Or slavery. Or buyers.

Themes: Historical, contrasts, slavery, things I watched a youtube video about and am now craving.

A little known aspect of history. Early than, and around the same time as the classic imagery of piracy in the new world and Caribbean, there was also piracy alive and kicking in the Mediterranean, and even up into the northern Atlantic. This piracy came from various sources around North Africa, Turkey, the Ottomans. This developed into the so called Barbary Corsairs. There were raids, attacks on coast lines, shipping routes, even organised wars between these corsairs and the navies of various Christian nations. It's a very interesting period of history.

Of course, there was another prize beyond the riches and treasure that could be looted in these raids by Barbary Pirates. There was also a thriving trade in slaves. From galley slaves, to workers, to the so called 'fate worse than death' that was being captured by slavers as a young attractive white girl, and even some boys. Sexual slavery was very much a thing in that part of the world.

A story in this setting could be very interesting. A captured slave girl and her new buyer in a world totally unfamiliar with her? Or maybe a badass woman pirate? All sorts of options here.


Pairing: MxF, FxF

Looking for: Other recruits or trainers.

Themes: Intrigue, action, spies, youth, potential darker kinks, military, modern.

This is another plot based roughly around a military context, although with a little more embellishment to it. This would be a modern setting, and as in real life, there are some bad people around. And there are some that are simply caught up with a bad crowd. Either of these type's of people can find themselves being drawn into spirals of crime, from petty, antisocial activities, up to more serious offenses. Often, this can come to a head with a spell in a Juvenile prison, after one two many incidents. This would be where our story could come in. These young offenders (16 plus, as per the site rules) can be offered an alternative. Serve their sentences, and face what is, in all likelihood, going to be the start of a life of going in and out of prison. Or, spend a minimum of three years commissioned in a new unit of insert country we set this in here's army.

The idea of the unit would be to take these youngsters, and use some of the talents that they could have found in their rough upbringings, or the lives of crime they had been starting to live. Take their toughness, and even their anger, and channel it into a military setting. Obviously, the discipline within the military might be hard to adjust to, and there will be a period where a new intake of juvenile delinquents will find themselves being broken in. This is where we can pick up the story. Maybe both of our characters are new recruits? Or maybe a recruit and a trainer?

The training itself has the potential to become quite a dark, or sexualised, set up, or be more traditional. If you're interested we can go down the dark route. Being trained to resist torture or interrogation, being left holding stress positions in nothing but their underwear, brutal fitness training. It could be really fun to explore this kind of setting, going through the training of these young men and women, and some of the experiences they might go through.

This needs a bit more in the way of development, but drop me a message if you're interested in starting up something along these lines.


Pairing: MxF, FxF

Looking for: A congressman. Or someone else opposite Zoe.

Themes: Intrigue, journalism, contrasts, potential darker kinks, modern, headstrong women.

I've recently started watching 'House of Cards' on Netflix, and the first few episodes have really hooked me in. Especially Zoe as a character. So, this is inspired by her. I might even be interested in a fandom here.

Zoe is a journalist. She's got a job at a good paper, in a good city, but the work she's being given is below her level. Minor things, reporting on the new park, covering lost dogs. She knows that she's better than that, and often butts head with her boss, and the people around her over it.

That changes when a photo of a congressman admiring her gets out. It becomes Zoe's way in, and he becomes a source for her, slinging her into the big time, and onto the front pages. Maybe we could explore the relationship between those two? Or maybe simply use the story as very loose inspiration, and simply come up with something involving a moody, headstrong young journalist?


Pairing: MxF, FxF

Looking for: Someone opposite a refugee

Themes: Modern, alternative modern, refugees, vulnerability, slavery.

The migrant crisis. Either realistic, as it is happening right now, or in a more alternate setting, there is a huge refugee crisis occurring. People are on the move, desperate to escape the conflict in their home land. Eventually, they reach a border. Whether it’s political, and they are stopped by fences and guns, or natural, and they are stopped by a sea or impassable mountain range, the refugees are left stranded in limbo. NGO’s and governments do what they can, setting up camps, and trying to provide food. But these refugees are still vulnerable.

Crime is rife among these communities, if they can even be called that. Everything from theft, to rape, to slavery. This could be where we pick up the story. A slaver and a young, vulnerable refugee? A thief and local police or military personnel? Or maybe a civilian aid worker, and exploring their budding relationship with a refugee? Again, all sorts of directions this kind of setting could be taken in.



Pairing: MxF, FxF

Looking for: Depending on direction taken, fellow scientists, soldiers, or the one who helps her to escape.

Themes: Military, medical research, potential dark themes, potential romance.

A youngster, who finds herself in a ‘Porton Down’ like facility, perhaps as a laboratory technician, or maybe a soldier posted there as a guard. This could go in several directions. Maybe she gets infected by one of the various chemical or biological agents being researched there, and ends up the subject of research and enforced quarantine? Or perhaps she’s kidnapped one evening, by a group plotting to gain entrance to the facility, looking for inside information? Maybe it could even be as simple as a romance starting up between her and another scientist or soldier working there? There are various directions this could go.

Should we go down the route of a young lab tech, or guarding soldier being infected with something unintentionally, then this plot has the potential to get seriously dark. Enforced quarantine, research being carried out on her... I'm seeing scenes of her strapped down to a table, surrounded by doctors and scientists in so much equipment and HAZMAT suits that they barely look human any more. This kind of dark scene could be fun to explore. Maybe following her as she tries desperately to get through this experience without losing her mind. Or perhaps an escape attempt? Aided by a guard or researcher who decides what's being done to her is wrong? A budding romance here perhaps.


Pairing: MxF

Looking for: The sniper.

Themes: Military, Modern, Conflict, Drama, Potential romance, Close knit teams.

This idea originally comes from a brief scene I once wrote with someone. In that scene, a special forces-esque sniper was meeting his new spotting partner. His previous partner had been wounded, and pulled out of the combat theatre while the nearest replacement was found. It just so happened that the best replacement they could find in the area was a girl, perhaps even from another nation's military. Someone with a bit of a reputation for being good at her job, but a bit of a misfit. Not someone who always dealt well with authority, and who has a snarky mouth on her. Not usually someone who would do well within a conventional military set up, but someone who's good enough as a sniper to find herself being considered for this role.

Anyway, the scene consisted of the two meeting at a head quarters style building. She’s already waiting in the small conference room where they’re set to be meeting with both each other, and a small group of commanders. When he arrives, he makes the assumption that she was some sort of headquarters staffer or aide, and sits down to wait for his new partner, while asking her for a cup of coffee. This does not go down well with the girl, and the two almost come to blows before realising that they were going to have to work together. The dynamic between them is what I want to focus on here. Whether a team as close knit as a sniper and spotter pair could form between two quite different people, and with such a fiery start. Plenty of space for lighter moments in this one, as well as potential for a romance to build.


Pairing: MxF, FxF

Looking for: Depends on story.

Themes: Modern, Military, Medics

This is a pretty vague one at the moment. A girl who’s part of a unit similar to the US Air Force Pararescue teams. These units are as much special forces as they are medics, and can be tasked with medical extractions by helicopter, or even assigned to units on the ground as medics. Following a girl in this kind of unit could be interesting. Does she face sexism, as one of the few women in that kind of position? Captured by the enemy? A romance with a fellow soldier, or even an officer? Or something more action based, following her through various operations? There are various roads we could take this down.


Pairing: MxF

Looking for: The traditional man

Themes: Modern, Love, Conflict, Contrasts

There’s her. A soldier. A woman, but far from the traditional sort. Brash, and tomboyish, perhaps even some kind of special forces esque unit. And then there’s him. The archetype of tradition. Maybe a career military officer, maybe a reporter or government official of sort. Older than her. Married. Settled. And all that is about to be flipped upside down, because he’s about to meet her. A reporter or politician that meets her while he’s in a war zone, a senior officer that has to try and work with her. Heck, maybe the pair even meet somehow while she’s off duty, and then again when she’s on.

She blows his mind. Whether the feeling is mutual, and this is a case of two way love at first sight, or whether it’s more of a slow burner, I’m seeing this as being a romance. I want to explore the motivations of the character, and what it is about this completely un-traditional girl it is that can draw this traditional man away from his traditional wife, traditional home, and maybe even traditional children. Let’s explore the character’s personalities, and emotions, and let’s explore their relationship as it builds. The issues and conflict that it causes, as much as the love between them.



Slave x Master
Slave x Mistress
Olympic athlete x Olympic athlete
Olympic athlete x Coach
Sister x Sister's boyfriend
Soldier x Soldier
Soldier x Officer
Spy x Spy
Spy x Target
Sound technician x Rock star
Waitress x Customer
BDSM club newbie x Regular
Secretary x Boss
Poor x Rich
Young x Old
Protester x Police
Police x Police
Roommate x Roommate

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Always thought this shows off her personality pretty well.

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